Angie Martinez Reportedly Earning Double At Power 105.1 Compared To Hot 97

posted Sunday July 06 ,2014 at 05:00PM CDT | 28 comments

Angie Martinez Reportedly Earning Double At Power 105.1 Compared To Hot 97

According to Page Six, Angie Martinez is slated to make double the amount at 105.1 that she did at Hot 97.

Many may have found it strange radio host Angie Martinez resigned from Hot 97 after being at the station for 15 years. Even stranger, the Hip Hop radio pioneer decided to join forces with the station's biggest rival, New York's other Hip Hop/R&B network, Power 105.1. Now, things may be starting to make more sense as it has been reported that Martinez is slated to make double the amount of her Hot 97 salary at her new radio gig.

According to Page Six, Clear Channel, the company who owns Power 105.1, will pay the urban radio veteran a salary number in the “high six figures.”

Formerly co-hosting Hot 97’s “Afternoon Drive” broadcast with DJ Enuff, Martinez will be hosting two four-hour shows in both New York and Miami. She previously told The Breakfast Club her new job opportunity was about growth and new experiences, explaining: "It was time for me to grow and to do things... I’m sure you all know, this company offers so much opportunity for growth. I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges and see new things. I want to know how this studio works. And it was time. I’ve done what I can do in that company. I think my friendships remain."

Angie Martinez's first show is slated to air on the second or third week of July while Cipha Sounds has replaced Angie's slot at her former place of employ. She says many celebrities have reached out about her move. Wale reportedly wrote her a lengthy e-mail and Rihanna sent flowers.

For more on recent Hot 97 news, view the DX Daily Hot 97 Breakdown below: 

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  • asap
    8 hour shift, one hour for lunch...
    • Anonymous
      thats not so bad thats like every regular person in america that isnt on welfare
  • asap
    Working daily 10am to 2pm (Miami) than 3pm to 7 pm (New York)
  • asap
    Understandable, she's doing twice the work...therefore twice the money. From what I understand 10am to 3pm (Miami) than 3 to 7pm in(NY) everyday except the weekend.
  • Anonymous
    Who remembers when Nas was on Power 105 dissing the hell out of Angie and Flex for being Jay-Z dickriders? lol "Look at Flex man, look at his face." That was one of the best hiphop interviews ever. Now Angie is over there.
    • yep
      I do remember that. there was no youtube back in 2001 but I remember reading about it. I also remember how Angie Martinez set up a lunch or whatever with gay-z to talk about how butthurt Gay-z is over Ether. Hot97 stays dickridin Gay-z for $$$
  • Anonymous
    She knows Cold 97 is a sinking ship, it's that simple
  • Anonymous
    why would wale write her? i can only imagine what the email said.
    • Anonymous
      cause wale is one corny motherfucker
  • Anonymous
    Lol if that's true than Lukewarm 97 lost
    • Anonymous
      When did they ever win tho??? Lmao
  • bt
    • Anonymous
      she was there 27 years but she wasnt an official employee until 1996
    • a
      Cool but that is still not 15
  • Anonymous
    To many depressed drake listenin niggas on this board with no sense. smh back to sohh
  • Wash My Car
    Wack a$$ New York radio, talking about Jay, 50, Nas, and Puff. Rinse and repeat. Who cares.
    • Anonymous
      Lot of yall live in small markets your radio is doo-doo, listening to that clear channel programming that doesnt require on air personalities and djs So be prepared for angie's syndicated show in your town, youll get to hear more of her nas & jay stories, lmfao
  • HotZion97
    We are worth hundreds of Millions but we dont pay our employees shit! ~ Hot Zion 97 On a serious note, with her experience and her status, she should've BEEN making that money. Congrats
  • Anonymous
    guess chris tucker was right money talks
    • anonymous
      She shot hot 97 in the medulla ala-gata!
  • Anonymous
    Angie found out she got two holes to whore out. Ass and pussy. Her mouth gotta keep talking though cuz it's radio
    • Anonymous
      eat your moms pussy bitch
  • drankhouse
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  • Anonymous
    "She says many celebrities have reached out about her move. Wale reportedly wrote her a lengthy e-mail " SMH..... vagina man
    • Anonymous
      nigga if you aint written a length emotional email you aint lived. hoes crave that attention
    • lol
      Seriously, everybody is kissing her ass now. Wale wrote her a lengthy email for what nigga? wale sucks
    • Anonymous
      Fuck Wale's bitch ass!