Hip Hop Album Sales: G-Unit, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa

posted Wednesday September 03 ,2014 at 10:30AM CDT | 288 comments

Hip Hop Album Sales: G-Unit, Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa

This week, Wiz Khalifa's "Blacc Hollywood" slips, Beyonce's self-titled album rises and G-Unit arrives in the Top 20.

This week, Wiz Khalifa falls out of the Top 5 with his latest, Blacc Hollywood. In a surprising jolt, Beyonce jumps back into the Top 15 in her self-titled album's 38th week of availability. Meanwhile, G-Unit lands in the Top 20 with the group's surprise EP, The Beauty Of Independence.  

Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood Falls To #6

Wiz Khalifa remains in the Top 10 this week with Blacc Hollywood. The rapper’s latest dropped from #1 to #6 this week. Khalifa sold 30,067 units, a 67 percent dip from last week’s 90,369 copies. Overall, Wiz has sold 120,520 units of the project in two weeks of availability. 

Beyonce's Self-Titled LP Has 181 Percent Increase In Sales

Beyonce continues to climb the charts. This week, the singer jumped from #44 to #14 with her self-titled album in its 38th week of availability. The album, which was released in December 2013, sold 15,518 units this week, a 181 percent increase in sales from last week’s 5,515 units. Overall, the album has sold 2,055,353 copies. Part of the reason for the spike in sales could be due to her recent MTV VMAs performance of an album medley.

G-Unit's The Beauty Of Independence Arrives In Top 20

G-Unit’s The Beauty Of Independence landed at #17 this week, its first week of availability. The collection sold 14,472 units after being released as a surprise to many G-Unit fans. The effort just exceeded early projections that said the album would sell between 12,000 and 14,000 units. This EP is a first in a two-part series, according to 50 Cent. The G-Unit General recently announced that the second part of this series is set to be titled The Beast Is G-Unit.

#6. Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood - 30,067 (120,520) 

#14. Beyonce - Beyonce - 15,518 (2,055,353) 

#16. Iggy Azalea - The New Classic - 14,707 (323,149) 

#17. G-Unit - The Beauty Of Independence - 14,472 (14,472)

#39. Trey Songz - Trigga - 7,416 (230,054) 

#51. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - 5,892 (2,189,993) 

#57. Linkin Park - The Hunting Party - 5,280 (226,566) 

#62. Michael Jackson - Xscape - 4,945 (417,273) 

#63. John Legend - Love In The Future - 4,769 (611,161) 

#64. Pharrell Williams - G  I  R  L - 4,748 (511,667) 

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  • wtf
    Album sales fuckin suck nowadays
    • DatDudeUnknown
  • Anonymous
    dj Mustard debuted at #143 how much did he sell?
    • DatDudeUnknown
      https://soundcloud.com/dat-dude-unknown https://soundcloud.com/macy-tha-mic-eater https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClasZOY8zjeDbXXFXpRoDGg/videos
  • Anonymous
    g unit making the radio tour, hot97, power in nyc and l.a. people who respect hiphop, respect the unit. its starting all over again, drop some ep thats being listened to on the internet sells alittle on itunes, make the tours, then start coming with some dope hits, then you can continue to cry about how they destroyed your favorite rapper and make hate comments, or you could just appreciate the music. ep is dope, this is hiphop keep typing about your favorite rapper, and trying to diss the unit on every site, think about it? they got your attention, they already won
  • lets be real. like really
    14k? wow drake does that every week
    • Anonymous
      if drake sold even half of that he would be on this chart dummy
  • Anonymous
    Geek Unit groupies still worship their heroes even when they release watered down Mixtape songs to sell to the stupid.
  • Anonymous
    "Just because a joint sounds big doesn't mean it sounds good" Agreed, but the point was at least to me, I'd rather hear something that sounds like some effort was put into it as opposed to something that sounds thrown together. G Unit has been out of the spotlight for awhile now. They could have gone harder than a 6 track EP for their re-introduction.
  • Anonymous
    ja rule killed these g-unot fools, 15.000 vs PIL 2 7milli!
  • OVO
    Drake is way finer than any of these fools, plus he's the best singer in the world.
  • prince
    my music
  • Anonymous
    they eatin real good now they independence 15K for a unannounced EP #theBeastisGunitEP should do better numbers cant wait for the official album
    • J-100
      Eating real good, huh? How much u think a Young Buck or a Tony Yayo makes off the sales of 15K? Even a regular 9 to 5 pays better man
    • anonymous
      all album on top have high rate of dislike. it shows now who get the publicity. the mentality of radio. independently these niggaz are selling and more than that no marketing, and no marketing. they are on the right path when it comes to, we are starting all over again like we ve never been hear before. good marketing strategy to build new image for themselves and the company. hate it but that how we want it.as fans we love them as such. we don't want them to act like these new rappers, bcoz they have always been unique.
    • Anonymous
      Kidd Kidd used his share to buy a happy meal.
    • Anonymous
      1. its only 1st week 2. Watch Me video drops today will boost sales 3. besides the small iTunes percentage they gettin $5.99 a pop that's 90K more than Jeezy would get buy sellin 105K on a major label
    • J-100
      C'mon now, use your common sense. The EP was not recorded and distributed for free. They are not making 5.99 a pop.
  • samedude
    also i've been a fan since the beginning and the fans of hiphop and g unit need to get music not give the unit money, but to try to make hiphop change direction.
  • Anonymous
    LOL. you have haters, the name rozay odonnel (rick ross's tour manager and intern) commenting on rap websites, plus these "annoymous" interns from different labels trying to put down the gunit lol.? this is called internet and blogging marketing its in an attempt to sway people, its really sad that someones actual job is doing this. look in the mirror you got realizations to consider in life. (letting everyone know the truth) Listen, this is a tell tale sign of how bad this generation is with not just music but everything. The g unit ep is pretty good for just 6 bucks. and people would rather put them down and boast about iggy minaj,wiz and the numerous other garbage rappers put on by multi-million dollar labels. theres a reason alot of good things are not noticed, people are chosen to be famous. everyone has some skills, its just luck. thats why at this moment it is a rare for independent songs to get on the radio unless they get viral or really really popular. if you aren't on the radio its hard to sell, and to get on the radio you need people to buy your spins and promote. also the people who listened to real hip hop are older now and don't buy as much music as this generation. hiphop is ruined and this tells you why, and trust me they dropped an ep with no promotion, watch when the songs get promoted or picked up. we'll see how it does later with the other stuff they do.
    • Anonymous
      $6.00 isn't a lot, but damn those beats sound shitty. 50 has all this money yet can't pay a nigga to lace him with something that sounds like it's authentic.
    • Anonymous
      what do you mean authentic? they sounded good enough to me. what makes a beat authentic? an over priced dj mustard joint? is that authentic? or london on the track? lex luger? mike will?
    • J-100
      Authentic means the opposite of the plastic production that's all over the mainstream industry. It means something that makes you feel something. Just because a joint sounds big doesn't mean it sounds good. DJ Mustard and Mike Will are a part of that plastic category. Authentic production comes from the likes of Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Oddisee, Knxwledge, Shafiq Husayn, Exile, 9th, Illmind, Madlib, Tall Black Guy, El-P, Khrysis, Oh No, The Alchemist, No I.D, MeLo-X, Damu The Fudgemunk and many others.
  • Bruthadee
    I caught so many feelings all over this page I'm sorry. Writing paragraphs about how much 50 Cent sucks is all that makes me feel good.
    • Real Talk
      I just wonder which one has the biggest dick, I would pay just about anything to see their dicks.
  • Bruthadee
    I'm so fucking hard right now guys. This is better than sex to me. Eat dirt you pale skin groupie unit groupies from the suburbs! MMG reigns supreme again! Gunplay is about to go buy another chain to celebrate. Forgot to write my name had too much malt liquor hehe.
    • Anonymous
      G-Unit can grab his 2nd chain too! Thats not problem for them :D
  • Anonymous
    I'm so fucking hard right now guys. This is better than sex to me. Eat dirt you pale skin groupie unit groupies from the suburbs!
  • imho
    g units EP is fire. people will call it a flop and by number standards it is..50 cent started that disease and seems to be catching up 2 him with his past few flop albums although this one didnt sell that well the music was great..first 50 project i acutally purchased since GRODT the soundtrack.
  • Shady Detroit.
    Damn homie looks like you better call Dr Drizzy and King Em to save you from yourself.
  • Anonymous
    50 Cent is the reason why some fans are so sales obsessed and focused on numbers instead of beats and rhymes. This guy built his career off of bragging about his sales and ridiculing other rappers who didnt sell as much as he sold when he was Curtis "Interscope" Jackson. Yeah the guy went "platinum" back when the Ying Yang Twins and Chingy were going "platinum" but you look at his 5th album and his sales have dropped 990% from his debut..... Look at a true rapper like Nas who's first album took 6 months to go Gold and then he was Platinum+ on his 5th album and then 400,000 on his 10th album. Longevity and consistency with a loyal fanbase is what what you see with Nas which is why Nas can outsell 50s 5th album with his 10th album by 300,000 copies.
    • Anonymous
      That didn't sell 400k. Stop lying to the youth.
    • truthtellers
      stop lying young ass internet nigga
  • Cope
    g-unit had the best album man wtf shit all this artist are wack people need to recognize real from fake and g unit is the truth GGGGG-UNIT!!!
  • john
    yea and killa season is 10x platium FOH
  • rememberMYname
    well hol up lets see....illmatic sold 43,000 first week...ready to die sold 130,000 and reasonable doubt sold 40,000..yeah u right
    • Anonymous
      illmatic sold 75k
  • vpisto;
    even jay z aint selling no more what his last album sale like 50,000 first week
    • Anonymous
      He went Platinum on his own label while eating off J Cole going Gold.....oh yeah J Cole has his own label on Interscope and Banks and Yayo dont. Yes Men for life.
    • yes man
      Well for yes men they have more money than a dude with his own label..
      Them niggas got so much money that Young Buck went Platinum and went Bankrupt all in the same year.