Young Buck Details G-Unit Reunion, Says 50 Cent Has Group Working Hard

posted Thursday July 10 ,2014 at 10:00AM CDT | 37 comments

Young Buck Details G-Unit Reunion, Says 50 Cent Has Group Working Hard

Young Buck: "Man, that nigga 50 got a nigga slavin'."

As G-Unit prepares its upcoming album and mixtape, Young Buck has addressed how the G-Unit reunion makes him feel.

“It’s a good look,” Buck says on Whoolywood Shuffle. “First and foremost, it ain’t no bullshit where it's about a check. You know what I’m saying? From the very beginning, 50′s always been the big brother. You know, shit happens and that’s what happened.

"But real shit always makes yourself some kind of way," he adds. "Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes it do, but if it’s real, it’s always gonna be there and that’s what it was...We movin', my nigga. G-Unit, nigga. That’s what it’s been."

When discussing the group's musical output recently, Buck says: "Man, that nigga 50 got a nigga slavin'. You know how that nigga is. That nigga workin'." 

G-Unit reunited at Hot 97's Summer Jam 2014 following internal feuds. 

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Comments 37 Posts

  • Got Rich & Stopped Tryin'
    lol yea I'm sure he got your peasants working hard for him
  • rick
    And who the hell is current? Drake, Young Money, Nicki Minaj and Iggy??? Rap is dead, it died in Vegas and LA - its just noticeable now
  • Read More
    Young Buck- in the end- only looks soft. Still hangn on 50's nuts to get any kind of anything going. And when are we- as hip hop realists gonna acknowledge that 50 Cent... is basically over? He in the Ja Rule bracket now. D List. Time for a reality show, Curtis. and then go sit down next to Jim Jones, Cam, soldier boy, Nelly and any other delusional rapper that continues to think they are current but are yesterday's news in reality.
    • Anonymous
      Nelly made way more money than Buck ever did. He'll always be able to do something. Buck only works when 50 says so.
    • Anonymous
      d list? lol nigga plz 50 is a list without even putting out music
  • Anonymous
    Yeah. Got you slavin for peanuts lol
  • Anonymous
    Apparently 50 don't lie when he addresses the people around him. The only time he admitted being wrong was beefing wit FAT JOE.
    • Anonymous
      And Jadakiss
    • Anonymous
      nas too
  • ericakodonnell
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  • 901DATSME
    5hout out to that nigguh Buck
  • Ricky Rozay
    When we gon get the tape of this nigga cryin to his slavemaster bout not cuttin the check and helpin him keep his house. These niggas are nothin more then slaves to that monkey curtis who tryin to pull out all the stops cuz he know his career dead. That animal ambition went triple wood haha Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Lose weight.
    • fuck you
      if they are slaves to 50 then that means anyone signed to a label is a slave. g-unit records is independent so none of them are slaves. buck might be back in g-unit but he still owns his own record label. bucks even got a new album coming out and if its independent then that means he gets to keep all his own profit. rick ross might rob his artists but that doesn't mean 50 does the same.
    • Anonymous
      nigga dont you got wale and meek beefing to worry about? g-unit is all smiles getting to the paper.
  • Anonymous
    That new Buck song in the audio section is NICE!
  • Anonymous
    young buck is the reason i like g-unit
    • rivy
    • wolf
      you like anything with a dick you faggot now suck mines or give up some ass I wont be ruff it wont hurt booty boy what you say huh
  • jimjim
    glad bucks back with the crew now get your shit back together sell records make cake take care yo shit g unit
  • cloud sound.#9
    i heard DIPSET was hating on the Gunit .... dat nigga cam mad because dat nigga 50 richer than the whole Dipshit put together..or is it cus Get rich or die tryin sold more its first week than any Camron album put together period. Dat bum ass nigga Jimmy flat out hating on Yayo cus he will forever have mo bread than them niggas just off 50 affiliation..
    • Anonymous
      dipset aint hating just juelz. hes mad his friend got robbed on stage and held a press conference making his slowbucks x juelz santana collaboration worthless in the streets.
    • Anonymous
      lmao at anyone wearing juelz santana clothing in fuckin 2014
  • COCA
  • Anonymous
    remember when hhdx had the green layout? or the all black n white?
  • Anonymous
    Young buck: Man the Ninja 50's, got a Ninja working hard. this is now the replacement for nigga. everyone try it and rap along to your favorite songs and you'll see it works and is funny as shit.
  • diddy
    i thought they were just promoting the planet of the apes movie at summer jam,, wasnt buck working in kfc, yayo was getting welfare,,banks was doing craig david tirbute act,,50 was doing nothing LMAO it aint 2005
    • Buckshotz
      my nigga 50 said we aint ever going broke NIGGAH
    • Anonymous
      It ain't 1995 either, " Take that, take that, take that."
  • Anonymous
    Is it just me or did HHDX change their font? Hard to get used to this.
    • Anonymous
      same thing i just thought, i thought my laptop was fucked lol
    • Anonymous
      thats what i thought. good to know im not crazy.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah I thought my laptop was zoomed in more than it should have been
    • Anonymous
      they should change it back i dont see why they did this
  • Anonymous
    Buck was a nice rapper too, maybe he'll get it together and be Boss Nigga of chicken & waffles again
  • Azay
    • Anonymous
      At least Buck can admit he's a Slave and a Nigga, most folks trying to be a Boss and a Man.