Eminem's Busta Rhymes Collaboration "Calm Down" Release Date, Cover Art & Stream Link

posted Monday June 30 ,2014 at 09:15AM CDT | 205 comments

Eminem's Busta Rhymes Collaboration

UPDATE #2: Busta Rhymes' Eminem collaboration "Calm Down" is released.

Busta Rhymes has announced the release date for "Calm Down," his collaboration with Eminem.

The song is set to be released July 1, according to an announcement that was made on Twitter. 


Busta Rhymes made this announcement today (June 27). 

In September 2013, Rhymes spoke on a collaboration with Eminem.

“I’ve got a six-minute record with Eminem that sounds like we are respectfully trying to battle each other in a way that you probably never heard us battle in our entire careers on a record.” Busta Rhymes said in an interview with XXL. “So it’s lot of real incredibly golden moments for us on this project.”

It is unclear if the song he was referring to in 2013 is "Calm Down." 

(June 27, 2014)

UPDATE: The cover art of Busta Rhymes' "Calm Down" has been released. It is as follows:

(June 27, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Busta Rhymes' "Calm Down," which features Eminem, has been released.

On the song, Eminem tackles various subjects, including Internet bloggers. 

"Fucking internet bloggers," Eminem raps on the track, before launching into an immitation voice. "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on everything. I'm an expert on everything. Everything sucks."

Busta Rhymes also goes through a myriad of topics on his verse, letting fans know: "See, me and Shady together we’re crazy."

The song can be heard via HipHopDX's media section. To hear it, click here

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  • Michael
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  • mpchooligan
    The lyrics are not bad. Busta and Eminem do a great job, but the beat sucks. It sounds like some lame ass mixtape shit. They should have got Nottz to make the beat.
  • yeahboard
    I made a soundboard app with several hip-hop artists, got busta on there, Jay, 50, and a bunch more, it's free, and you can annoy the shit out of people. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yeahboard.blakeit
  • Anonymous
    immitation voice. "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on everything. I'm an expert on everything. Everything sucks."
    • Anonymous
      Wow, you must have been like the 15th person to quote that stupid fucking line.
    • Anonymous
      Whiteboys mad their hero yet again disses their lame asses
    • Sure love being White
      Blackboys mad cause they aren't white
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  • Anonymous
    lmao niggas out here sayin "oooh em murked busta on his own shit" like no shit sherlock busta ain't even some super lyrical type of dude it's not like it's hard to outrap him anyway and he still had a great verse at the end of the day so fuck outta here
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    • Anonymous
      um, okay...
    • Fact
      You so pussy that you studied and recorded stats about music fans instead being out there talking to the fans, lol You checking the list seeing if you fit in, yall a bunch of weirdcass dudes
  • Anonymous
    "He actually released one through google" You mean that one with the dragon cover?
  • Anonymous
    all the hype and we get this..i honestly think its the beat that fucks this song up. the lyrics and verses r straight but the beat is terrible.
    • Anonymous
      I knew i would be dissapointed. The song sucks. I agree on the beat. Busta hyping this crap and we get this piece of trash song
    • Anonymous
      Yup, it's not very good at all
  • Anonymous
    em gets his due and repect as an mc so even if you're not a fan or a 90s erra hip hop fanatic you should respect what eminem has been able to do during the last decade or so.
    • Anonymous
      whatever makes you feel better
  • Anonymous
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    • Anonymous
      neither is integrity...
  • Anonymous
    Black rappers suck. Top 5 rappers of all time: Eminem Slim Shady Marshall Mathers B-Rabbit The White guy from D12
    • #BARZ
      also, the white guy from The Wash.
    • ....
  • Gary
    Busta Rhymes looking Booker T, "Now can you dig that SUCKA!" A little messed up though how it looks like Em is about to whoop his ass in the comic. Someone deliberately did that. Just saying...
  • Anonymous
    Busta needs to get an album released.
    • Anonymous
      He actually released one through google.
    • Anonymous
      ^ He released it 'through google'. wow, just wow... You can search for it on yahoo, bing and a bunch of other search engines as well; I guess that means he released it through every search engine online. It's 2014 man, you should know more about the internet.
    • Lil Meatball
      "He actually released one through google" ...LMAO! IM DEAD INSIDE RIGHT NOW
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    bust does rape his intoxicated fans we heard lol
  • Anonymous
    Busta = Worst Gay Rapper
  • Anonymous
    Drake is a star, my butthole puckers at the thought of his lil white weenie.
  • zxc
    "Fucking internet bloggers "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on Everything, I'm an expert on everything, everything sucks, play the next song" Guess if I hopped out your freaking laptop, you idiot prick With Biggie and kicked the living shit out of you, I'd be dead wrong" - Eminem
    • Anonymous
      Em been sh1tting on his fans for years about their f#ckboy antics, they convieniently forget those lines
    • BP
      Eminem ethered these fuckniggas
    • Anonymous
      "I suck dick" -zxc
  • Anonymous
    Busta murdered eminem 10 times over. YMCMB wins again.
    • Anonymous
      YMCMB dot win shit no real hiphop head cares that he is even with these clowns
    • Anonymous
      Please. Eminem slaughtered Busta again.
    • Anonymous
      Don't feed the trolls!
  • Anonymous
    Mr.SHady killed it #Respec busta & shady
    • D
      Dope song love how they would put as a battle challenge lol. Hip-Hop in it's purest form, Competitive! Vets going at it.