XXL Lists "The 20 Best Female Rappers Of All Time"

posted Wednesday April 30 ,2014 at 06:40PM CDT | 135 comments

XXL Lists

"Nicki is arguably the best rapper - female or otherwise - in the game," XXL says of Nicki Minaj in its list of "The 20 Best Females Rappers Of All Time."

XXL published a list of “The 20 Best Female Rappers Of All Time” today (April 30). 

Queen Latifah made the list. "Queen Latifah was one of the first ever to provide a voice for women in Hip Hop,” XXL’s story says. "Her top chart singles like ‘U.N.I.T.Y.'—which won her a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo performance in 1995—allowed her to use Hip Hop as a platform to address the disrespect surrounding women.”

While Queen Latifah emerged in the 1980s, Foxy Brown rose to prominence in the 1990s. "She definitely held it down for females in Hip Hop during the mid-to-late 1990s,” XXL says of the former Def Jam Recordings artist. "Her album Ill Na Na hit strong with sales the moment it dropped, debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 in 1996 and eventually being certified Platinum by the RIAA.”

Nicki Minaj also makes XXL's list. "Nicki is arguably the best rapper—female or otherwise—in the game,” the list says of the YMCMB artist. "Ever since she first stepped onto the scene with Young Money, the Jamaica, Queens rapper has grown into one of the most popular artists on the label."

XXL’s “The 20 Best Females Rappers Of All Time" is as follows:

Queen Latifah

Da Brat


Foxy Brown

Gangsta Boo

Jean Grae

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes


Lil’ Kim

MC Lyte

Missy Elliott

Monie Love

Iggy Azalea


Remy Ma

Roxanne Shante


The Lady Of Rage

Nicki Minaj

Lauryn Hill 

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Comments 135 Posts

  • thatnegrochris
    Read first sentence, commented this, then closed tab
  • What The Fu...
    I guess taking semi nude instagram pics that show off her ass makes her "a great female MC". SMDH.
  • What The Fu...
    "Nicki is arguably the best rapper female or otherwise in the game, And with that, all respect is lost for XXL and/or the person who uttered this ridiculous statement. Holy. Shit.
  • Trap
    Rah Diggah anyone?
  • Chelle TheRegulator
    Haven't had time to chime in but not that I do; HOW THE FUCK DID IGGY AZLALEA EVEN GET ON THIS LIST? I didn't even know who this broad was until last week. Second, who the hell is Rhapsody? I've never heard of this chick second. I really hope this list isn't in numerical order, cause how the HELL can you have Lauryn Hill at the bottom of this list. Also, MC Lyte is never second to Da Brat; and finally. Where is Yoyo on this list? She definitely held her own with the men and rep well for the West Coast.
  • Roy Jones Jr
    Why the fuck is Apani B so underrated? Only female rapper I actually listen to. Story 2 Tell is classic, shits on any album from any of these chicks..
  • Yssup Kidz
    Hurricane G!
  • Mr. Tibbs
    This story really fuels my argument that at the end of the day I can't be mad at all these wack ass rappers saying they Hip-Hop. They (wack rappers) are being told they are the hottest new thing by DJ's (radio stations) that play they bullshit, and magazines (XXL) I use to support when shit was all Hip-Hop. So now my fuck you goes out to them cause if this is seriously your list you don't know Hip-Hop.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    some people on there havent put in enough work...tf with iggy azelea??? should have put SNOW THA PRODUCT in her place
  • drew
    BOOG BROWN ALL DAY!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmVbhUrJsrM
  • Anonymous
    East list to make seeing as that's all the relevant female artists ever ..
  • Anonymous
    keysssssss nuff said
  • nuc
    Dessa from DOOMTREE trumps most these artists lyrically and musically. LAUREN HILL / DESSA TOP 2 WOMEN MC'S (IMO)
  • Miss Dee
    Who the fuck is Rapsody?
  • A-Bomb
    Maybe if you've had your head in the sand for the last decade when it comes to hip-hop. The best quality female MC in America is Jaeda She raps with some other hot girls in her new project The Muzes Some other good ones are Bliss Invincible Agonie (french rap artist) Dessa Soom T Snow the product (for fastest rap) SA-ROC Narubi Selah Rissa and BE ONE
  • KahMIllion
    No wonder this list is out of whack...A white boy made it...so he made the list from all the female rappers the dj played at his bat mitzvah...the whackness of it all!!!
  • EdCoughin
    what about Bahamadia ????? Iggy Azasomething.....really???? from the same generation Snow is better by far on every level!!!! and roxanne shante....big respect but Big Daddy Kane wrote all her best lyrics including the beef with the real roxanne so I'm not sure. There was CES (mos def's sister) part of Urban Therm Dynamics who was crazy!!!!!! so I'd say I agree 90% which is good ratio. ONE
    • Anonymous
      Big Daddy Kane wasn't in the Juice crew during the Roxanne beef she was going off the top. Kane was next to last to join the juice crew Masta Ace was the last.
  • Anonymous
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  • G
    Um...Iggy just dropped her album...Just stop.
  • Anonymous
    listen to Boss Bitch - Mac (feat. Mia X) One the greatest No Limit songs
    • Anonymous
      one of the greatest "no limit" songs...not in all of hip hop.
    • Anonymous
      No Limit records ran a whole decade of southern rap are you high? stop being ignorant
    • realness
  • Anonymous
    Whoever put this list together needs to do their homework.....Miss Elliot, Left EYE, Iggy, ...REALLY!? Lady Of Rage will demolish 85% of the women listed on this list. Listen to Microhone Pon Cok...that is all!!! And if you disagree, then you too need to do your homework. The othere 15% will give her a good challenge. Charlie Baltimore deserves to be on this list. MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Digga, Bahamadia, jean, and a few others on the list are TRUE MC's..the other are just not on their level.
    • G
      Hey hey woa there. Missy Elliot wasn't the most lyrical, but late 90's and early to mid '00s she owned the female rap game. People want her back so bad. She is Mos def top 2o if not top 10
  • rbgwarrior
    this is easy.... Lady of Rage Lauryn Hill MC Lyte Heather B. Rah Digga
  • Anonymous
    so they had Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea but not Mia X or Shawnna? Most importantly Mia X not being on this list makes XXL a joke
  • Anonymous
    Mia X can out rap any of these women on the list
  • Anonymus
    Missing Rah Digga or even Lady Luck is just wrong, I'm surprised they put Rapsody on there but MIA? and left eye if they needed a token dead female rapper MC Trouble or Miss Melody are better qualified. It's obvious this is an affirmative action list, not a who's actually nice list. The rappers on the list that can't really rap are the participation trophy bitches.
  • dan
    Queen Iggy!!!
  • Anonymous
    Lauryn Hill isn't a rapper so take her of the list. Also subtract add Gangsta Boo Rah Digga Iggy Azalea Queen Pen Rapsody Mia X M.I.A. charlie Baltimore conscious daughters
    • Anonymous
      yeah Lauryn Hill is a rapper idiot. don't say stupid shit
    • Anonymous
      Dudes right she isn't a rapper. A few bars can't justify putting her on a "rap" list
    • Anonymous
  • gSTARR
    No Newsense from Psychodrama!!!!
  • iamgiavanni
    Shawnna from DTP isnt on there ,no Rah Digga I can't take this list serious. No Queen Pen, Mia X,not even a Ms Jade or Yo Yo.. Idk about this XXL
  • akknelle
    Like others have said, no Rah Diggah or Mia X makes this list fraudulent.
  • blaklex
    Bahamadia and Heather B are not on the list. Rah Digga is missing as well. Left Eye was not a rapper in my opinion.
  • Anonymous
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  • Bdix28
    Yo cant play with my YoYo damn over MIA and Izzy
  • The Ice Cold Phenom
    1. Mc Lyte 2. Lauryn Hill 3. Lil Kim 4. Queen Latifah 5. Foxy Brown 6. Eve 7. Bahamadia 8. Rah Digga 9. Missy 10 Lady of Rage 11 Nicki Minaj 12 Trina