Jadakiss & Styles P Open Juice Bar In Yonkers

posted Friday June 20 ,2014 at 01:00PM CDT | 27 comments

Jadakiss & Styles P Open Juice Bar In Yonkers

Jadakiss says "violene and juice don't go together," while Styles P says "it takes a village to raise a kid."

Jadakiss and Styles P have opened a juice bar in Yonkers, New York. 

“We want to bring unity to the youth who are engaging in all of this nonsense,” Jadakiss says, according to Yonkers Daily Voice. “Here, you pretty much know everybody. As I said before, 'Love Is Love' is our slogan. We don’t tolerate no violence. We’re going to try to settle them down, give them a juice, and help them rectify whatever differences they’re going through, because violence and juice don’t go together." 

Styles P, who opened his own juice bar, Juices For Life, in 2011, also commented on the new bar's opening. 

"It takes a village, they say, to raise a kid," Styles says. "So, it’s up to all of us as a community to make sure we do that. We’re from here. We care about the town. We care about this place. This is the place that made us big."  

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Comments 27 Posts

  • Anonymous
    But in Yonkers??? LMAO you can forget it, I ain't going to that warzone
  • Anonymous
    they dont condone violence but hers a few bars from their latest song And I come from a block where they clap back You don't want another hole in your snapback I got a big ass gun in my backpack Rob niggas, let it ring Rat-a-tat-tat
  • iLL
    "Violence and juice don't go together" LMFAO!! Greatest quote ever
  • jimjim
    doing something with that money respect do
  • lox till death
    D-BLOCK hardest crew ever
    • Anonymous
      no disrespect cause i think theyre dope too.....but the hardest is Onyx then MOP before LOX (D-Block)
    • gun work official
      dunno bout onyx but id definitely have MOP up there wit hardest crews around, I heard bout the lox putting in serious work over the years sheek would fuck up most rap niggas on his own he got serious fighting skills n styles p is a known shooter n hawker round neperhan plus they some the best mc's I ever heard
    • Anonymous
      Styles took a big L in Detroit I think it was served up by Trick Trick if I recall.
    • slap a cat easy
      yea I heard bout that one might of been a rumour might of happened but shit anyone can catch a beatdown lol. styles said himself on the combat jack show how he got the shit beat out him in a club when he was 19 by sum NY niggas with bats n stuff u aint gotta have 0 losses on ur record to be a gangster or whatever
    • Anonymous
      true Styles is a real one for sure.
    • Anonymous
      Real talk son, I seen M.O.P. get it poppin at some puerto rican cats down here in bushwick back in 1996, over some brownsville girl getting raped here. Shit happened in broad ass daylight, bushwick niggas took the L that day
  • Anonymous
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  • Nicholas Rogers
    Yonkers, the ghetto of the ghettos
    • mp44
      its a real grimey place even white guy said bout things happening in that nepperhan avenue area the lox only crew real enough to open a business in that area without being extorted robbed n shit
    • Location Is EVERYTHING
      First, let's see how those first year numbers turn out.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    ROFL, does HipHopDX higher middle school drop-outs to write their articles?
    • Anonymous
      why are you looking for a job? maybe they can "higher" you too.. LOL
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    "We dont tolerate no violence." Oh word? I would never be able to tell that from all of their lyrics which focus mostly on violence, drugs, crime, etc..
    • Anonymous
      I don't see you at every single tv channel and movie studio that records a gun scene either so stfu they're opening a juice bar in the hood not another crack spot, take the dick out yo ass and beg your god for forgiveness porridge face
    • Anonymous
      the juice bar is just to clean the crack spot money. no one making money selling juice with grass in it.
  • Anonymous
    "We dont tolerate no violence. Were going to try to settle them down, give them a juice, and help them rectify whatever differences theyre going through, because violence and juice dont go together." Why didn't someone think of this before? Just give all the bloods and crips and other street gangs a glass of juice and tell them to chill LMAO.
    • DefBoy3
      Co-Sign. . .That was funny as shit
    • Haha
      that Kool-Aid got niggaz all turnt up on sugar, gotta give them the all natural juices