All Pro Football 2k8 vs Madden 08

posted September 09, 2007 12:00:00 AM CDT | 15 comments

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All Pro Football 2K8 (By: Andreas Hale)
3 out of 5

While Madden and EA Sports have completed a monopoly on football gaming, Visual Concepts had to figure out how to fight their way back into the arena without an NFL license. As many gamers know, the 2K series of football games posed a very serious threat to the Madden dynasty. What better way to destroy your competition than to rip away the very basis of a football game Ė the NFL license. Instead of crying and tossing in the towel, Visual Concepts decided to employ the use of old school NFL players and come up with a new and innovative twist on football gaming with All Pro Football 2K8.

With legends such as Barry Sanders, OJ Simpson and Joe Montana mixed into the game engine of the 2K series, All Pro Football does a whole lot with a little and makes it work the best way they can. Gamers donít get to play as the Bears or the Dolphins, instead you get teams like the Sharks and the Assassins. Complete with unique stadiums and uniforms, All Pro Football is a new game all in itself.

The presentation is absolutely stellar and reminds of the old NFL 2K days. With nice touches such as halftime and end game highlights as well as in play animations of players celebrating intertwined seamlessly, All Pro Football is everything Madden is missing. The animations are sweet and lifelike, bringing a sense of reality and fluidity to the game. Even the small intricacies such as Dan Marinoís quick release and Roger Craigís high knees help bring life to a new football game.

If youíve played any of the 2K football games, youíll be pleased with how All Pro Football handles. Everything is ultra smooth and easy to learn in contrast to the mind-boggling (and often confusing) options Madden offers. With the exception of a crappy kicking system, All Pro handles well enough to make die hard Madden-ites question what EA has been doing. Unfortunately, the AI isnít all that great and is easy to take advantage of. Regardless, itís a great alternative for those not pleased with how Madden plays.

But its not all good as the features are entirely too lame to hold your attention. The season mode is a simple as sixteen games, playoffs and thatís a wrap. Also, the way you select your team of Gold, Silver and Bronze tiered players isnít really a slick way to recreate a fantasy draft. Whatís a draft when you have limitations on which players you can pick up?

Regardless of how you look at it, without an NFL license All Pro Football is difficult to get into. Innovations aside, until Madden relinquishes their grasp on the NFL there is only one at the top of the mountain. But if you just want to get down on a good football game, All Pro does the trick.

Madden 08 (By: Anthony Kennedy)
4 out of 5

With pressure on EA to create a worthy football game, especially with the competition from respected sports gaming makers 2K Games with their All Pro Football 2K8, many were doubting whether your boys at EA could still produce a good footballer. Well props to EA. As Madden Ď08 for the next-gen consoles manage to deliver on the hype itís been living off of for the last two next-gen games.

Considering they went out there way to load up the Madden with the Playmaker feature ( before plays, gamers get to locate that game changing offensive weapon and even properly adjust passing route for him) and new animation (i.e. one handed catches, gang tackling, and now even laying mid air hits on receivers.) However now more than ever, Madden is for vets only. On the higher difficulty level the AI is MUCH smarter than previous releases, passing is ridiculously hard, calling the right defensive plays may still result in a 70-yard TD reception, although surprising, running the ball isnít as hard. Point is, you ainít blowing teams out on All-Madden level.

Thankfully the controls werenít changed much, and even so you can still set-up the buttons the way you like as in past Madden games. Never stagnant, Madden managed to tack on a few new features key to keeping you online win-loss record up. This year's version sees the hit stick get an upgrade as now you can place hard shots to your opponent up top or click the R-Stick down to up end offensive players with highlight precision. While it proves some "holy shit" moments, the new moves with the hit stick are really cheap when you are on offense, as they computer forces you to take a hit to the ground, when you clearly hit the button for a spin or hurdle.

While not the approaching the greatness that was Madden í05, this yearís game is a huge upgrade over the past two Madden titles released on the next-gen systems.

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