Lupe Fiasco Discusses "Kick, Push" Backlash, How Lil Wayne Benefited From Song

posted Wednesday July 02 ,2014 at 06:50PM CDT | 39 comments

Lupe Fiasco Discusses

Lupe Fiasco also explains why he will likely feature 11 songs on his forthcoming "Tetsuo & Youth" album.

Even though “Kick, Push” helped make Lupe Fiasco a national artist upon its release in 2006, the Chicago rapper says that the song was not embraced by all of the skateboarding community upon its release. 

“There was some very insecure skaters, Tony Hawk not being one of them, fortunately, who just felt like I was trying to encroach on their territory when I really did the song as a tribute for a skate shop,” Lupe Fiasco says during an interview with Skee Live. "It was never 'posed to be a single, never meant to be a single. It was for a skate shop called Uprise for a skate DVD and then it just took a life of its own…But when you’re the first through the wall, you always get a little bloody. Then it paves the way for the Lil Wayne’s and the other people to kind of come in and capitalize on the culture even 10 times more than I did. From there all the way up until now, I always try and make things that I’m personally attached to, that have a personal vibration with me that I feel are real and honest and wherever that takes me. So whether that’s skateboarding or having a grandmother that passed away from cancer and homies that are fighting it right now to make a song like ‘Mission,’ it’s all in the same boat.” 

As he decides on the material that will be included on his forthcoming Tetsuo & Youth album, Lupe Fiasco says he is looking at some of the process from a business perspective. 

“I only get paid for 11 records,” he says. "There’s a cap on your royalties where you only get paid, the record label only pays you for 11 records and in my position, anything over 11 records is not just free, like, ‘Oh, you’re just doing extra joints.’ It actually pulls money out of my royalties. So, every time I do like The Cool, you do 19 records, you’re getting banged. That’s why [Nas’] Illmatic only has like 10 songs because back in the day it’s like, ‘You’re only paying me what? OK. Then I’m only giving you this.’”

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Comments 39 Posts

  • Anonymous
    this nigga lost his mind Next
  • fuccya
    You know he aint much of a dope rapper when people compare the mothafucka to "legends" like kendrick and wayne, lol, embarassing.
  • dthag30
    Real talk
  • dthag30
    Lipe is OK at best....He talks all this shit but I from Chicago that nigga ain't did shit for the city but grow dreds to look like the say people he says he was afraid of. Talk about wayne but him and birdman give back to the hood
    • ETK
      Shut your ass up. Lupe gave back to Chicago dozens of times, never discredit him on that shit. You were probably sucking on old man dick while Lupe was doing his thing. Fucknigga
    • Because The Internet
      I agree with the ETK.
  • Anonymous
    Lupe Fiasco is our hero and savior
    • Nah
      Probably in the mid-00's. His ship has sailed. Kendrick is top dawg right now.
  • Dominique
    Wayne (first of all) was a PLATINUM selling artist WAyyyy before you even knew who LUPE was.
    • kato5209
      Ok ummm...where is u getting at by saying this?!
    • Anonymous
      He's talking about the skateboarding you stupid fucking tit
    • Anonymus
      Lil Wayne fans are illiterate and you proved it.
    • Anonymous
      when Lupe was on his white boy skater shit weezy was kissing birdman, claiming to be a blood and probably high out of his mind on syrup
  • Anonymous
    so he's gonna put only 11 songs on the album. lame
    • Anonymous
      11 good songs is better than 19 songs including a bunch of mediocre fillers.
    • Anon
      Quality > quantity
  • sean
    lost me at: First time he got on it he slipped;Landed on his hip and bust his lip ...How can you land on your hip and bust your lip? Answer me that...
    • tony
      easy... hip first, lip second..
  • Anonymous
    Why is this dude still signed to a record label? Independent artists are making a ton of money without the middle man and this dude's been complaining about being signed for almost a decade now.
    • Anonymous
      It's called a contract, some labels make you put out a certain amount of albums for them before you're released.
  • dentaldamboy
    Lupe looks like Whoopi Goldberg, and that's unacceptable. Furthermore, I remember one time he had the nerve to criticize certain members of the YMCMB MMG empire for putting out music which was morally destructive. Then some of Ricky Rozay's soldiers got to Lupe and next thing you know he jumped on a track with Ross and Wale and even waived the fee. These same soldiers have already beheaded Trick Trick's son and have fed the body and the head to exotic animal which are in Ross' private zoo in his Georgia estate. YMCMB MMG OVO is an unstoppable empire.
    • Anonymous
      I hope your first born gets Leukemia and dies.
    • Anonymous
      You gotta love how catoonish dentalbitch's trolling is.
  • Thrashtastic
    Listen to this fuckboy trying to go back and defend his self for being a poser now that there's an even bigger poser in the rap game. FOH.
    • RMS13
      Or maybe you guys just sort of reacted the same way the internet does when someone uses a "meme". You get butthurt and act like it's insincere because it's not yours anymore.
    • Negro Ketchum
      Listen to this fuckboy tryna sound tough online. Get yo ass outta here my nigga. Step 1. Get Money...Step 2. Repeat step one...bitch ass nigga.
    • Anonymous
      Fuck you nigga that song is deep than skateboarding, have you even listened to the lyrics outside of the hook? He's telling a story about a young skateboarder growing up now bragging about how good he is at it. Go choke on a dick hoe ass nigga.
    • Anonymous
      Lupe skated at skateparks when he was a teen
  • Anonymous
    Lupe, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, all posers that can't skate. Rappers who can actually skate are Fashawn, Yelawolf, Hopsin, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Murs
    • Anonymous
      I've seen clips of Tyler skating and aside from an ollie and maybe a heelfip he can't skate worth a damn. He just hangs out around a bunch of people that can skate.
    • Anonymous
      Ur crazy! Lil Wayne can do wheelies all over the place on a skateboard.
    • Anonymous
      lol wheelies... its called a manual and thats the most basic move you can do. and yeah i know tyler isnt very good but he loves and appreciates the culture and doesnt exploit it like wayne
  • Anonymous
    lil wayne is way worse. he had a highly publicized skate park grand opening in New Orleans that made all the news then a few months later he completely abandoned it and its being close because they have no money, they only need like 50k to keep it open but wayne doesn't really care.
  • Anonymous
    Niggas proud of being American. Shit like this makes me miss the early 90's, when afrocentricity was popping and niggas wouldn't dare flash this ugly ass flag
    • Yo
      Yo, you even listen to Lupe? His lyrics are straight out the 90s. He rocks the flag to mock America. This dude one of the only rappers out there that even dared to say bad stuff about Obama. Chill out
    Lupe need to get Wayne name out of his mouth
    • Yo
      Wayne is trash...Lupe is killin wayne lyrically. Wayne hasnt been good since he lost his ghost writer. You need to get Wayne's dick out ya ass my nigga
    • Stahp
      @Yo: You said dumb, 1. IF Wayne even had a ghost writer it was only for Tha Carter which wasn't his best album. Tha Carter 2 was, and the ample amount of mixtapes that came along with it and after. So, you should get Wayne's and Lupe's penis out of your mouth. kthnx
  • Anonymous