Demrick Names His Favorite N.W.A. Song


With the buzz surrounding the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton still building since the release of the movie's official trailer last month, Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia emcee Demrick recently spoke with HipHopDX about the impact that the group's "Fuck Tha Police" anthem had on his career.

"I'm inspired by their whole legacy and everything that they do but I say 'Fuck the police' at all of my concerts," he said in a clip that debuted as a part of today's DX Daily. "I feel like that's a derivative energy from Los Angeles and a state of mind that I picked up from being out here."

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Demrick's latest album, Losing Focus, was released last week. HipHopDX spoke with him around the time of release and asked about the project.

"The intention was to make something that you could play from track one to track sixteen [during] a car-ride or hotboxing with your homies or riding around going to the party," he said. "Or some songs you could add to your weed playlist or your turn-up playlist, but represented one solid piece of work and was very true to myself. I stayed real true to my direction and the points that I was trying to get across in this album."

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