Andre 3000 Says He's Recording New Material

posted Tuesday June 10 ,2014 at 01:00PM CDT | 16 comments

Andre 3000 Says He's Recording New Material

Andre 3000 discussed making a new round of material.

Andre 3000 says that he is working on new music, according

The story says that the OutKast rapper is working on new music and that he is in no rush to release it, statements he reportedly made while attending the 2014 Governors Ball Festival in New York City Saturday (June 7).

In June 2013, CeeLo Green spoke about his hopes for Andre 3000 following the passing of the OutKast rapper's mother last year.

"I'm hoping this really makes him angry enough to be artful again," CeeLo told HipHopDX at the time. "That's what I want for him...When I lost my mother, I feel like I definitely took on her energy...I was not the same person. I took on her will. I pray and wish [Andre 3000] the same positive cause and effect. I hope he gets something constructive out of it."

Two months later, BET executive Steven Hill said that he and Andre 3000 had discussed the rapper’s album.

Andre 3000's representatives addressed Hill’s tweet. "Regarding reports of a specific plan to release an album in early 2014," Andre 3000's rep told, "there is no official confirmation on that report."

Also in August 2013, CeeLo Green recounted a conversation he had with Andre 3000 regarding the OutKast rapper's musical future. 

"He just said he had a severe case of stage fright and just kind of been away from the game and didn't know if he could truly live up..." CeeLo said during a Goodie Mob interview with MTV. "Ah, I just feel like I'm talking too much personal stuff. I hope he don't mind. But he just said he was bothered by this bar that had been set and maybe he wants to do something different. He'll always be his worse competition, his worse critic and maybe he don't want to live up to what people think he should do...He's exceptional and has always been ahead of his time anyway. So anything he decides to do, next year or the year after that, we'll still be catching with what's on his mind."

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  • Anonymous
    Didn't this nikka catch a body and get away on some self defense shit? Smh I always knew that gay shit was a cover for his evil deeds
  • bruthadee
    He squirted in in Erykah Badu gave her a baby then the bitch got pregnant by Jay Electronica. lolz Erykah Badu stay losin
  • Anonymous
    gonna get a rude awakening when you brick nigga
  • Anonymous
    who da fuck cares? need that outkast joint selfish greedy ass no rappin nigga
  • stringer
    I don't care for a solo album, let me know if you ever record with big boi again. Andre is irrelevant to me without big boi.
    • Anonymous
      co-sign, deez rap niggas think they billy ocean n shit always singing n what not dis nigga was nice onda mic then he try to sing and not release material,. fuck outta here
  • mnbnjmn
    wouldnt even sell at this point
  • Yoyoma
    Ppl get so hyped about 3 stacks claiming to make new music its like we get this article once a year and ppl get hyped so much they get amnesia when the same story gets announced again the next year. honestly I think it's more likely that Jay Electronica gets his album out before we get a 3 stacks album and imagine when Jay E releases that probably in 5 years
    • Anonymous
      whos hyped nigga? looks like the masses have spoken and it appears nobody gives a fuck
  • Give it up
    Give it up 3 stacks the game done passed you by. You left big boi hanging and i bet big boi don't give to fucks about this failed actor. who out there has been waiting for a new outkast album anyway.
  • Oteng
    THA rap God...i hv been waiting patiently for ur new ArT...
  • BP
    Fucking finally
  • Anonymous
    was he the first openly gay rapper?
    • R.Pgh
      Openly gay in the sense that he's not gay at all?
    • Anonymous
      No u die hard stan, openly gay in the sense that he's a flagrino ass homo warrior. Nore already said he don't fuck with niggas that Muhammad used to throw off the hill (for being faggots)
  • ANT
    THANK YOU RAP-GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!