Game Calls Kevin Durant "Sore Loser"

posted Wednesday June 11 ,2014 at 01:44PM CDT | 18 comments

Game Calls Kevin Durant

Game says Kevin Durant agreed to the bet and that James Harden and Drake were among the witnesses.

Following comments made by Kevin Durant saying Game lied about their $20,000 bet, the rapper has responded with a message for the NBA's 2013-2014 season MVP. 

"Now why @easymoneysniper frontin on the kids homie ?!?!?!? We clearly said..... "If I made the 3 from NBA range you'd supply the entire @froggallstars program with brand new Kevin Durant shoes"...... 120 kids, close to $200 a shoe equals about $20,000..... How am I lying ???? Just say you a sore loser & you ain't wanna help the kids.... It ain't that they need it cause I bought all 120 kids Lebrons out my own pocket as you can see on their Instagram.. But I thought it would be kool for them to meet you & be able to ball in your shoes especially since they look up to you & I made the shot as WE AGREED... @champagnepapi was right there, so was @jharden13 @trim_skit & @Demar_Derozan But don't sweat it champ, we'll still support you & I'll go buy them myself just cause they mean that much to me..... 1 love - The Game #FroggAllstars #NikeBasketball #iGotTheKids #itsTooHardForSomePeopleToKeepIt100 #MyOldestSonsFavoritePlayer #WhyWouldILieAboutSomethingThatsForTheKids #WhatDidiHaveToGain #PeopleHeardWhatWasSaid #AintImportantTho #NoLoveLost #illTellThemTheShoesCameFromYouAnyway #TheyWontKnowTheDifference #SadThingIsTheyreYourShoesAndItWouldntveCostYouADimeToGetThemForTheKids @TMZ," he said. 

Game previously said Durant lost a $20,000 bet and that the Oklahoma City Thunder star would have to pay through charitable funding for Game's youth basketball league

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Game has TMZ on speed dial this nigga on there like every week gossipin
  • T
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  • 40glocc
    #thegame #butterflytatoo #Stripper #Bipolar #Compulsiveliar #Fag #Bloodmoney #Namedropper
    • Harry Bahls
      This ain't twittter. #Dumbass
  • ice
    what's good with all the hash tags? #notgangsta
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    dudes a little bitch
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    again with the excessive hashtags this nigga is such a lame. i believe durrant over this guy any day, its not like 20k is shit to Kevin, its way more money to Jayceon who i heard can't pay the rent and has to have garage sales.
    • Anonymous
      ^^ He still has more money than you will earn in your lifetime loser.
    • Anonymous
      so hes a lame with money, lol
  • kenosis ralte
    much hashtag .. much love , many kids .. very game .. very necessary ... damn gangsta ...
  • Anonymous
    game should stay away from social media, all he does is make a fool of himself.
  • POPE
    He's not a champ Game lol
  • Anonymous
    3 articles on this today? Is it that slow today?