Young Dolph has prepared his answer to the reports of the Charlotte shooting in the form of a new album titled Bulletproof, due out April 1.

The LP comes on the heels of the Memphis rapper dodging questions about the incident where a reported 100 shots were fired, but Dolph was not harmed. According to the press release for Bulletproof, he spent more than $600,000 to have the car that he was riding in armored prior to the confrontation and got away unscathed.

“The new album Bulletproof celebrates his armor plating, while firing back at his haters with high-caliber bars,” the release says. “Everything about the album is a middle finger to his opponents, down to the tracklist itself.”

And that tracklist consists of 10 songs that tell Dolph’s story of what went down: “100 shots in Charlotte but im bulletproof so fuk ’em thats who i feel im so real i pray for my enemies im everything you wanna be so thats why you envy me smh.” Gucci Mane appears on the lead single, “thats how i feel.”

Check out the cover art (shot by Jordan Spencer) and tracklist for Young Dolph’s Bulletproof album below and pre-order it on iTunes.

Young Dolph bulletproof album cover art

  1. 100 shots
  2. in Charlotte
  3. but im bulletproof
  4. so fuk ’em
  5. thats how i feel (f. Gucci Mane)
  6. im so real
  7. i pray for my enemies
  8. im everything you wanna be
  9. so thats why you envy me
  10. smh