Rick Ross Run Out Of Detroit's Summer Jamz Concert By Over 100 People

posted Sunday June 22 ,2014 at 03:00PM CDT | 364 comments

Rick Ross Run Out Of Detroit's Summer Jamz Concert By Over 100 People

Rick Ross was reportedly denied entry by more than 100 people outside of HOT 107.5's Summer Jamz concert.

Rick Ross was slated to headline HOT 107.5′s Summer Jamz Concert Saturday night in Detroit but didn't reportedly due to a mob of over 100 people blocking his entry.

The controversy between the Maybach Music Group headman and Detroit may have something to do with a song released by Motown native Trick Trick, who released a song called "No Fly Zone," featuring Royce Da 5'9." The single's main message calls for a ban of any artist who doesn't collaborate with artists native to The D.

The plan succeeded as Ross did not perform as scheduled. HOT 107.5's program director, Jay Hicks, subsequently explained his absence to the crowd.

“I'm going to be real with y'all; I'm going to be real as fuck. We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight," Hicks said. "At about 11 o’clock, when he was pulling up to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. We have tried to pull every resource together and asked him to come back. He is in fear of his life.”

The program director would go on to say that Rick Ross may never come back to Detroit because of the actions of the city and reiterated that Ross was in fear for his life.

"And he may never come back to Detroit, and that's no bullshit," Hicks said. "This is some real shit. He was in fear of his life and he is not performing here tonight."

According to MLive.com, a spokeswoman for a company working with the city-owned park where the show was held said the venue did all they could to ensure safety inside during the show. Detroit Police Sargent Eren Stephens also told the Michigan-based publication she was unaware of any arrests that took place in or outside Chene Park on Saturday night involved with the scheduled concert.

Rick Ross later posted a tweet about the controversy calling it a "peace protest" and that there were "locked gates" blocking his entry. Saturday's lineup also included A$AP Ferg, Rico Love, Sevyn Streeter, B.o.B, and Scarface, among others.

View Rick Ross' tweet below along with pictures and a video recap of the show including the announcement of Rick Ross' absence: 

Pictures via Samuel Trotter (@samueltrotter)

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  • Anonymous
    "Ross ain't no superstar and he sure ain't got more money than the city" What's your definition of a superstar then? lol All that hate must drain you.
    • Anonymous
      s superstar is internationally known ross don't move units outside of the u.s. that's why he never went plat
  • Because The Internet
    Pictures or it didn't happen.
    • Anonymous
      theres video, Ross was hiding in the buss though.
  • AJ
    DeepHouseNation: Youtube user "Just what Detroit needs during the bankruptcy, failing economy, school closings and homicides, .... a no fly zone. That's right folks, if you are thinking of having an event in Detroit which would generate tax revenue and job opportunities, please look elsewhere's to the surrounding suburban areas. You will be welcome there. They are much safer, fewer violent thugs and you don't have to pay extortion fees to the men in this video. And you ni**ers actually support this mess?" Couldn't have said it better myself
  • Jesus.. really
    Trick Trick is fucking terrible
  • Ken Settle Photos
    I call BS. There are 100 to 150 people in a mob in the backstage area of Chene Park, and NOT ONE person got a cell phone pic or video of it? There are security cameras backstage and at the backstage entrances to Chene Park, yet no one has shown security video of this blockade? The Detroit Police patrol the adjacent parking lot, driveway that leads to backstage, and Chene Park itself, yet an unruly mob of 100 to 150 people assembled and threatened an artist right out of the city? I call BS. This is nothing more than rap-biz stagecraft. If one person can come up with video or a cell pic of this mob, I'll admit I'm wrong. If not, all I can say is, don't buy into the nonsense.
    • Anonymous
      theres video dumb ass it shows the cops standing in front of the mob and they zoom in on trick trick speaking with the police.. ross was too scared to get out so they turned around.
  • SleepWithTheFishes
    Fuck Rick Ross and MMG. Meek Mill is the only thing keeping that wack ass group together and I bet by the end of the year 50 signs him to G-unit.
  • Anonymous
    I just bought every Trick Trick song on Itunes. This music is fucking horrible but I gotta support this movement. Ross has been getting a pass for way too long.
  • Anonymous
    "who needs an arsenal when you can handles these rap clowns with the goonies. just ask gunplay and slowbucks" So you admit 50 hides behind his goons. When is he going to man up and step to a foe himself? And I'm not talking about Steve Stoute lol
    • Anonymous
      we all saw him throwing down with gunplay just like when gunplay jumped dj vlad with a crew. bosses dont throw down fool they keep their hands clean unless its real personal.
  • Anonymous
    I assume Trick Trick makes dogshit music and has to resort to extortion tactics to get put on in Detroit. Shame considering there's much better artists around to rep that city
    • shadam
      lol i assume your a bitch and that if i spit in your face youll shit your pants. see anybody can talk reckless over the net for no reason and if youve heard the song there talking about it shits all over everything mmgs ever made so
  • Anonymous
    "Mannn yall are some dumb muthaphuckas rick ross is on the no fly zone list because he dont fuck with nobody in detroit on no kinda level that's what the no fly zone is if you dont fuck with us for real then you can't make money here flat out. I guess yall quick to forget the last time ross was here he hoed the whole city when he showed up 15 mins before the venue closed did 2 songs and left, that's why he on the no fly zone, ain't got shit to do with no money to trick trick" Rock on with that logic and see how far your city will go.
  • Top 10 Realest Niggas in the rap game
    1)Gucci Mane 2)Big Guwop 3) Our Lord and saviour gucci christ 4) The trap god 5) Emperor Gucci 6) Gucci Mane La Flaire 7) The Real nigga Blue print 8) Mayne Gucci 9) The General of all Real niggas 10) Lord Woop
    • Anonymous
      11) Gupwoptimus Prime The Trapformer
    • Anonymous
      12) icecream gucci
  • No Dumb Nigga Zone
    I swear this rap shit gets stupider every day. Our future generations are fuckin doomed if rap stays on course. A bunch of grown ass men acting like bitches and kids.
  • Anonymous
    no body can fuck with the Untouchable Maybach Music Empire cause they dont get outta the bus unless the police made it nice and safe for them LOL
  • Anonymous
    "Ross thinks he lives the life he raps about." Obviously he doesn't if he's being smart and decides to get out.
  • Wow
    Who wants to goto shitty Detroit anyway...no wonder it's a shithole, they let gangsters decide who comes in and makes the city money. What is this the mob of the 50's...Fake ass or not, Ross drew a lot of people and money to that venue and they got fucked becuz the city let some gangster call the shots. You wanna police the little hphop clubs and up and coming rappers go ahead, that's street shit anyway. But Ross is a superstar that probably has a bigger bank account than Detroit itself, and now you've alienated him from your city becuz the drug dealers don't cosign him. No wonder they're bankrupt over there...and I'm not even a Ross fan
    • Anonymous
      You're joking, right? Because all of that is a lie. Ross didn't draw anyone or any money to the venue. Ross ain't no superstar and he sure ain't got more money than the city.
    • Anonymous
      fact is Ross brought this all on himself. this would never happen to anyone else but the corniest and the fakest.
    • Anonymous
      Charging people money and then taking it out of the state is not making the city any money at all. It's not like it was a huge event that lasted a couple of weeks like the Dream Cruise does. Maybe a few people have a job for say a week paying crumbs and then they are right back out there looking for another job afterwards. It's funny how no one notices that higher selling artist performed with no issues but this fraud of an individual shows up portraying a drug kingpin and couldn't even make it to the stage. Welcome to tha D
    • Anonymous
      @2nd anon: Apparently it happened to Styles P too, so I wouldn't be in a hurry to take Trick Trick's side with this BS
    • Anonymous
      it happened to Styles because like Ross he thought he was too G to check in. difference is Styles actually is a G and Ross just pretends.
    • Anonymous
      The worst way for the city's residents to lose money, by investing it in shows for rich rappers.
  • Anonymous
    Titty man said he was war ready but his whole team was shook. LMAO.
  • Anonymous
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  • D
    "Only so long fake thugs can pretend"
  • M
    eh I don't even think this is legit. why would he be "in fear of his life" by 100 people blocking his entrance? And how would they even know if Rick Ross was coming through? All he would need is a car with window tint
    • Anonymous
      theres videos bruh. who wouldn't be afraid of 100 people standing there ready to fuck you up if you tried to go in to play.
  • Anonymous
    Trick Trick knows he's a fake ass nigga Jeezy, Boosie, 50 can all go to Detroit and perform
  • Anonymous
    Take a look at the scoreboard is he still winning, can't even perform at Detroit because the OG's don't fuck with him