Lord Jamar Defends Snoop Dogg Fan Pictured In Blackface

posted Thursday April 24 ,2014 at 02:40PM CDT | 156 comments

Lord Jamar Defends Snoop Dogg Fan Pictured In Blackface

Lord Jamar not sure if he would have been offended by a Korean person dressed in Blackface.

Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar was questioned by Vlad TV about a Korean man who was pictured in blackface in a photograph with Snoop Dogg, which went viral at the top of this year. While addressing the picture, Jamar first informed those watching that with his travel overseas he’s noticed that people in Asia “worship” black culture.

He then went on to state that because of their infatuation with black culture, the man who was dressed in blackface may have been paying tribute to black culture rather than mocking it.

“From going overseas and shit like that, I happen to know that Asian people—I mean, I’ve never been in Korea, but I’ve been to Japan. And I know they straight up worship some black shit,” Lord Jamar said. “So, when I see an Asian do something like that I honestly feel in my mind that it’s more out of reverence. And trying to actually salute in a way. Rather than a mockery and some sort of—as if a white person here in America did. You understand? Their whole history with it is totally different…They really might have dressed up thinking they were going to impress Snoop with that.”

Lord Jamar later brought “racial memory” into his conversation on the Korean man in blackface. He revealed that a Korean person in blackface isn’t the same as a white, American person in blackface because here in the United States most people are familiar with the controversial history behind blackface.

“You might even have a white guy. He didn’t intentionally do something, but you come from a country where that’s in your racial memory,” he said. “As a white person and a black person. It’s within our racial memory to know what blackface is in this country. Not necessarily in Korea… So yeah, I don’t know if I would have been offended by that. Coming from that particular person and their intentions…I feel like they come from a different culture, a different background, different intention.”

It was in January of this year when a smiling Snoop Dogg was pictured with a Korean man in blackface and a dreadlock wig. The picture was posted onto the rapper’s Instagram page along with the following caption, "Stunt double. Hahahahahah. This nigha here !!"

The picture of Snoop and his Korean fan can be found below (via Vlad TV).

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  • Anonymous
    Lord Jamar's tips to stay relevant while making no good music for 15 years: 1) Go on a white guy's show 2) Say stupid, hypocritical shit that will piss people off 3) Repeat steps one and two 4) Repeat steps one and two 5) Repeat steps one and two You see where this is going
  • kennyken
    I mean I don't think that was degrading either. It was sort of a joke. Pretty cool to me....sensitive people give me a break jeesh.
  • Anonymous
    On a Friday night does Lord Jamar watch Friends, or Belly?
  • g.d.stubbs
    None of you dealing with "race" in these comments should be taken seriously. This documentary on social control breaks it all down: https://vimeo.com/69949597 Start at 16:00 if you're lazy, and the real jewels begin at 20:00. Few of you could survive (or even have an interest in) an encounter like this; you just pretend to be in each others' faces while sitting safely in front of your keyboards.
    • Anonymous
      Just about everything in life follows the bell curve. 1% would follow up their shit talk, 1% would immediately shit their pants, and 98% fall somewhere in between. Our society and the young generations to follow are fucked if these trends of anonymous or physically removed internet racist bullshit continue. That's why most websites make you use facebook nowadays, which still only solves part of the problem. I'm too lazy to watch your video and there's no need, I already know what happens.
  • Nigga Rue
    You can't take white money from a slew of places and then claim 5%
  • Anonymus
    They got weave for your girl, cheap J's, bootleg music, and baptist churches but they will not spend money on black culture unless is wholesale so they make a profit back and will not move next door to your black ass.
    • Anonymous
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  • blackface
    painting one's face black as a costume is just not a big fucking deal, regardless of the history. people just want drama to fill their boring lives
  • I couldnt give a fuck myself
    Dunno... I know sum white boys that are hardcore wu-tang fans tats every cd from any of the clan or their affilates (that's a lot of cd's lol) every show they be there that's as close to worship as any Korean so whats the diff if they went out dressed as the clan on Halloween?
  • IHateMorgy
    still at it Danielle Harling? surely there's a gossip rag you should be writing for? googled that 5%, it album sucked too
  • Eric Cartman
  • OC
    The part about Asians worshiping black folk sounds a little sketchy, but I agree with the rest. Black face doesn't have the same cultural significance in Asia as it does in America.
  • Anonymous
    Koreans love famous black people but will never let a black or even white person date their children.
    • Anonymous
      my bro married a korean girl and we white as hell
    • COCA
    • a
      You'll see a Lotta things in California. Telm me hat u were in Korea or japan
    • Whatyousaywillis
      That isn't true Asians love white people more than black mainly Koreans though. I live around them. They worship white people. I am black by the way.
  • @HUH
    Are u gonna keep blaming ur shitty life on the "white devil" rofl. There are plenty of whites who's historical backround have nothing to do with slavery and were slaves themselves ie the Irish. But keep making generalisations and being a racist pussy.
    • Blaq Irish
      True dat, my mother is black from New Orleans and my father is a Irish immigrant from Galway so I share history of being slaves on both sides.
    • a
      Great to see another pasty white boy getting that African poom poom
    • Blaq Irish
      Haha if u said that shit to my father he would murder your pussy ass.
    • Blaq Irish
      Btw nigga alot of people on the west of Ireland where he from are dark for white people cus they had different settlers there. Shows how much u know about shit outside the US, lol. U should be proud of where u come from pussy.
  • Anonymous
    reasonable and nuanced answer from lj.
  • Asian Guy
    You know, I KNOW white people. They don't mean to be racist so they should all be forgiven. I am an expert, I've been to Europe once. We'll, it was only Germany but having met one or two white people there I now know enough to make a sweeping generalization about their entire race.
    • Pick up a fuckin Geography book, retards
      Lol, nice comment.
  • AzX
    Racist asshole. If I ever see this punk bitch I'll teach him a lesson to shut his fuckin mouth
  • Anonymous
    been to Asia for business a few times as a dj its true what Lord is saying in this article about it being more of a reverence thing for them to emulate hiphop and dance hall culture and black face in America is a whole different thing all together
    • Pick up a fuckin Geography book, retards
      "Ive been to Asia" You do realize that there are 48 countries in asia and hundreds of nationalities, right? Its a MASSIVE continent.Not everybody looks chineese, Japanese etc. I know for a fact that in India (which is Asia btw) they have a class system that goes by whoever has the lightest color skin gets the best jobs etc. and that most Indians who live in India are racist against Africans. Your comment is just as retarded as GayLord Jamars comment saying he knows how all Asians think just cus he was in Japan, LOL what a fucking simpleton. Smh some people truly are retards of the greatest magnitude.
    • @pick up a geography book
      Co-sign Liol, Way to drop some knowledge on these lames
    • Zak
      Co.sign,it's crazy some ignorant ppl think africa and asia are countries
    • Anonymous
      Great comment, wish LJ could read that shit
  • Taye Dig
    • Anonymous
      well he made a pretty legit argument fuck boy what u gon do? cry about it to yo white parents?
    • Anonymous
      And what are you going to do, Anon, cry in your welfare check?
    • Goodyear
      "well he made a pretty legit argument" How so then? All he did was say its ok for non whites to do that shit because they dont have slaver history. Well the fact of the matter is that there are tons of white countries, most in fact that were never involved in being slavers, so why label them the same as the slavers just because they share the same skin color as the slaver countries?? That my friend is judging others based on skin color which is racist and makes you a hypocrite. Do you honestly think MLK would agree with this dude??
    • Man
      He said that if a white person did it you would question their motives because the history of black face in American...He just said that Korean cat may have had just pure motives.....