Chingy Jackpot Presents "Fulldekk Fullosiphy" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

posted Wednesday May 14 ,2014 at 07:30PM CDT | 20 comments

Chingy Jackpot Presents

The "Right Thurr" rapper collaborates with DJ Noize on his new project.

Chingy Jackpot Presents released its Fulldekk Fullosiphy mixtape yesterday (May 13).

The 14-track project features verses from the Fulldekk Music Group label. Chingy, Full Dekk’s main act, is joined by M.C, Lil Bit Mr. 9:15, Soulo, Vega and Jus Swift. 

The project is hosted and mixed by DJ Noize. Producers involved in the project include Sham God Tracks, Vega Heartbreak and Swift.

Chingy formed Full Dekk in 2004 while he was still signed to Capitol Records. The St. Louis rapper had platinum success with his 2003 album, Jackpot, and 2004’sPowerballin’.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Chingy discussed how a rumored relationship with a transgender model resulted in the loss of his record deal.

“It goes to show you how many people wanted it to be true,” Chingy said. "That’s what it goes to show you. It goes to show you that that person who nobody knew had that much power to come out and say one negative thing about me and a whole mass of people just instantly took to it. And they didn’t have not one piece of evidence. Not one piece—a clue, nothing. They had nothing. They just had this person’s lie…It actually, it injured my career a little bit. I watched it happen. I lost a deal cause of that…It was said to me. Cause it was so much bad publicity around it…I’ve never been through a sabotage situation like that. And it was so fabricated and false.”

Fulldekk Fullosiphy is available for download at

The Fulldekk Fullosiphy cover art, tracklist and mixtape stream are as follows:

1. “Intro” f. Chingy Jackpot

2. “Money Disease” f. Chingy Jackpot               

3. “Still” f. Chingy Jackpot

4. “WTF” f. M.C

5. “On The Grind” f. Chingy Jackpot, Lil Bit Mr. 915

6. “All Year Round” f. Chingy Jackpot, Vega, M.C

7. “Interlude” f. Chingy Jackpot

8. “Water To Her Fire” f. Chingy Jackpot, Soulo

9. “Bad Habits” f. Vega

10. “NBA Jam” f. Lil Bit Mr. 915

11. “They Don’t Really Want It” f. Jus Swift

12. “Hello” f. Chingy Jackpot, Soulo

13. “Erase The Pain” f. Soulo

14. “Damn Girl” f. Chingy Jackpot 

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  • Young Thug
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  • POPE
    People act like they weren't fucking with chingy! dammit he made rudy huxtable relevant again lol (i hate that word too). St.Louis been dead for a minute.
  • Anonymous
    Chingy, your career is over you were in a relationship with a tranny bro..
  • Anonymous
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    we don't want no compilation consist one hit wonder and bunch of his no-talent friends.
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    If you signing to Chingy then... sorry. Or Chingy Jackpot or whatever the tranny lover's name is
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    Must be tough to have to point at chingy n tell people he's ur boss
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  • Who Is Boosie?
    Chingy, changing your name to Chingy Jackpot ain't gonna make ppl forget about Sidney. Silly rabbit
  • based landlord
    lol is this a troll post DX? wtf? and I kinda feel bad for the guys that actually said 'yes' to a record deal with Chingy :|
  • Jackpot
    Yes, my nigga Ching-a-Ling, aka Chingy Jackpot, is back in action, and putting his crew on too. Mixtape goes hard and everyone goes in. Chingy Jackpot about to take over the summer! #FullDekk
    • Anonymous
      let me have what ever you smoking