Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" Unaltered Cover Art, Memes, Music Video Preview & Stills Featuring Drake

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Nicki Minaj

UPDATE #4: Nicki Minaj reveals an "Anaconda" music video preview with stills featuring Drake.

Yesterday (July 24), Nicki Minaj made waves in headlines when she released a revealing cover for her "Anaconda" single. The Young Money Cash Money Billionaire's artwork featured the emcee in a bra, a g-string and Jordan sneakers.

Minaj then took to Instagram and Twitter to respond to memes, criticism and positive feedback.

The emcee-singer-actress responded to one meme in particular, one that featured her "Anaconda" pose at the center of the Google logo. Minaj's caption for the shot is as follows: "Doing the most. Who did this??? Google my ass. Only time u on the net is when u #GoogleMyAss. Memba that line? What song?"

Nicki also posted several images ofSports Illustratedmodels in bikinis. She references those shots by calling them acceptable. She followed this up by posting her "Anaconda"cover again, this time with "Unacceptable" in the caption for the post.

(July 25, 2014)

UPDATE: Fans will have to wait for "Anaconda" to be released, as the track is now set to be released August 4, a later date than the original July 28 release date. 

Nicki Minaj has also shared several memes of her "Anaconda" cover art. 

The rapper says fans need to find their "chill" with the altered images of her "Anaconda" pose. 

"The Statue of Liberty tho yall? Praying yall find yall chill," she says in the caption to a post that features her posing as The Statue of Liberty. 

She followed this post with several others, including one inspired by The Lion King. Her caption? "IG HAS NO CHILL."

In addition to this, Minaj says fans can still anticipate "Bang Bang," her cut with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, to be released July 29.

Minaj's posts are as follows: 

(July 28, 2014)

UPDATE #2: An unaltered version of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" cover art has been released, according to MediaTakeOut

The site released the photograph next to the reportedly altered image. It is as follows.

(July 29, 2014)

UPDATE #3: Nicki Minaj has released a preview of her upcoming "Anaconda" music video. Here it is: 

(August 4, 2014)

UPDATE #4: Nicki Minaj has released several photo stills from the "Anaconda" music video which is set to feature Drake. 

The photos are as follows: 

For additional Nicki Minaj coverage, watch the following DX Daily:


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      Actually, Pinkmatic will be the next Nas album, a tribute to one of the best MCs of all time.
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