YG Says Tupac Is Alive, Hip Hop Belongs To The West Coast

posted Monday July 28 ,2014 at 12:30PM CDT | 54 comments

YG Says Tupac Is Alive, Hip Hop Belongs To The West Coast

YG credits Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar for their contributions to the West Coast, praises Nate Dogg.

Compton, California lyricist YG serves as the latest artist to share his belief that the late Tupac Shakur is in fact still alive. The rapper made the reveal during a newly-published interview with Montreality as he questioned why those behind the deaths of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. have yet to be found.

“Man, Pac ain’t dead,” YG said. “That’s how I feel. What up, Pac? My nigga out here somewhere. That nigga out here chilling. You feel me? They don’t know who killed the nigga. You feel me? But how you don’t know who killed Pac? I mean, they don’t know who killed Biggie either though at the same time. I don’t know, but I don’t think he dead though.”

Another artist YG spoke on during his interview was Nate Dogg, a musician he referred to as “classic” and a “legend” with worldwide impact. He added that the late singer is likely the type of artist who can’t be replaced due to his uniqueness.

“Nate Dogg, man. That’s like—You feel me, that’s like legend,” the rapper said. “West Coast reputable. Worldwide legend though. Classic. You feel me? Nate Dogg did something to the game I don’t think nobody else could ever do. Niggas can’t do what Nate Dogg did. You feel me? Like his voice and how he did his stuff on a track. That shit like you feel me, it’s a one of one. I don’t think it’s never gon’ be somebody that come up and really take Nate Dogg’s spot.”

YG also doted on his fellow West Coast artists after being asked if Hip Hop belongs to the West Coast. He gave credit to Nipsey Hussle for being able to create a buzz without the release of an album and shouted out Kendrick Lamar and those in Top Dawg Entertainment.

He later credited himself for releasing a “classic album” with his debut, My Krazy Life.

“I feel like the West Coast—It belong to the West Coast, period,” he said about Hip Hop. “You got niggas like Kendrick and them. The whole TDE squad. You got niggas like Nipsey. You got niggas like me. You got niggas like Dom. You got niggas like DJ Mustard. But you got like Nipsey he ain’t put out no album out yet. He doing his shit off mixtapes. And recently, earlier this year he put out a mixtape that was for free or you can buy that shit for $100. He made a mothafuckin statement. You feel me? Niggas on the West Coast is making statements right now. Like I came out with a classic album that nobody expected. Nigga Kendrick came out. His shit went platinum…Yeah, West Coast we got it.”

Earlier this year, former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight shared his belief that Tupac is still alive. Additionally, the official Twitter account for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stirred up rumors when they sent out this tweet earlier this month: "No, we don’t know where Tupac is. #twitterversary.”

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  • Anonymous
    New York niggas feeling hurt on the inside lmao Come out here and take this L too y'all
  • Anonymous
    Go the fuck back to school. Dumb ass.
    • Anonymous
      seriously tho. this dude has to be one of the dumbest, most inarticulate rap niggas ever
  • Turkel
    I really hate it when these fools wanna make themselves heard by talking about Pac. Leave the king alone!
  • real
    Tupac feat Nate Dogg - How long will they mourn me All these faggot ass rappers these days dont make grown Real Thug music like this anymore! Not even Gay-Z and that nigga is over 40, all we hear is some faggot ass POP music shit
  • Barrydavillain
    I don't know you.
  • Anonymous
    Go dig them up in the cemetery, YG.
  • cross
    no, mr 'g' i do not feel you.
  • CAL Boss
    Damn, I can't believe Tupac still keeps getting brought up. CIA niggas fuck with us and laugh at us folk because some of us are too gullible to believe that shit. Nigga's dead. And how the fuck any nigga gon say hip hop belongs to one area. Nigga, hip hop is for everyone!
    • YouSoundDumb
      How do you know tupac dead? He is arguably the greatest rapper ever but they never had a funeral for that man.......
  • Anonymous
    YG a real nukka, fuck da haters.
    These new niggas aint got shit on REAL westcoast muthafuckas like Daz,WC,$hort,B-legit,Eastsidaz,King T, E40,Cube,...
    • Anonymous
      It's the new generation's time to shine.
    • Anonymous
      ^^it is but like the OP said... nobodys as dope as the old school was in their time yet
  • jackson
    LOL @ this nigga calling his album a classic.
  • Shock G
    Tupac was a great dancer
  • maitreyaone
    HipHop needs its own City State ! PAC WAS TALKING ABOUT ONE NATION OF HipHop! These young people need guidance
  • Real talk
    Hey how come Yg and all tde (yes kendrick) rap like there from the south? They dont even have a west coast sound, sounds like that same ol trap dirty south rap everyone else makes.
    • Anonymous
      TDE don't sound like they're from the south.
    • 4
      He has a point. Some of these nigga's songs do sound like some southern shit.
    • Yes
      What u cant tell me swimming pools pass out drank wake up drank with the slowed down and sped up voices dont sound like some dirty south song. Kendrick sound like a fake version of andre 3000 from outkast.
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Jax
    They act like he didn't die in hospital.
  • fifflaren6
    the only nigga he mentioned who is doing numbers is kednrick though
  • rap niggas and their catchphrases
    Can this clown go two seconds without calling everything a "classic" or saying the word nigga or "you feel me" and maybe then I'll take him seriously? That's worse than when T.I. uses "authentic" or "authenticity" and 50 Cent with "actually", "actual", or "marketing space". So annoying.
    • No
      Actually he cant because hes a fucking idiot. Everything about this dude is annoying. "My nigga" is probably the worst song ever made. u feel me?
    • Axe
      This muphucka named NO said "actually" as the first word in a complaint about someone saying "actually" too much. Son is shot the fuck out.
  • grant
    tupac suckt and you suck fool
  • Anonymous
    Please. You're album is not a classic.
    • Anonymous
      This. ^^
    Not one credible, coherent theory of 2Pac's existence, just alot of "you feel me"'s speak english my man
  • Anonymous
    YG is right Fabolous's photo of Tupac: http://thewaterbottlechronicles.com/fabolous-spots-tupac-sitting-behind-him-at-the-bet-awards/
    • Lol
      Thats a good one, was that dave chappelle?
  • Anonymous
    What a fucking clown shoe
  • ttt
    as crazy as it might sound I still think 2pac COULD still be alive
    • Anonymous
      Fabolous put a picture of him on his IG a few weeks ago, I think he was chillin at the BET awards
    • Psh
      That wasnt no damn tupac. That was just some random black bald guy with a bandana. Do u think dmx and ja rule are tupac as well? Bunch of idiots. Hes dead. Let the man rest in peace. And if he werent u think hes gona show up to the bet awarDs? hes gone he aint coming back
  • Anonymous
    2pac didn't die he even gave the homie Rick Ross the rights to the " tupac's back" song
    • Anonymous
      No, he didn't. And Ross ain't even a homie.