Ibiza – On Friday (July 1), news surfaced that Chris Brown and his crew had trashed a rented Ibiza home, accusations the Grammy Award-winning singer refutes.

According to TMZ, the owner of the Ibiza villa filed a police report, claiming Brown and his friends carved the home’s walls with a knife, peed in one of the beds and puked everywhere.

She claims the cops were summoned to remove 27-year-old Brown from her home because he refused to leave and says he owes her more than $60,000 for the damages plus rent.

Apparently, Chris had a feeling about the landlord from a previous interaction and decided to film the home ten minutes before they left the villa.

“This right here is a recording just to make sure these muthafuckas ain’t trying to get over because they doing some janky business,” Brown says in a video uploaded to Instagram, showing off cleanliness of the home. “Trying to put us at fault. It’s always Chris Brown‘s fault right?”

The footage shows Chris going from room-to-room candidly showing a clean home. There was some damage, which Brown owns up to, on a wall where the sheetrock was dented from the back of a chair.

“I ain’t no idiot nigga,” Breezy says in an Instagram clip after the incident made headlines. “Good luck on that money…we didn’t tear that house up. Fuck you.”

Check out Chris Brown‘s Instagram posts addressing the Ibiza landlord’s false claims below.