The current week has been the biggest week of XXXTENTACION’s career and it hasn’t been all gravy, baby.

There was a zoo-like Los Angeles show which HipHopDX was front and center for, followed by the San Diego sucker punch felt around the internet and subsequent stabbing (and inevitable lawsuit; just saying).

While there is no concrete evidence that XXX rap nemesis Rob Stone was behind the recent onstage whooping, his name is definitely being circulated around the melee — much like XXXTENTACION’s — with a mix of shit and sugar.

To give his side of the story, he hops on Zaytoven beat (a collaboration that was birthed during #DXLive) and proceeds to lay into his embattled competition, along with Ski Mask The Slump God via the record, “xxxtracredit.”

We’ll let you judge the range of quality of the record but this is a bona fide diss record.