Ludacris "Ludaversal" Release Date, EP Announcement

posted Thursday October 09 ,2014 at 04:45PM CDT | 32 comments


UPDATE: Ludacris describes his upcoming "Ludaversal" album and says it's coming out in 2015.

It's been a while since Ludacris has released a solo studio album. 2010's Battle of the Sexes was the last time fans got to experience a cohesive project by the Atlanta native but that might change this year.

Recently speaking with Billboard, Ludacris talked about his upcoming ninth solo album and says Ludaversal will be defining in regards to who he is as a person.

"I can definitely tell you in a nutshell there are a bunch of songs that define moments and are very emotional just for the simple fact this will be my most personal album to date in terms of talking about a lot of things that have gone on in my life and just really diving into who Chris Bridges is as a person," Luda said when asked about the album. "So that's what Ludaversal is all about, it's, 'Welcome to my world, this is where I live, this is what I go through on a day-to-day basis.'"

He also named a few of the tracks on the album and described the meaning behind each.

"There's a song called 'Money' on the album that's just really talking about all of the ups and downs with money, but in my personal life," he said when asked about specific songs. "There's also 'Burning Bridges,' where you talk about friends that have crossed you and you think everything is gonna be cool. But you realize being in the industry and having fame and fortune, it's inevitable you're going to have to sacrifice certain relationships just because when you get all this success, people think you're the one changing, but they're the ones that changed based on your success."

Finally, Ludacris said he expects to release the album in the fall, naming November as the currently slated release month.

"We're thinking around November," Luda said. "We're putting a single out this month and we're hoping for November. We're getting all our ducks in a row... I want to make sure there is a clear lane for me to just focus on music and go out and promote, as opposed to just dropping an album and not being able to back it up."

Also during the interview, Ludacris talked about receiving BMI's President's Award and carrying on Fast & Furious after the untimely death of co-star Paul Walker. 

(August 24, 2014)

UPDATE: Ludacris has announced that his Ludaversal album is set to be released March 31, 2014. 

An EP is set to be released in December. 

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Comments 32 Posts

  • Anonymous
    i bet the album generation likes bullshit so i bet he has pop bs on there
      iIt'll suck cous Big Sean aint on it. Luda ain't had a great album since Word of Mouf lolz. Keep tryin and failing Luda
  • Anonymous
    March 31, 2014.
  • Anonymous
    luda is too old to finally make reflective tracks. luda is a great radio/club rapper. no more, no less
    • smart dumb ass
      his age is the reason why he is making reflective tracks idiot smh
  • imho
    luda needs to take it back to the original songs and stop trying to get a singer on every track for a hit bc half the time they turn out lame..some of his greatest hits were when he took his time and did it himself.. all of back for the first time saturday stand up roll out i could go on for days..def underrated lyricist too
  • Anonymous
    Paul Walker died and took Luda's heart with him.
    • Anonymous
      ..said no one.
  • tdub2222
    release therapy or whatever it was called was his "personal" album. luda will never be a personal type artist. he will alwayas be known for his club/radio hits
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    we need a luda and justin bieber feature again
    • Anonymous
      we need that for the streets. I bet rakim and krs-one saluted him well for that one!
  • Anonymous
    "March 31, 2014" Wow, this album was out for months, and the world didn't even know. How did he do it?
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    im still regarding theater of the mind as his last actual album and in that case i'm actually looking forward to this
  • Ifeellikeslappinaniggatoday!!
    i can't believe yall ain't feelin Luda no more. after you's a hoe, after blueberry yum yum, after stand up!!!!!????? Disrespectful!!! smh
    • Anonymous
      Nah, I ain't feeling him after that "Battle of the sexes" bullshit and the garbage song with David Guetta and Usher
  • russ
    he'll bring the heat. everybody always talks about him going "pop", but when its time to drop a album he never lets people down. I don't count battle of the sexes because Shawna left at the last minute and he still had to release it. it still did fairly well too. Ludacris is really consistent so I know ludaversal will be a good album.
  • oh lawd whats next from ktt
  • Anonymous
    dude used to be so ill... can't hate on him, but he turned into pitbull and a flo rida type nigga. Its ok for those guys, but when luda was ill, he went toe to toe w/ Nas on a couple tracks...
    • Well
      Considering he hasnt released in album in over 4 years what are you really going by, im sure the new album will be dope and up to par with his normal sound
    • Anonymous
      Nah, he's more likely to work with pop acts again. Luda had to crawl to binder, pitbull , and Enrique for hits. Luda is a wack pop rap act.
    • Anonymous
      "he went toe to toe w/ Nas on a couple tracks..." Nigga... say what?!?!?!?
    • Anonymous
      ^ He's right, though. Made You Look Remix, Virgo, I Do It for Hip Hop.
  • Anonymous
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  • AidaRBrito
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  • Anonymous
    lol at this nigga still having a music career
    • my dick
      lmao u living in your car
  • Anonymous
    Yeah right, then you cop the record and it's full of move bitch type of songs lmaoooo I remember him saying Word Of Mouf would be "very emotional" too lol
    • Anonymous
      LMAO @ YOU for copping Ludacris albums thinkin they'll be "emotional"