Game & T.I. Confront LAPD & Nightclub Security Guards

posted Wednesday April 30 ,2014 at 10:40AM CDT | 147 comments

Game & T.I. Confront LAPD & Nightclub Security Guards

Game and T.I. are involved in a standoff with Los Angeles Police Department officers and Supperclub security guards.

Game and T.I. were involved in a standoff with Los Angeles Police Department officers and a security crew outside of Supperclub in Los Angeles, California today (April 30), according to TMZ.

"A group of guys -- who we're told are 'mutual acquaintances' of both Game and T.I. -- were denied entrance at Supperclub," TMZ says. "The guys began arguing furiously with security when one member of the posse threw a punch at a security guy.  You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video. Security for the club then descended on two members of the posse, beating them to a bloody pulp, at one point kicking one of them in the face while he was down." 

Los Angeles Police Department officers were present at least during part of the altercation. TMZ reports some were off-duty officers working at the club. Game and T.I. appear throughout the footage of the confrontation and altercation.

At one point, T.I. and a group of associates confront a group of police officers. 

"Y'all got a lot of people to beat up," T.I. says. "There's a lot of people to beat up, now. You need that good lawyer." 

Police officers let T.I. and associates, including Game, know that police officers did not hurt T.I.'s associate. Law enforcement officials inform them that club security beat the man. T.I. and Game turn their attention to the security guards after this. The footage is as follows: 

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  • Anonymous
    Well a standoff is progress I guess. LOL! Typical night at the club in LA. I see it all the time in ALL areas.
  • Anonymous
    big u is certified 60s somebody gettin chipped.. lil man in red gettin booted from the set for that oversized L he took
  • Anonymous
    Haha that's an ill reply from Tip.. "there's a lot of people to beat up now" haha.. regardless, its quite immature to start fighting over entrance in a club.. quite childish really
    • Anonymous
      I know. If T.I. and Game really cared about their boys they would have got them inside with them, not left em outside to get beat up.
    • Anonymous
      they werent fighting over entrance to a club you dumbfuck
  • POPE
    10 on 2, interesting.
  • Hfh
    This shit only happens in America, grown ass men acting like this.. I've seen 10 year old kids being smarter than these guys! I can only laugh at this! Thank god for me not living there. Animals, they got a fucking mindstate like an animal! Black people is killing themselfes with stupidity like this.. !
    • Anonymous
      40 year old men starting fights because they can't get into a club on a week night, LOLOLOL
    • Anonymous
      wasnt this steve lobel / cipha sounds bday party?
    • Anonymous
      It does not only happen in America. Get out much?
    • Anonymous
      ^^ Butthurt much???
  • Anonymous
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  • roskoe1
    niggas will go too war over big u, security dude kicking man while he down on ground his life aint worth living.
    • Anonymous
      bitch niggas gonna go to war over not getting into a club? LOL should have behaved like adults and walked away, not tryed to start a fight with security who are just doing their jobs by keeping trashy gang bangers out of a club that no one wants to be around!
    • loso
      60's wont let shyt at superclub slide after what happend too sinbad so i think now big u got beat up it will get real wouldnt want be at that club anytime soon real talk. most of security guards in that video are piru so wtf are u talkin about ?
    • Anonymous
      only cuz its u...they let a lot of shit slide over the years...
  • Anonymous
    Normally T.I. has no problems with the police. Remember when he snitched to avoid those illegal weapons charge?
    • vllsfsf
      He din't snitch. Even Big Meech said so. And he didn't avoid that charge, he even went to jail for it.
    • Anonymous
      ti has more than enough money to only do a year in jail for a charge like that without cooperating money is everything in the judicial system
    • Anonymous
      no he snitched illegal weapons house arest? lol normally you will get at leats 5 years
    • Anonymous
      "Normally T.I. has no problems with the police" He has no problems with them here you can see he playing the mediator.
  • Anonymous
    List of niggaz JA RULE murdered in the beef: Eminem 50 DMX Busta Rhymes D12 Obie DRE Jay Z Game TI BOW WOW lil wayne Baby Nicki Drake Guru Dj Premier Onyx niggaz Ice T ll cool j Canibus Fat Joe Jada Styles NAS Snoop 2pac Biggie
    • Anonymous
      You are a CLOWN ...
    • anonymous
      Tremendous Trolling..
  • I figga
    The dude that was all pissed off and kept kicking him when he was down must of been the dude that got stole off in the beginning. That punch was loud as fuck so I don't blame him. If small dude didn't get punched in the face then he a bitch.
  • Anonymous
    Yo they did the homie Roscoe like that. T.I. and birdman about to get him a good ass lawyer
    The Snitch and the Stripper acting hard with 20 weed carriers tmz in the middle of Hollywood. We all know game was a stripper at his familys strip club for a little while Doja was the name. Because b4 all the gangbanging gangsta rap shit he started doing with JT The Bigga Figga Game was a weirdo. We all seen change of heart and that suspect sisquo type tattoo he tried to cover with the NWA letter one on his chest lol and the butterfly one showed that weirdo side to him is still there bi-polar ass nigga. TI made sum sort of deal a convicted felon caught with an arsenal of machine guns can not get 1 year in prison without talking. That fuckin commercial he made for the Atlanta Snitch Police Hotline was snitching on a state scale lmao. How the fuck has no one ever checked him for that shit in an interview. Mysonne and 50 cent the only nigga's to call out and diss TIP for snitching.
    • Anonymous
      who gives a shit?
    • Gucci The Realest
      co-sign. these niggas are frauds and snitches. thank you for the comment
    • Anonymous
      pay a couple hundred grand to the right lawyer and you too can do the time ti did...
    • *********
      WHAT..............grow up
  • David
    please lord; please guide me to be no where near any of these fucking macho ass fools (be it rapper or cop) when or if any of this bullshit goes down at or around any club where i may go to. please. amen.
  • Anonymous
    I got respect for Game and TI for standing up to them.. anyone saying otherwise is just hatin cuz in any story in the worrlldd you can find a flaw so wtvr
  • Anonymous
    smh two lame lightskinned nikkas tryna flex like some thugz
    • charlamagne dick-rider
      Amazing that you lame fuck-boys actually believe all that light skinned means your soft bullshit. Styles P and Maino both light skinned and are hard as they come.Are Mexicans all soft? Are the Aryan white boys in prison soft? The fuck are you talking bout
    • Have a seat
      Malcolm X = lightskinned Huey P = lightskineed The dude that made the right decision and pulled out of your mom unlike your dumb ass dad who dipped on you after he realized what a mistake he made = lighskinned I think I'm done here.
    • Make Your Shoulders Clap
      Suge Knight is lightskinned and had the WHOLE industry shook for 10 plus years...
    • Anonymous
      ^^^and also cooperates with federal agencies....