Ras and Taj Austin are following in their father’s footsteps. The sons of West Coast legend Ras Kass are part of a rap crew named Coast Contra and are looking to make their own mark in Hip Hop. While some would understandably be intimated to follow the same path as someone like Ras Kass, the siblings have fully embraced their lineage and have even decided to pay tribute to their pops.

The two created a special gift for Father’s Day by putting their own spin on two of Ras Kass’ classic cuts. The brothers enlisted the help of producer SoundsByKrock to sample their dad’s 1996 song “Miami Life” for a new rendition. Ras and Taj use the same hook and cadence as their old man, but the homage does not stop there.

Ras and Taj take it up another level at the 1:45 mark of the record by implementing the title track off Ras Kass’ debut album, Soul On Ice. They rhyme over the instrumental for their version called “Spitting Image,” which shows that the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree.