Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Childish Gambino's "Hip Hop Influences" Detailed

posted Tuesday April 22 ,2014 at 03:45PM CDT | 13 comments

Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Childish Gambino's

The influences of Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller are among those detailed in "10 Rappers And Their Hip Hop Influences."

Green Label has compiled a list of “10 Rappers And Their Hip Hop Influences.” 

"At one point in Hip Hop’s history, rappers were influenced by Jazz, Funk, Soul and Blues artists, as well as a slew of artists from other genres,” the article says. "The same holds true today, but now that Hip Hop has been around for some time, rappers primarily list other rappers as their musical influences.”

DMX and Eminem are two of the artists the article says influenced Kendrick Lamar.

"DMX and Eminem’s influences on Kendrick Lamar are immediately apparent on a track like Kendrick’s 'Swimming Pools,' where Kendrick employs an alter ego, which he identifies with a different voice and flow,” the story says. "These theatrics were the hallmarks of X and Em on tracks like ‘Damien' and 'Guilty Conscience,' respectively. Additionally, the excellent technical abilities of both DMX and Em have clearly had an influence on K Dot as well.”

To view the entire list of “10 Rappers And Their Hip Hop Influences,” visit Green Label.

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Comments 13 Posts

  • deejay
    I hate it when these metrosexual websites think they know hip hop. FOH
  • Anonymous
    "DMX and Eminems influences on Kendrick Lamar" No way Kendrick listened to DMX. Those lyrics would have scared him to the point where he would have joined a gang.
    • Anonymous
      cosign, he was probably a Kid N Play and MC Hammer fan
    • Anonymous
      You (two) really are retarded, are you? Y'all must've been thinking of Wale or Drake.
    • Anonymous
      " he was probably a Kid N Play and MC Hammer fan" im the same age as kendrick and i watched those movies/ listened to them when i was like 7
    • smh
      you are fucking retarded, im guessing you live sheltered life and know nothing about the hood. The reason kendrick never joined a gang was because he grew up around that shit his WHOLE life, he saw family get shot and killed and saw crime and death every day he didn't need DMX lyrics to expose him to the reality of the streets you wigga.
    • zamieo
      "Thank God for the album I idolized, it's dark and plus hell is hot, that's the start of this crazy ride." Kendrick has also said in multiple interviews that It's Dark and Hell is Hot made him start rapping.
  • dentaldamboy
    The writer of this article accidentally left out the part where all three unanimously agreed that Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross were their biggest influences.
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Pretty pointless.
  • Anonymous
    Joey Badass sounds nothing like DOOM. HE SOUNDED MORE LIKE NAS TO ME ON 1999. Although he switched up later
    • Anonymous
      you dont have to sound like someone to be influenced by them
  • anony-fuckin-mous
    Green Label: The store brand version of Complex