Cassidy says that Dizaster was not his choice to battle at the “Ether” event next month in Los Angeles.

“I ain’t pick Dizaster,” Cassidy says according to a story on “Lush One and them niggas picked Dizaster. The only reason why I accepted it is because them niggas had that chicken … Most of the times in these big events they might get 10 grand or something. I’m not coming out for that.

“I ain’t gon’ hold no punches,” he adds elsewhere in the interview. “That nigga Dizaster is trash. I ain’t gon’ lie to you. Nigga screams and yells. He’s trash, though. I ain’t ever heard one bar that I could remember or that I like. So the nigga trash.”

Cassidy also says that he should not be compared to other industry rappers such as Canibus and Joe Budden.

“Any nigga in their right mind’ll never put Canibus or Joe Buddens in the same category as me,” Cassidy says. “Maybe Canibus at one time, but I came way after that and transformed the game. I changed the game completely and came a long time after Canibus. Joe Buddens and all these niggas, don’t put me in the same category with them because I’m a whole other animal. I’m a different type of nigga than any of the niggas y’all naming. 

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