50 Cent Not Human & Game A Snake, Says Tony Yayo

posted Thursday September 04 ,2014 at 12:00PM CDT | 96 comments

50 Cent Not Human & Game A Snake, Says Tony Yayo

Lloyd Banks "happy for" Bobby Shmurda, 50 Cent says feud with Sha Money XL may stem from him no longer being "financially comfortable."

Among the numerous topics discussed during G-Unit’s appearance on Hot 97 this week was the absence of Game from the group’s reunion performance at Summer Jam earlier this year. Both Tony Yayo and 50 Cent addressed the Compton, California rapper, with Yayo offering the more direct response as to why Game hasn’t been involved with anything from the newly-reunited G-Unit.

Upon being asked about the absence of both Game and singer Olivia, Yayo declared the inquiry a “dumb question” and revealed that the group’s fallout with Game is “deeper than rap.” He later referred to the West Coast lyricist as “a snake that won.”

“I just feel like with the Game thing y’all know what it is,” Tony Yayo said. “He was messing with Jimmy Henchman. It’s deeper than rap. Y’all keep asking that dumb question. When his OGs just had Feds knocking at my door. It’s like the industry y’all don’t get it. It’s the streets. Y’all don’t get it…My views of the industry is there’s a lot of snakes in it. Game was a snake that won. It was perfect timing for him. G-Unit was blowing. Understand? 50 was in the studio with Dre. He was in a little studio...We helped him. So, it’s like G-Unit we always the bad guys, but nobody ever see what anybody else does.”

Months prior to G-Unit’s reunion performance at Summer Jam, Yayo took to his Instagram account to let out his frustrations regarding the group. In an Instagram post from February of this year, Yayo stated: “50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same I laid my life down for the unit but you live and learn.”

While speaking on Yayo’s comments during G-Unit’s interview with Hot 97, 50 questioned Yayo bringing Lloyd Banks into his comments. In response, Yayo shared that he was “emotional” when he made the remarks and also commented on 50 not being “human” at times.

“It took Yayo to say things out of his mouth that I didn’t understand and to do things for me to look at everything,” 50 Cent said. “Cause Banks is actually—He made the initial call. And when me and him is talking it’s because Yayo is going ’50, he don’t rock with us.’ Us. Keep saying ‘us.’”

“I did get emotional on IG,” Yayo added. “That’s my first time. But these are my brothers. I had a lot of frustration that year. I had Feds knocking on my door. All kinds of crazy things going on. I’m not the average—I don’t live the average rapper life…So, I got emotional. And you know, 50’s crazy…I look at 50—This is my brother right here. But it’s almost like he’s not human sometimes.”

50 Cent also addressed his feud with Sha Money XL, a record producer 50 Cent worked with early on in his career. He revealed that he’s unsure of why Sha Money has an issue with him and shared that it may stem from him no longer being “financially comfortable.”

“With Sha Money, what’s Sha Money’s issue with me? I think he’s not as comfortable as he used to be and I’m still financially comfortable in every way possible,” 50 said. “So, I become the culprit in that situation. I think afterwards it looks like ‘Okay, we just going separate ways.’ Until you don’t continue to have the success. And then it starts to feel like it’s something different…If a person does something and they show you that they don’t—This is the way they are.”

Lloyd Banks chimed in later in the conversation when asked about Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” record. The song features the same Jahlil Beats beat featured on Banks’ “Jackpot” record.

“Listen man, I don’t got no percentage of hate in me. You understand? I’m just gonna tell you honestly I was happy for him. When I seen it initially they was having fun, man. They didn’t know that was gonna happen,” Banks said.

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    Fifty got lonely, his baby m0m left him, Bang em Smurf left him, Game left him, then the money team stopped fucking with him. Look at yourself in the mirror Fifty you can't keep a relationship with anyone even your kid. Now you bring G-Unit back? If he wasn't beefing Floyd he would of never bothered to bring them back but he was lonely and G-Unit had nothing better going for them. Even your new baby m0ms is not fucking with you, G-Unit is only taking your shit because of the money, you a disloyal nigga ask Bang em Smurf. You forgot G-Unit because you wanted to ride on Floyd's wave, now you want them back. Coincidence? Nope!
  • G UNOT
    As always, Tony Yayo continues to be Curtis' little lap dog bitch. Game's been holding his own for years in the rap game where as, Curtis needs to crawl back to the same dudes he shit on just months ago to try and become relevant again. It's over for 50 and you Stan's need to accept it.
  • da Mayor of MN
    50 is one of those dudes that will go 1 to 100 real quick. for no real reason..one of those dudes that just gets wild mad easy and alot. 50 is the type of cat that you might talk to and not even know you had a problem with until he hits you
    • G UNOT
      The fuck you talkin about? Curtis' aint nothin but a little bitch who likes to talk a gang of shit when he wants to try an be relevant again and then goes away when his sales tank. He aint put out a good album since Get Rich. Dude's soft as baby shit now and sounds more like a middle school girl bully than a gangsta. The original wanksta should be thankful he got his vitamin water money and go away.
  • Anonymous
    LOL Game? who's game's brother typing over here? Bro Game is a nobody...you hear me? a nobody. 50 cent wrote the guys album, all his hits tracks to get him started were WRITTEN BY 50cent, do you know sad that is. then he goes around and back stabs. and don't make shit up, curtis pulled in almost 700,000 in the first week. lol no one even remembers game anymore he needs features to be alive
    • G UNOT
      Dude. Get off 50's dick. He and his crew are whack as fuck. Oh, and stop lyin. 50 didnt write shit for Game's first album.
  • Anonymous
    Game is dropping a compilation that might outsell Animal Ambition and if it does we can all officially say that Game destroyed 50s rap career.
  • Anonymous
    50 making his crew seem like his bitchs
  • Anonymous
    That nigga Game was screaming Stop Snitching while being managed by a federal informant who got niggas locked up in the 90s to get his own charges reduced.
    • Anonymous
      You cant blame Game for that shit, he had no clue about that shit, nobody did. 50 is a snitch too but nobody will know untill the paperwork leaks.
    • Anonymous
      there is no paperwork, if there was dont you think it would have been leaked? Smoking Gun, TMZ, MediaTakeout or even Ja Rule and MMG would be all over it...
    • G U NOT
      Yeah, cuz Curtis has never been friendly with the police...OH WAIT, you're just a Stan who likes to ride dick and forgets he was a police informant himself...fuckin moron
  • MileHighkid303
    Here's a little story I would like to tell about a certain individual perpetrating like hell, well You see them round imitating legends, tough as hell on his records, but terrified of my presence, im tickled cos this his career only lasted a couple of seconds, begging for attention, dropping a name in ever sentence, a little slick punk from the other side of the water, there's the target intended for the slaughter, so call your lawyer, I get up on ya, ya enemies are rich, man think about it, you can't even control your bitch, These industry fucks don't want no drama, nigga respect me like an old timer, like O samma, Imma keep my composure for I burn that nigga, radio rapper Howard Stern ass nigga, imma be ontop of you with or with no hit, cos im so slick ask the niggaz u roll with
  • Come On
    Games Career is perfectly fine he has his loyal fan base. And he's put out 5 good albums now, He was easily and still is the most succesful member out of the G-Unit not named 50, And for the G-unit dick riders and the game haters He last two albums out sold 50's last too albums. and he's old more albums out of everyone out of G-unit other than 50. So Game made it say what you want he doesn't need to go back to g-unit to be relevant.
    • Milehighkid303
      DIPSHIT!!!! You ain't paying ATTENTION to WHAT Yay said. HE'S A SNAKE, A LIAR, A CHUMP AND A FRAUD!!! WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIS ABILITY TO WRITE (which he can spit), it's about LOYALTY, like Yay said, it was deeper than rap to them. You fuckin' cornballs LOVE to hate on G-Unit, BUT they came from a REAL background with REAL consequences. Besides if we talking PURE MC TALENT......Bank$ wipes the floor with that butterfly tatted bafoon. GTFOH ass clown.
    • Anonymous
      ^Male Groupie LOL
    • Anonymous
      hes a male groupie but you're on a 50 cent article on a friday night talking about male groupies, LOL i dunno whats worse
  • Anonymous
    Game destroyed these dudes and whatever Game may be just remember that 50 co signed him and let him in his crew.
    • Anonymous
      Whatever makes you feel better, sweetheart ...
  • Driest
    It is 2014 and some idiots are dickriding their rappers. What Yayo said is real and people don't understand why that reunion wont happen. Go for the music and stop being a blind followers. Since their reunion they dropped pretty big bombs.
  • Anonymous
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  • Stax
    Lets be happy for GUnit bringing that real hip hop back to NY...and instead of that cat in the hat raps we been hearing. I'm glad there back GGGG UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Games releases killed G-units first week sales, Numbers dont lie, Game won, hate it or love it...WESTCOAST 4 life
    • Anonymous
      cant wait to see how his new album sells less than animal ambition
  • Anonymous
    yayo is a follower no leader, a dick sucker
  • GBtha G
    fuck game dat bitchass nigga.G-Unit iz the real shet.
    • RealTalk
      real? they fell out. 50 being a snake. then gets em back together to attempt to gain some relevancy again? that's real now?
  • Anonymous
    Game..one man army that single handedly destroyed destroyed g unit. fuck tony yayo. you will never be half d man the game is.
  • og
    fuck kidd kidd and yayo!
  • Royal
    Yayo went from dissing 50, to sucking his dick again. Yayo just now getting money thnx to the reunion. Now he trying to diss Game...again, because he back on 50's good side.
    • Anonymous
      cosign. calling game a snake but not 50? 50 one of the biggest snakes of them all.
    • Jerry ortiz
      where the shit smells, that's where the fly petch
  • Anonymous
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  • kennyken
    yeah, and you talking about game being a snake, I think game was the smartest mf in g-unit. by leaving, of course. I don't know why these cat's trust 50 or thinks he has any good in him as far as loyalty
    • REALHIPHOP1984
      Hahaha hilarious "game was the smartest by leaving" really??? That's why he still wants back in G Unit, Game's rap career is a rap even if Dre was to produce an entire album for him (which won't happen) he still couldn't regain the credibility he had when he was with G Unit
    • Anonymous
      "game was the smartest by leaving" lol this ain't Ice Cube leaving NWA son, Game was a fool for leaving that empire
    • Anonymous
      game is smart alright. u dudes are stupid with ur silly comments. is any other g unit member doing better than game music wise? fuck boys!
    • Savevideo
      You 50 stans need to start living in the real world. Empire? Game's rap career is a rap? Because G-Unit and it's members have been doing anything of note the last 10 years? Where you living? If I was buck, kid, yayo or banks I'd be checking that contract fine print 10 times over. 50s likely to fuck em over again.
    • Anonymous
      50 got them $750,000 just for turning their album in when they were on interscope.... I guarantee you young money roc nation mmg and good music do not do that
    • Anonymous
      Why do you think Game is more relevant than all of them? Game has his own brand and is his own boss, the rest of them dudes are just weak followers, some clowns would rather have $750,000 instead of their own label their own brand, their own endorsements, and own their own publishing and masters. Why do you think the G Unit record label cant attract any new artists and all the artists associated with that label have failed? Olivia? Hot Rod? Paris? Spider Loc? 40 Glocc? Govener?
    • Anonymous
      "Game has his own brand and is his own boss, " What brand is that again? LOL Rolex Records? The Firm? Black Wall Street? He's signed to E1 theres nothing boss about that.
  • Anonymous
    "Movado gotr the bitches dancing crazy!" The only bitch dancing to that is you.
  • Anonymous
    50 is one of the last artists to come in and change the game before kanye and lil wayne and the genre needs to be shifted on a different course.
  • Anonymous
    until I saw the paycheck that said $6832 , I be certain that my neighbour woz like they say realy bringing home money in there spare time from there pretty old laptop. . there brothers friend had bean doing this 4 less than 11 months and just repayed the loans on their place and got a great new Car . linked here,,,,,,,,,,, ========================== WWW.GAWKJOB.COM ==========================
  • Anonymous
    Love how ya titled this to try and start some shit... LMFAO! I don't know who is worst, these lame ass internet trolls fronting like they're fans or you lame ass writers for this site. LoL
  • Anonymous
    Only pussies that don't know anything about the streets keep saying they should get back together. Fuck game. He was never G-Unit to me. He's like one of those cousins that comes to visit and after a while you want to beat his ass so he can go back home.