Diamond D "Diam Piece" Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

posted Thursday August 14 ,2014 at 07:00PM CDT | 61 comments

Diamond D

UPDATE: Diamond D reveals a new release date for "Diam Piece."

Legendary Diggin In The Crates producer Diamond D recently released the cover artwork and tracklist for his sixth solo studio album, Diam Piece. He also revealed the release date of the album via press release as August 26.

The album is composed of 19 tracks (including a bonus cut) and features numerous artists, both newer and older. Pharaohe Monch, Rapsody, Talib Kweli, Elzhi, Skyzoo, D.I.T.C. running mate A.G., The Pharcyde, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Kurupt and Fat Joe, among others all make appearances on the project.

D released the album's lead single "Rap Life" with accompanying video in late March of this year. He also released the album's trailer, which can be viewed here.

Diamond D is acclaimed for his work with D.I.T.C. and has been active in Hip Hop music for over two decades. In 1996, he won a Grammy for his production on The Fugees album, The Score. Diam Piece is D's first album release since 2008's The Huge Hefner Chronicles. He has released seven studio albums total with his first being 1992's Stunts, Blunts And Hip Hop.

The Diam Piece cover art and tracklist are as follows: 


1. Rap Life ft. Pharoahe Monch
2. Where's The Love ft. Talib Kweli, Elzhi, Skyzoo
3. It's Nothing ft. Fat Joe, Chi Ali, Freddie Foxxx
4. Only Way 2 Go ft. Pete Rock
5. Hard Days ft. The Pharcyde
6. I Ain't The One To Fuc Wit ft. Scram Jones
7. Pump Ya Brakes ft. Rapsody, Boog Brown, Stacy Epps
8. Take Em Off Da Map ft. Black Rob
9. We Are The People Of The World ft. Kurput, Tha Alkaholiks
10. Jose Feliciano
11. Handz Up ft. Hi-Tek
12. Pain ft. A.G., Chino XL
13. Vanity ft. Nottz
14. It's Magic ft. The Stepbrothers
15. The Game ft. Grand Daddy I.U.
16. Let The Music Talk ft. Kev Brown
17. Ace Of Diamonds ft. Masta Ace
18. 187 ft. Guilty Simpson, Ras Kass
19. Superman (Bonus Track) Produced By DJ Scratch

(July 13, 2014)

UPDATE: Diamond D's Diam Piece album is now slated for a September 30 release, according to a press release.

"Only Way 2 Go," a song from the album featuring Pete Rock, is available as follows:

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    I wish all old school artist would come back (Black Sheep, Lord Finesse, Big Daddy Kane etc) bc the generation now sound like sh!t & and they don't even care OR know it. Their only rebuttal is "that's dat ole nicca sh!t" like that's saying something.
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  • Mack
    That tracklist right there is gold. DJ Khaled, take notes.
  • Anonymous
    Hiphop for fans above 40 years old
    • Blaklex
      Or, hip hop for hip hop heads in general. Don't have to be above 40 to appreciate good music don't you think?
  • Anonymous
    wwow 1 full solo track or is that a skit?
  • Anonymous
    real hip hop right here
  • kemink
    First itune pre order ever
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  • Done
    So Forreal You Were Around In The 90's So I Take You're The 30-40 year old dancing to future in the club with tight leather on...Shame!!!Let the kids have their non sense trust me they're laughing at you bro!!!
  • Anonymous
    At least put some new cats like bishop nehru, joey badass on the LP
  • Anonymous
    respect due!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wu-block
    features look dope as fuck
  • Anonymous
    Finally! A real HIPHOP album worth buying and listening too. Thank you!
  • Roos1020
    Thank you D as we're about to get some Hiphop FINALLY...... BX where it was born.....
  • Divine1-2
    Dam Diamond, this tracklist is serious! Shows just how much love TRUE Hip-Hop receives.
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  • BX
    Fuck all of you "new" rappers that think your saying shit. All a bunch of BITERS that follow the leader. Diamond is a LEGEND and makes better music than ANYTHING out today and on your bullshit radio. Chiraq.....killing each other over nonsense has nothing to do with HIP HOP...
  • Anonymous
    Did this dumb nigga not sew Mac Miller for a mixtape sample? lol these niggas....
    • BX
      That would be Lord Finesse (DITC) and he won his case against that Wac Miller
    • rdcj
      Stick to what you know you ignorant pussy. Stay Anonymous you wannabe!
    • Anonymous
      White boy got OWNED the fuck up.
  • Anonymous
    OMG this nigga is 50 years or something, just retire. All those washup rappers horrible.
    • Anonymous
      You the type over on the young guru article cosigning its for everybody but you here practicing ageism
    • Anonymous
      Your comment is exactly why is must suck to be a rapper/mc/producer. The fact that people such as yourself think that hip hop is only relevant for young cats is dumb. You don't see a shelf life on any other genre of music except hip hop. If a person feels they can still contribute to the game, let them do so. If you don't like their music or production, don't listen and move on jackass
  • ditc
    this is seriously an all-star line up.. almost looks like a statik selektah album with all the features, but Diamond D got some top notch ones.
  • knightsheild718
    If he made an LP with all new artist over generic synth beats u haters would hate even more...lol,aint nothing wrong with fuckin with the artists u came up with in ur era....thats just being thoro to who u are.imma cop it #HIPHOPSHIT
  • jimjim
    this nigg been mia for a minute good to see him back lets see if that shit comes to the light
    • Anonymous
      producers always stay in the background. Diamond never left
  • Anonymous
    old ass nigga music, #CHIRAQ nigguz on top now.
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    • Anonymous
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      I would say Chicago rappers are some of the worst ever in the history of hip-hop music. Remember Crucial Conflict? And don't come at me with, "what about COMMON?" because Common is garbage too. Ain't no good music comin' out of Chicago. Chi ain't shit! It's just a bunch of low life petty criminals running around drug dealing and killing each other off. Keep it movin', ya homo.
    • Anonymous
      Lupe? Kanye? Twista?
  • IWTZ
    keen keeen keen
  • Anonymous
    This looks so dope
  • Anonymous
    Hey Paul Moron...Who is "Kurput" you fucking illiterate dumb ass
  • 354
    that tracklst looks pretty fuckin dope