Kanye West Gets Booed During Performance At Wireless Festival In London

posted Saturday July 05 ,2014 at 11:00AM CDT | 123 comments

Kanye West Gets Booed During Performance At Wireless Festival In London

Kanye West name-drops Louis Vuitton, Gucci Group, and Nike in a rant during his performance.

Taking to the Wireless Festival stage in London last night (July 4), Kanye West was noticeably booed during a 20-minute performance break in which the rapper launched into a familiar rant.

Following the rant, Kanye rattled off hits like “Mercy,” “All Of The Lights,” “Touch The Sky,” and “Blood On The Leaves.” Nonetheless, festival attendees apparently began leaving the performance and booing during the rant.

Video of the crowd reaction was posted on Vine.

“How many people wanna contribute something to the world?” he said. “I know ya’ll might have seen some of my interviews and see me on TV, but what I was saying the whole time is—I’m not particularly angry or anything like that—they taking the idea of celebrity and trying to make me seem like I’m stupid or something. You know, when I take these meetings and shit people will talk to you like you stupid or something...I’m not gonna call no names out, I’m not gonna mention Nike or nothing like that. I’m not gonna say no names or anything. But if you a creative and you wanna create and you just wanna create more this is exactly what I’ve been fighting for. So, if you hear me talking about Louis Vuitton or the Gucci Group or anything like that, I’m not dissing Louis Vuitton. I’m not dissing the Gucci Group and shit. I’m just saying don’t discriminate against me because I’m a Black man or because I’m a celebrity and tell me I can’t create. You know damn well no Black guys or celebrities making Louis Vuitton nothing. They let Pharrell make those glasses, and we liked’em right? They let me make those shoes and we liked’em right? They said, ‘No, no, no nigga. Not no more. That’s too much.’”

"That's why I got this fucking mask on," he later said. "I ain't worried about saving face. Fuck my face. That sounded wrong. Pause. They finally got a headline. But fuck whatever my face is supposed to mean and fuck whatever the name Kanye is supposed to mean, it's about my dreams." 

Footage of the rant itself was uploaded by Link Up TV.

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  • Anonymous
    These fags up on here are too emotional. What the fuck is latin white dick? Fuck outta here, that homo
  • Fuck England!
    Fuck England!! The American revolution has been over for a long time get over it ya pale crooked teeth snooty ugly uppity fucks!!! Lol kanye kept it real HHDX tainted the article
  • g
    fuck is wrong yaw smhhhhhhhhh kanye is raw
  • Anonymous
    Do like Prince did way back, change your name, guarantee it will get more attention than all those fucking tired 'I'm a slave yet I;m a millionaire trying to sound white (white girl accent/bad grammar) but get mad when they reject me shit'. p.s to all dickriders/ye apologists: I'm not rich ( in terms of money) but I am not struggling( in terms of money/ being a black man), so save your fruity comments.
    • Anonymous
      exactly what a broke nigga would say. commenting on a grown man's grammar. fuck outta here. he's 100 million dollars removed from kindergarten. can you stop now please? stop sucking the dick of latin ivory tower supremacists.
    • Anonymous
      language is about conveying an idea. not about elitism on how you speak. that's what white people want you to do is argue all day over this BS instead of chasing paper. did you know all the english swear words were originally anglo saxon terms for stuff, and the scientific word was the french? why you think sappy white ppl mix in french quotes all the time. nothing but classism. exactly what slavery is built on
    • Anonymous
      Aint nobody making you watch & listen , lol why he gotta change for you? F#ck off ya weirdo
    • Anonymous
      Dumb ass # 1, did you watch dude's interviews from last year, money using a white valley girl accent, oh, I get it you became a fan when dude wore a skirt, excuse me kilt. Yeah, we do check grown black men when they sound like white chicks or their grammar skills is retard level. Latin Ivory? Go check what Latin means and that homo fuckery is a trait of your forebears, the Original black man doesn't deal with that Battybwoy shit. Dumb ass # 2 Slavery was mostly about 'economics;, your ancestors used the race angle to justify their actions, just like they use 'grand blanc and 'petit blanc' as a means of establishing 'classicism"; What period of French history are you referring to when you say 'science'? l'Age de la raison or l'Age de la lumiere? I believe you meant 'legal' since Royalties on both sides of the Channel intermarried, fought etc... and remember one of the longest European dynasties was the Plantagenet's and guess what they wrote or were instrumental in law making in England. To paraphrase the Teacher we, black folks, don't all 'eat chicken and watermelon, talk broken and drug sellin'
  • Anonymous
    Bet his gay ass yeezys will come with the front bottoms ripped so they can rant while you walk
    • Anonymous
      seen this joke 8 months ago on this very site. nobody laugh
  • Wireless
    Funnily enough he then repeated this action on Saturday, except he ranted for even longer. I left 15 minutes into the rant and know it was going for at least another 20 minutes after that. Most people had in fact left early
    • Anonymous
      i heard he stopped his set and played 3 drake songs and got the crowd to sing along, like wtf
  • Anonymous
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  • BadJet!
    "Thats why I got this mask on. Cause I aint worried about saving face. FUCK MY FACE!-that sounded wrong....pause." That part had me in tears.
    • Gay Ass Nicca
      Me too. It sounded so perfect...
  • Anonymous
    Clown should have been like I smack(ed) 'em when they say 'nigga', fuck your shoes, your glasses, then we would applaud you. Fuck outta here.
  • tdeuce26
    Nobody esp the people in his crowds cares or wants to hear about his rich man problems. We can not relate and no matter how much he talks about it we still wont, and the majority of the world would love to be in his shoes and would not have one complaint about it. So just perform and shut up!
  • G
    I was at the gig, love Ye, but I've seen him several times and he has ranted more than not at these gigs. Sometimes you just want him to stick to the fans, when were paying loads of hard earned money to watch him perform, and he keeps it completely about him, I thought he had grown as a person since having a child, it seems he just wants to keep his ego and celebrity at a high, didn't even say thanks to the fans when he finished. Was disappointing from him, besides that he smashed the concert.
    • C
      I was there as well and I agree with what you have said. Despite the rant his performance was amazing. There's a time and place for things like of that nature and friday night was not one of them.
    • Anonymous
      Fans are spoiled. I'd rather listen to this guy rant than half of the morons out there who dont even have a stage performance set up and scream and grab their nuts for 2 hours over songs with the lyrics on them. Bunch of whiny ass peasants always crying about something.
  • Anonymous
    everyone is sick of your crying aka rants kanye
    Kanye West is da most garbage rapper ever. ya feel me? he copy otha rappers style and beats!!! ... what an asshole douchbag. dis nigga copied Lil Wayne numerous times... fuck Kangay West!!! The College Registration: wack! Late Dropout: wack! My Beautiful Graduation: wack! 808s & Dark Fantasies: wack! Twisted Heartbreak: wack!
    • STONER
      Air Yeezy: wack
    • Anonymous
      I don't like Kanye anymore since he turned his back on hip hop. But lil Wayne is the worst popular rapper I have ever heard. Seriously. The south has ruined hip hop. The south needs scarface and outkast back.
    • Anonymous
      u forgot yeezus stoner
    • Sam Snead
      His first 2 albums were dope and were hip hop, The stuff he did as a producer up until about that point were as well. Graduation was when it went all out pop for him and since then its more of the same. MBDTF was decent but overrated and the others I failed to mention are just blah. I agree Lil Wayne was the worst of rappers to become extremely popular. Kanye was the best of the really popular rappers of the worst era of rap. He makes great beats with great samples and knows how to arrange a song and and an album very well. Lyrics wise he is usually just average though
  • Anonymous
    Fuck kanye
  • Anonymous
    It's disheartening for some people, go global receive all this love and forget they're black, and still find they have to sip on that same cup of tea as the masses!
    Fuck Kayne West , All you STANS from KTT ! Fuck all ya!!
  • Anonymous
    Every time I read some shitty headline like this DX.. I get a little bit more urged to never visit this site again. Negativity breeds negativity, we need to enlighten ourselves, listen to Ye! Anyway.. yo, what's a better hiphop site than this trash y'all? Used to be Allhiphop TRASH, now it used to be DX TRASH. What's next? Hopefully no trash. peace.
    • Anonymous
      Go to WSHH
  • Tea
    Funny thing is the 'rant' was about empowering yourself and not letting anybody or anything belittle you or stop you from dreaming big. HiphopDX did the exact thing he said the media were gonna do. Chop and screw the performance and things said and scrutinise it. I respect him, he may be wrong with some things he says and does but atleast he has the balls to say shit. HiphopDX has lost all of my ratings for this article. Just wanted to come at Kanye it seems, like most of these blog sites, since negativity sells and you guys are feeding it. Jay Balfour you're a hater, a sideman for writing an article based ona instagram video and a prick for not mentioning anything positive. On that note, I hope you have a bad day, you poisonous scumbag
    • Anonymous
      Gotta cosign this
  • sergiz
    crazy how he decided to take it somewhere that most cant follow. keep up or it will go over your head for sure