Eminem, Tupac, 50 Cent Featured In XXL's "20 Videos Of Rappers Before The Fame"

posted Monday July 28 ,2014 at 04:00PM CDT | 28 comments

Eminem, Tupac, 50 Cent Featured In XXL's

Eminem talks about how he's preparing to release "The Slim Shady LP" and 50 Cent recalls entering the music game under Jam Master Jay's wing.

Eminem, Tupac and 50 Cent were featured in XXL's recent "20 Videos Of Rappers Before The Fame" list. 

In 50 Cent's interview, the emcee discusses his start with Jam Master Jay and the lessons he learned. The emcee also discusses the progress he made following this introduction to the game. This was prior to the rapper's work with Eminem and Dr. Dre under the Shady/Aftermath/Interscope umbrella. 

Eminem also appears on the list. Wearing glasses and a black baseball cap, Em is seen in the video discussing his perspective on the world at the time. Em throws up his middle fingers and says, "That's for everybody." When asked when his first album is dropping, Em says, "Who's Eminem? I'm Slim Shady." This was taped prior to the emcee's The Slim Shady LP debut album dropping. 

For more from the list, including a video of Tupac, view the clips below. 

For more, check out XXL's full list. 

For more on Eminem, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous
    not that it matters but tupac was gay as fuck in that interview
  • jimjim
    right before the shooting a few days later he was hit
  • fagot tupac
    Tupac "2pac" Shakur was the pioneer in this gay shit ! Waaaaaaaaay before all the macklemores and charlamagnes.. he was an OG - Original Gay !
  • fagot tupac
    Hahahah.. we all know this before.. your black hero Tupac Shakur was a flaming faggot.. hahahahah.. just look at him..hahahahah thats some Antoine Dodson shit right there.. fuckin pillowbiter.. dick suckin lips and all.. ready to take it in the asshole
  • Anonymous
    I guess now not sounding ignorant as fuck means you sound like a fag lol
  • stfuuignants
    I don't care what anybody says. But if you're raised around nothing but women, you're going to pick up their mannerisms and who knows what else. Pac was a prime example, first just his mother then that white woman.
    • ...
      Not true, plenty of people are raised by a single mother, or with sisters and don't act feminine. These are Pac's mannerisms, he's choosing to act that way and talk that way.
    • Anonymous
      It does have an affect to a certain extent unless youre tring hard to not sound like that
    • Anonymous
      True a lot of men raised by single mothers try to overcompensate for not having stable male role-models in their lives. Shit shouldn't be a surprise it's a matter of nature vs nurture
  • Anonymous
    im starting to think the 2pac gay rumours where true after all
    • Anonymous
      A lot of people say the same about eminem he way oversensitive
    • Anonymous
      not that it matters tupac was gay as fuck in that interview
  • Ha
    Lowkey 2pac looks like he is getting ready to be fucked by multiple dudes. Like those porn videos where they interview the girl before they let it rip. No disrespect to the guy as an artist was amazing, but he's ehhh.
    • kfhkh
    • Anonymous
    • kfhkp
      Cool story bro tell me snorezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • DMA
    Not even trolling one but but I agree with the dude below me Tupac seems very feminine and just weird lmao wow.
    • Anonymous
      Willing to bet you the weirdo out here
    • minnesota slick
      that's why 2pac butt-raped that bitch. cause he didn't like the puss
    • Anonymous
      i said he looks mad gay and i wasnt trolling either
    • Anonymous
      Agreed no doubt you the fruity weird bastard in the crowd lmao wow .
  • Anonymous
    2pac seems mad gay
  • Anonymous
    Crazy how fat Eminem used to look.
    • Anonymous
      Label had him slim down when he signed. Just fit the image better. Fat white kid, no matter how dope and lyrical, would never have the success. Sad but true hip-hop is very image based
    • Anonymous
      ^ Oh because you worked at the label so you know that...Bitch stfu with your stupid ass theories you worthless loser.
  • Anonymous
    50 sounds way different now
    • andy1221
      thats cause it was before the shooting when a bullet went through his mouth and changed his voice
  • Anonymous
    Uh oh............ They reminiscing, going back. A sign the new stuff is corn