Kendrick Lamar Facing $1 Million Lawsuit Regarding "Section.80" Song "Rigamortis"

posted Wednesday September 03 ,2014 at 06:30PM CDT | 46 comments

Kendrick Lamar Facing $1 Million Lawsuit Regarding

Willie Jones III claims that Kendrick Lamar unlawfully used his "The Thorn" song to create "Rigamortis."

Kendrick Lamar is facing a lawsuit for more than $1 million from Willie Jones III and Eric Reed over the TDE rapper’s “Rigamortis” song, according to TMZ

In their lawsuit, Eric Reed and Willie Jones III claim that the 2011 selection from the TDE rapper’s Section.80 project unlawfully used their 2010 song “The Thorn.”

Reed and Jones III say that the Compton, California rapper never paid them for using the song and did not give them credit. 

The pair is seeking more than $1 million, as well as all profits and rights to “Rigamortis.”

Willie Jones III’s “The Thorn” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortis” are as follows:

Complex's coverage of the lawsuit is as follows:


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  • freedom
    Willie should get money, but not "all profits and rights" to rigamortis. That's fucking greedy. Kendrick is the one who spit the words, and making it into an industry beat is work in itself (don't know who did that off the top of my head). These dudes Willie and Eric might have bit off more than they can chew and will get out lawyered in the court room. I hope they come out with a little tho.
  • Kolawole Tokeaux
    Sheesh, its important to get these samples cleared up after you bubble because people will come for there money.
  • Anonymous
    yeah rats want money now, because k lamar became famous and rich. By the way - 1 million for shitty sample that was used in awful beat? *facepalm*
  • Anonymous
    "Very good rappers are the worst musians ever. They steal parts of lyrics they steal samples etc. Listen to rock music." ^ that's the mind of a whiteboy who listens to rap because it makes him cool, too stupid to know which "very good rapper" does what, too ignorant to hear rockers stealing riffs from each other, too immature to know many rappers know how to play instruments and sing
    • Anonymous
      why bring race into it? black people don't listen to rock music?
  • Danny
    Section80 was a mixtape though right? I thought you had free reign as long as you dont personally make a profit of sales from the song?
    • absoul
      obviously you never heard the end of black lip bastard remix
    • Anonymous
      you can buy it on itunes right now bro
    • Anonymous
      Danny is new. Danny hasn't been around the last 3 years when mixtapes were starting to be sued. Notice is been 3 hours and no one has answered you. Danny, you have a search bar to find out the information. Use it.
    • Anonymous
      "Section.80 sold 5,400 copies in the US solely based upon digital downloads within less than a week, debuting and peaking at number 113 ...As of October 2012 the album has sold 78,000 copies" = not a "mixtape"
  • K.Dog
    fuck this shit
  • Anonymous
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  • DAB
    • Anonymous
      you lame for mentioning Chuck E Cheese like you still go there
    • tredeuce
      You wait until after the song has peaked so you can sue for the amount that has been made vs doing it while the song is popular and the artist can pull it and u get less money.
    • Anonymous
      WILLIE JONES III has an established career, long before Kendrick. He's almost 50, doubt he works at Chuck E Cheese.
    • jazman49
      DAB you are an idiot. eric and Willie are established musicians. You probably eat at Chuck E Cheese which accounts for your clogged brain.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Very good rappers are the worst musians ever. They steal parts of lyrics they steal samples etc. Listen to rock music.
    • lol
      Kendrick Lamar didn't even produce the song you fucking mongoloid. Think logically.
    • RealTalk
      get a clue anon.
    • Boy Stop
      Rock musicians stole a whole genre of music!!!! C'mon man, they stole the music genre, guitar riffs, drum splats and everything else they can steal.
  • Anonymous
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  • Dmitriy Rudnev
    I thought Section 80 was a mixtape, arent mixtapes allowed to use any instrumental they wish. This is obviously a move after the money after he got signed and everyone knows he got the "gwap"
    • Paul Oyama
      No, it was an album that was only distributed through iTunes. It's thought of as a mixtape because it was independent and no physical copies were sold
    • Anonymous
      It was sold - that's the point, you complete idiot Doesn't matter whether you call it a mixtape or an album
    • Anonymous
      There are digital-only and free ALBUMS, and there are Albums that consist entirely of cover songs and existing instrumentals- that doesn't make it a mixtape. Real mixtapes aren't on Soundscan and Billboard charts. I guess more recently some people release albums and call them mixtapes- and in a lot of cases it's so they can excuse lousy sales ("nah, that wasn't even an album don't worry about Sounsdcan, it was a mixtape. Wait for my real album." This is entirely different than Independent albums- by that measure any veteran artist without a major label or guys who choose to do digital-only or free albums supported by touring, have never released an album..
  • Anonymous
    it was a mixtape
    • vllsfsf
      It is his debut album.
  • Six Lowa
    Georgia students study Kendrick Lamar for class. The 2012 album is the focus of English composition class at Georgia Regents University. The research-based course requires students to write a major paper in response to selected texts. They better teach also how to get proper sample rights so you don't get sued
  • based
    ALL profits and rights?! It's just an uncleared sample...shit happens all the time No way they'll get a million bucks out of'll be settled out of court for a couple 100 thousand or something. It's not surprising that they didn't look to get this sample cleared. Section.80 was released independently and the name 'Kendrick Lamar' didnt equal $$$ when it was put out. Shit happens all the time. Nobody sues for this type of stuff until they realize they can make an easy buck
    • Anonymous
      duh retard
    • Anonymous
      It sold 5,000 it's first week. That's enough to be on the radar of anyone in the industry. There are independent artists that sell in the low thousands total who have been sued for sample or trademark infringement. Not clearing it and getting sued later always costs more than if they just got it cleared. They can get extra damages or have it pulled, etc. They should;ve just hired a bass player to recreate it. My 8 year-old son could've done it in 5 minutes for a pack of tic tacs.
  • mick
    kendrick REALLY look like a gopher in that pic tho
    • Shakes head
      Thats not Kendrick
    • Anonymous
      It is Kendrick & he does look like a gopher haha
  • Anonymous
    Dre got this, pocket change for BEATS.
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick the thief.
    • Anonymous
      Then every rapper is a thief. Kendrick ain't the first rapper who faced a lawsuit over a sample and he damn sure won't be the last.
  • Nick Elia
    Good for these dudes. I'm sure it didn't happen on purpose, but when somebody who uses one of your beats blows up and they have no fucking clue where the beat came from. What are they supposed to do? Just happy for these guys that they heard it in time and still have a chance to collect... conveniently within days of it being dismissed as too much time having gone by (whatever the legal term is).
    • Cage
      The statute of limitations... And I agree with you, pay up K Dot
    • Future
      But did you listen to the two songs, once by themselves, and then once together. They sound nothing alike. Sure the same instrument is being used, but I really don't believe they sound anything alike, these people are just looking for some money. I would admit if the beat sounded similar, but I just don't hear it.
    • Anonymous
      ^^ you must be stupid nigga
    • Anonymous
      Lol @ Future. This nigga here.
    • Anonymous
      Future you have no idea do you
    • jazman49
      You guys only deal with beats. Future as anonymous said, you don't have a clue.