DJ Khaled Given Cease & Desist Letter Due To "They Don't Love You No More" Cover Art

posted Wednesday April 30 ,2014 at 12:45PM CDT | 75 comments

DJ Khaled Given Cease & Desist Letter Due To

DJ Khaled is accused of basing his "They Don't Love You No More" cover art on Kolley's "RNS" artwork.

DJ Khaled has been given a cease and desist letter over his "They Don't Love You No More" cover art, according to TMZ

The site says Kolley, a rapper, reportedly released RNS, also known as Real Nigga Shit, a mixtape, six weeks ago, as per the report. The cover for the project features Kolley biting a gold chain with gold teeth. DJ Khaled's "They Don't Love You No More" cover art features Khaled biting a gold chain with gold teeth, also. 

Kolley's representatives, Bigg Bank Entertainment, have reportedly issued the cease and desist letter to DJ Khaled. Further legal action might be taken by the Entertainment company. 

DJ Khaled announced the song earlier this week, discussing what he feels is his status in music.

“Every summer’s mine,” DJ Khaled said at the time. “I’m the king of the anthems. It’s been seven summers. Well now, it’s gonna be eight summers. Summer’s mine, man. Straight up.

“I do it for the people," he continued. "I do it for the streets. The streets gonna rise up and that’s on my mama. I been doin’ this. People think it happens. It just don’t fuckin’ happen. I make these fuckin’ hits and put these fuckin’ hits together and make the biggest motherfuckin’ anthems in the game. I got hardware. Some of these guys ain't got no plaques. They don't even know what it is.

“And guess what?" he added. "I just left Marcy Projects...What you think I’m playing with this shit? Eight summers. I got Jay Z, Shawn Carter. I got Hova on my first single. Fuck this shit. I’ma show the game, boy."  

TMZ also published a side-by-side image of both covers. It is as follows: 

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  • coach ??? ???
    ?????????!?????????????????????????????????????????? |???????? tweeks???????????????? ?????????????? ????????????????????????????? coach ??? ???
  • Anonymous
    How about the fact that this nigga "Kolley" stole his whole character from Miami artist KOOLEY JONES that released a project called 'Real Nigga Shit' like 2 years ago AND made the #RNS hashtag a literal trending topic in Miami. Look... ....AND ...All there.
  • Anonymous
    Khaled gets a lot of hate because he isn't white and he dissed the Wigger-God-50 but I always root for DJs to win and I have no hatred for Palestinians but I have to admit that if I was white I would express my haters for Khaled and other entertainers that are not white.
  • Anonymous
    Khaled trolling white boys again....hes only rich due to the hatred he generates from white people online.
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    I would hate to be this dudes kid. All your friends knowing your dads a bitch ass biting faggot
    • Jon
  • Anonymous
    all them mmg/ymcmb/we the best niggas be stealin other peoples steez. officer ricky went from checkin niggas bootys for drugs and shanks and tellin niggas is shower time to being the biggest drug dealer in the history of all the planets in the universe. does it suprise anyone khaled be bitin other niggas too? how u go from a rich kid arab kid to somehow representin the people of the street? man fk these niggas ol fake ass cb4 mc gusto ass bitches
  • Anonymous
    Them niggas do be suing, huh? Pressing charges and shit over a fucking album cover, nigga is serious? Are you that deep in the struggle???
    • Anonymous
      No where does it say he pressing any charges and he couldn't anyway. It's just a cease a desist. Everybody sues nowadays. Meek Mill is sueing his own city. Rick Ross is suing pop group LMFAO.
  • Anonymous
    dont know the fuck yall is hating for khaled is sexy im the baddest bitch and i wouldnt let no nigga look at me but khaled can get it
    • Anonymous
      shouldnt you be dealing with your upcoming cease and desist instead of making fake comments on websites pretending to be a female, mr khaled
  • AxZ
    worst DJ ever. Annoying too
  • Anonymous
    Is it safe to say DJ Khaled is the most hated man in hip hop?
    • Anonymous
      if he's not he probably should be. so damn corny. just listen to his mcdonalds commercials.
    • Anonymous
      I think the hate is justified, considering the fact that he's bitch made.
    • Anonymous
      most def.
    • Pointless motherfucker
      He gots to be and he deserves it too nigga is beyond corny soft n lame. Its also the way he talks bout his music being the greatest shit ever but every year its the same fuckin song dick-riding who ever is 'hot' and his albums always flop every single one and ace hoods shit too lmao he is a fuckin joke no wonder he walks around wit 10 bodyguards everyone wants to at least swing on that pussy ass sand-nigga
    • Anonymous
      Y'all ever heard of 50 cent?
    • Anonymous
      he hated but he loved too
  • Flocker
    All I do is eat, eat, eat no matter what.
  • Anonymous
    Thats some shit a terrorist would do. Just wait until Allah gives him the word...
    • Anonymous
      hahahha. I bet nobody else got it
  • Llik Sbara
    Fat dirty Arab.
  • Anonymous
    After watching that Khaled video in Marcy I'm convinced he is following the career path and blueprint of a WWF wrestler.
  • RealTalk
    yo, Khaled is, and has been, corny as fuck. him and Ross. no frills in the game. cereal box happy meal rappers. foh.
      YOU'RE BROKE...
    • Anonymous
      ^Youre broke, and a dickrider...
  • Anonymous
    Riz talks about Rick Ross & DJ Khaled stealing his ideas. He says that the whole "Self Made" movement from Rick Ross was his first and DJ Khaled stole his mixtape title "Kiss The Ring.
    • Anonymous
      Never heard those allegations before it sounds legit.
  • stack bundles
    Dat nigga khaled a corny fuck so many retarded quotes from that marcy video he basically saying he wanna suck joe camel "if he even had a window" i wanna taste the water he tasted" lmmmmaaaaaaaoooooooooo
    • Anonymous
      he a fool for real for questioning if jay-z grew up having a window in his apartment.
    • DJ Khaled
      Don't hate on me I just wanted to see what type of tree's was growin in Marcy projects. What type of water Jay-Z was drinkin.
  • Anonymous
    Khaled smells like tuna.
  • GZA
    these miami niggas is all shark ass biters, look at that last ross album, like 3 of the songs were rip offs from 90's classics.
    • Anonymous
      exactly but rick ross fans were born after 1995, they dont know 90's hiphop
    • Anonymous
      Yeah the theme was to have a 90s vibe on the album and to troll white nerds at the same time so the album was a success, we got people that don't like the album more than the people that do wich helps keep it on everybody's radar. Easy win.
  • Anonymous
    Its pretty obvious his copied dude and the fact they have been released so close together and this rappers cover has been out for a while
  • Anonymous
    how many times are things like this gonna happen to this guy and rick ross last time he stole the kiss the ring idea from another upcoming rapper smh
  • Anonymous
    wait so kplley is the first nigga to to bite his chain. dude most smoke dust plus his music sucks. i doubt khaled ever heard of him
    • Anonymous
      Who else did an album cover just like that with the gold teeth and all? It's obviously a rip off.