Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

posted July 13, 2006 12:00:00 AM CDT | 2 comments

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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the 360 puts you right into a mix of what is supposed to be Modern Warfare. The story mode is... well i honestly don't remember the story. That sound bad? Well the story is completely non-existent. You have 20 missions playing from two different sides, NATO or China. The only good thing the single player offers is the Hot Swap option and the upgrading of rank and weapons, not to mention valuable experience time learning to control the helicopters and vehicles. Plus, you get to learn all of the controls and get used to them. The online Multi-player is where the game is supposed to be the greatest at and it is one of the better things the game offers. Offering 24 player support the online portion gives you the same option as the single player, NATO or China. The game has up to 35 land, sea, and air vehicles, along with 55 state of the art weapons. Enough with the basic babble of what the game offers though lets get to what you really want to know about – the good and the bad things the game offers.

The good things of course are graphics. Graphically looking at BF2 its an astounding game the frame rate is solid through out in both single player and online. The online servers are the best EA has ever had in my humble opinion. However moving away from graphics you find yourself looking at the actual game for good things. As I've already stated, the Hot Swap option in the single player is quite useful and very nice. Basically you jump from one solider to another and can stay at the front of the battle constantly or use it to change weapons consistently. Flying a helicopter into battle is also nice. The online portion has its good and bad points. The good is the fact that your rarely dropped from a game thanks to the improved servers and the pace of the game which is fast. Pace wise it may take some getting used to at first but you quickly adjust and are ready for the speed of the game. Ranking up and down is based off of your kill ratio thus making it harder to rank up as you go which is actually a nice thing. The choice of being an engineer, sniper, special ops, and so forth is also nice. Sniping is one of the best things the game has to offer. It's by far the best Sniping experience I've had in my good fortune of playing shooter games. Plus, there's nothing like sticking C4 on a flag and waiting till someone grabs your flag to blow them up. Booby Trapping your areas to defend is a useful thing in the game. Then your clan support which is a good way to take advantage of not having a friend option in the game is actually quite nice. EA also signs you up to where you can keep track of your rank and stats through the Battlefield website by taking advantage of having your email address thanks to the 360 format of using Xbox Live. One of the most hilarious things i had the joy of doing in BF2 with my time spent playing the game was driving a vehicle and jumping out while it was still in motion only to see it run over an opponent *squish squish*. Being able to jump into the water and swim across an area along with some of the sniping points also adds to the fun of the game. From an online point of view the game is extremely well done, if you can over look some of the bad things the game offers.

The bad in Battlefield's case comes in many different forms. Mainly the worse thing the game has is the steep learning curve. The controls are nowhere near a standard FPS control scheme which of course means taking time to get used to it, instead of just jumping right into the game. That however is minimal compared to the fact that you are left feeling like a new born baby being thrown into high school. Oh yes, the lovely online play that gets so much praise from so many reviewers because it is good comes served with a huge glass of 'what the f*#k am i supposed to be doing'. This lasts for a short period of time unless you have the misfortune of jumping right into a helicopter, which if you do, just go ahead and jump out and pray you can open your parachute because learning the helicopters controls in multi-player is as fun as allowing three hungry man eating lions feast upon your flesh while your still alive. This could all be avoided if the game had a control view that allowed you to see what the hell buttons did what but alas it does not. Along with this lovely feeling you have your limitation in game type options. I mean what the hell kind of First Person Shooter does not offer a simple Death Match type? Battlefield 2's type of First Person Shooter. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the strategy of war and the fun of conquering someone else, however, sometimes i just like to kill other people and relish in the fact that they came to an end at my special op knife. Conquest and Capture the Flag are the only game types offered in BF2. While the CTF and Conquest modes are nice and fun and extremely entertaining theres only so much you can take of them. Then your standard issues in games like people being better than you also come into play. No way of avoiding that is there? But what becomes painstakingly annoying is the fact that if you've played the PC or Xbox version of the game then you have played BF2 for the 360. Only the graphics and some small changes have been made in the versions.

Overall the game is one of the few games that has just generally pissed me off and made me have to force myself to keep playing it before i finally felt comfortable enough to find some joy in the game. A few other people i know have had this issue with BF2 as well and yet on the flip side of the coin i have a ton of friends who adore the game. Quite simply it's the first game i find myself wanting to give a rating of 2 or less too just because of the learning curve and amount of time you have to spend getting used to the game. And yet I can't do that and be fair to the game because BF2 is actually a really good and solid game if you take the time to get used to it. That in turn is my major problem with the game, the length of time you have to have it before you can become completely used to everything it offers. It's not a game you can just go rent and instantly start having fun with right away and at the same time if you don't rent it you have no clue if you will like the game and theres money wasted. So what to do with this particular game in this case? Its been perhaps the hardest game for me to actually give a rating because it offers rock solid play while at the same time being frustrating and annoying on a number of points but in the end i have to look at the overall game. So all in all my only suggestion for the game is to rent it, spend your rental time playing the single player learning controls, take it online once or twice and discover if its going to be something you can adjust to or if your going to be like me and only discover frustration and anger from a decent game. 

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