Mike WiLL Made-It Vows To Make $3 Billion By 40

posted Friday August 08 ,2014 at 11:30AM CDT | 23 comments

Mike WiLL Made-It Vows To Make $3 Billion By 40

Mike WiLL Made-It also says Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are OGs to him.

Mike WiLL Made-It says he looks up to certain business-minded people in the music industry, including Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, who were part of Apple's acquisition of Beats for more than $3 billion in May.

“We’ve had plenty of talks," Mike says of Iovine during an interview with BusinessWeek. "I told him, he and Dre are the OGs. They’re opening up doors for people like me.”

Mike WiLL says he hopes to follow in their billion dollar footsteps. 

"Now I know I’m going to make $3billion by the time I’m 40," he says.

How does he plan on doing this? He says he has different ways of attaining wealth.

“I tell people, ‘You gotta look at me as a producer and a businessman, like an executive or some CEO-type shit. It’s like I have three different brains," he explains. 

During the article, Mike also explains how he helped Miley Cyrus find her sound. 

“I was like, ‘Yo, use that country twang. I hear it, but you are trying to hide it,’" he says. "So she started using her country twang. That made it all-the-way dope.”

Another person that he's helped is Future. In the piece, Future says "Mike's beats helped" him develop his singing style. 

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Comments 23 Posts

  • lance
    dream on homey Diddy+Jigga+DRE aint even worth 3 Billion
  • demonhunter
  • Anonymous
    1 rapper has the ability to sell 2 million these days and this guy thinks he'll be a billionaire? lol
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
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  • HUH
    Talk about money and the niggas attack each other...as usual.
  • Anonymous
    Mike WiLL Made-It Vows To Make $3 In The Rap Game
  • Anonymous
    heard a dope mike will beat on schoolboy q's habits and contradictions album today, didnt realize he produced it
  • Anonymous
    LMFAO does he even got 10 mill? he looks like hes pushing 30 so this is laughable even if he won the lottery 100 times.
  • Anonymous
    mike, you couldnt have predicted where you are today 5 years ago... so how can you possibly predict the next 20 years with absolute certainty. "executives" are laughing at you
  • drone killa
    mike will and the eardrummers are good producers but their time at the top is already done. producers tend to have a very short window these days, dj mustard is that dude right now but by next year it's gonna be someone else.
    • Anonymous
      You hit that shit right on. Mike Will is so last year. Even Lil Jon, Timbaland and Neptunes are all trying to get back into things but not much going on
  • Anonymous
    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Son is raving Someone please go take him back to the asylum
  • Boston hip hop fan
    Meanwhile his bitch (Miley Cyrus) making him look like a cuckold. Lmao
  • Anonymous
    Sorry but that will never happen
    • Anonymous
      Long as he keeps pimping Miley Cyrus, that dream of his might come to fruition.
  • west coast
    dj mustard made eveyone forget about mike wills corny beats
    • Anonymous
      Mike's beats are a bit better than Mustard's.
    • Versus
      They're both wack, but Mustard is a new low point in beat making. Worst, most generic beats ever.
  • west coast
    dj mustard made everyone forget about mike wills corny beats
  • mustard on the beat ho
    try makin a 100 million first
  • Anonymous
    This dude works with Miley Cyrus Nuff said....sellout
  • Anonymous
    Ambition is great to have,especially early in the game.However you also gotta be in constant touch with reality or life will compel you to,Mr Mike. Heavyweights like Puffy,Jay-Z,Russell Simmons have been very successful,however it took many years to get to the net worth (100 million +)they currently possess...and I'm sure they all wanna be billionaires but that hasn't happened for any of them yet.Just make as much as you can while you are still hot as a producer...and talk less.