Papoose Says He Had The Only "Control" Response People Wanted To Hear

posted Thursday May 15 ,2014 at 05:45PM CDT | 65 comments

Papoose Says He Had The Only

Papoose speaks on Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, says he inspired the Compton rapper's king of New York mention.

Among the many artists who responded to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” was Brooklyn rapper Papoose. Months after the release of “Control” and Papoose’s “Control Freestyle,” the New York City lyricist says he was the one who inspired K-Dot’s king of New York mention on the song.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Papoose spoke on the rapper after he was questioned about Maino’s King Of Brooklyn mixtape. Pap revealed that he wasn’t offended by the title of Maino’s project and later added that he influenced Kendrick’s “I'm the king of New York” lyric on “Control.”

“I didn’t feel nothing,” Papoose said when asked about Maino’s King Of Brooklyn mixtape. “I dropped the King Of New York project in 2012, 2011. I ain’t feel nothing about that. Brooklyn is a part of New York. You know what I’m saying? He entitled to feel how he wanna feel. You know what I mean? Same thing with me. So, you know, I ain’t feel nothing…Nobody said nothing when I said I’m the king of New York. You was around. I actually influenced Kendrick Lamar to do that. To jump out the window and say that. I dropped my King Of New York project. I did the 'Versace' shit, I was saying ‘king of New York.’ I did the Meek Mills joint.”

Papoose continued to speak on the king of New York title, stating that he was the one who put that particular title in the spotlight. Additionally, the Brooklyn emcee says his “Control” response was the only “Control” retort fans were looking out for.

“I put the highlight on that title,” he said. “And made niggas wanna say they kings again…I never spoke to him [Kendrick Lamar] about that, but it was basically obvious. That’s how I feel. It was like when he released ‘Control’ everybody came to me. Everybody started hitting me up. ‘Yo yo yo.’ Because that king of New York identifies with Papoose. It’s like he said my name when he said that. Because that’s what I’ve been representing. I dropped a project. I did everything. All my releases you was hearing me screaming ‘King of New York.’ You wasn’t really hearing nobody saying that before that…My ‘Control’ response was awaited. Even the blogs was writing that…So, everybody was waiting for me to respond. They wasn’t waiting for nobody else. Why? Because I identify with that title king of New York. All this is facts. I’m not making this up.”

In response to Papoose’s “Control Freestyle,” Kendrick revealed that the rapper had the most “comical” response to “Control.”

“I liked the [King] Los verse,” Kendrick said, during an interview last year. “Joe Budden did this thing, Joell; a lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody. But the number one joint at the top of the list had to be Chocolate Drop.”

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  • SJ7
    Papoose spittin knowledge as always.
  • J.Jones
    His response was one of the better ones for sure, Pap is a lyrical beast. The quality of many of his best mixtapes surpass most rap records of the past decade or so (Street Knowledge, Beast from the East, Election Day, Sharades, A Moment of Silence, The Underground King, the list goes on and on...his latest, "Cigar Society" is up there with his best). Since when did album sales and radio play determine who is a worthwhile mc and what is worthwhile hip hop anyway? If they did, Hammer and Vanilla Ice would have to be considered better than Rakim and G Rap...
  • Anonymous
    When Remy gets home she's gonna fuck Pap in the ass prison style.
  • Anonymous
    WHy is this nigga still talking about Control? He wasn't even mentioned on the actual record.
  • MailMAN
    If anything, Big KRIT had the best response a year later with Mount Olympus.
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    Dude's way beyond delusional at this point.
  • fresh
    this guys been convincing himself hes the best since he got in this industry knowing hes the only one on gods green earth that believes that bullshit this guys a lame he dont rep new york right hes a fuckin clown
    • Anonymous
      even his wife don't believe it
  • anonomilly
    This dude is seriously delusional. He's the one who brought King of New York into the spotlight? How about Christopher Wallace almost 20 years ago.. Kendrick probably couldnt care less about this dude,,, he actually think Kendrick was saying his name when he said King of New York??? LOLOL Isnt Papoose also the one who rapped over the Rap God beat, and said he out rapped Eminem... Uh no, you rapped in the same exact rhyme scheme and made up your own words, that shit was GAAAYYYY
  • vdilla
    let me bottom line this the kat is and will always be a mixtape fella and there is nothing wrong with that but please PLEASE stop looking to Kats who are out there POPPING to get fame that ish is all kinds of wrong
    • Anonymous
      Cats, dogs, horses.. Mouses too.
  • Anonymous
    Personally checked for Joe Buddens & Joell Ortiz' one
  • Anonymous
    this clown is talking about a freestyle from over a year ago, no one was even checking out for his response lol
  • Anonymous
    This dude is still talking about a one year old freestyle that nobody cares about. smh...why the east coast fell off right here.
  • EarthToneDaProducer
    So annoyin....
  • Anonymous
    kendrick is a gay little hipster homo, papoose is better.
    • Anonymous
      Your high pap is garbage
  • Pap-WHo
    NY rappers like this dude the reason NY is in the state it is. smh.
    • anonymous
  • Mrm
    He is a joke
  • Anonymous
    didn't even heard his mixtapes called king of new york. he's so irrelevant
  • Anonymous
    He has skills, but not that much though.
  • Anonymous
    papoose is a bum, fuck out of here. He has nothing to gloat about.
  • Anonymous
    Papoose has bars but i cant deny dude is feeling himself way too much. Stay in your lane homie and keep making some good joints for the little fans that you have
    Aye, I still havent heard his verse. LMAO
  • Royal
    Papoose feeling himself way too much. He influenced K.Dot to say that? GTFO. Kurupt is the person that influenced that part of the verse homie. "I'm important like the Pope, I'm the king of New York I'm live from South Central, I'm a Muslim on pork" - Kurupt [Terrace Martin - Get Bizy] "I'm important like the Pope, I'm a Muslim on pork I'm Makaveli's offspring, I'm the king of New York" - Kendrick
    • Anonymous
      Nigga everybody knew that already
  • Royal
    Papoose feeling himself way too much? He influenced K.Dot to say that? GTFO. Kurupt is the person that influenced that part of the verse homie. "I'm important like the Pope, I'm the king of New York I'm live from South Central, I'm a Muslim on pork" - Kurupt [Terrace Martin - Get Bizy] "I'm important like the Pope, I'm a Muslim on pork I'm Makaveli's offspring, I'm the king of New York" - Kendrick
  • drake runs rap
    i can't tell if this niggas trolling or if hes serious. Papoose need to quit rapping and become drakes personal shoe shiner. Atleast he will have more sucess and will be relevent being drakes personal shoe shiner because his rap carreer is a joke.
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick already said who had the best response. Fuck outta here.
  • Anonymous
    The only reason why "people wanted to hear" your response was to make sure it was the wackest of them all.
  • Kurama
    He had the worst response by far. It was nothing but him rhyming words that didn't rhyme (off-beat, I might add). He tried to rhyme "balls" with "girls"... what?
    • Anonymous
      No he made balls rhyme with calls "Ya little bitch told me why she missing ya *calls she said ya dick was so little that you piss on ya *balls" Just saying
  • Will
    Papoose is so fucking full of himself.
  • Anonymous
    Im so tired of this cat appearing every where....he is so wack! Just drop some dope music & let it speak.
  • Anonymous
    kendrick's verse is the only reason why this guy got any press in years and the funny thing is he wasn't even mentioned on the song
  • sarkastix
    Wonder what blogs Papoose been reading because he getting shitted on consistently in this one!! Papoose think he can "will" his self to be dope.
  • D From Q.U.
    This cat is still clinging on to that "Control" track. MOVE ON, B!
    • I'LL
      Your use of the word *Kendrick is wrong...the correct variation is *papoose
  • hahaha
    Im glad everyone else is on the same page, This nigga is lost in a false reality....
    • vdilla
      Heck you'd be feeling yoself also if a label hit you off with a Mil to basically drop a bunch of mix tapes and steal some baud lyrics
  • Anonymous
    ROFL. Yo son your music is just not good....
  • Real Talk
    Riff Raff's control response > Papoose's control response
  • Anonymous
    I love how delusional this guy is.