Macklemore Reveals "Northwest King Salmon" Jordan Melo M10 Shoes

posted Sunday April 20 ,2014 at 05:30PM CDT | 37 comments

Macklemore Reveals

Macklemore recently takes to Instagram to show off his "Northwest King Salmon" Jordan Melo M10 shoes, reveals picture of him with Michael Jordan.

Seattle, Washington native Macklemore recently took to social media to reveal his newest project, a shoe he's releasing via Jordan Brand. 

Taking to Instagram Saturday, the Grammy Award-winning rapper showed off his salmon-colored pair of Jordan Melo M10's dubbed the “Northwest King Salmon” variety. The shoes are appropriately hued in the title color representing his Pacific Northwest background.

Friday, Macklemore performed at the Jordan Brand Classic at the Barclays Center. He also posted to Instagram a photo of him and Michael Jordan with the caption, "The greatest ever... #jordan #selfiedondada."

Macklemore perhaps creates somewhat of a controversy with the reveal of his shoes. In the past he's rapped about ills of consumerism, particularly regarding shoe culture. In the song "WINGS" he raps, "A hundred dollars for a pair of shoes I would never hoop in / Look at me, look at me, I'm a cool kid / I'm an individual, yeah, but I'm part of a movement / My movement told me be a consumer and I consumed it.

"And this pair, this would be my parachute / So much more than just a pair of shoes," he continues later to closeout the track. "Nah, this is what I am / What I wore, this is the source of my youth / This dream that they sold to you / For a hundred dollars and some change / Consumption is in the veins / And now I see it's just another pair of shoes."

View pictures of Macklemore and his Jordan shoes below (photos via Macklemore):

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Comments 37 Posts

  • Young Guwop
    These shoes look mad homo and make Macklemore look even more soft. Nobody will rock them shits. Salmon is just a fancy word for pink. Like Mc Eiht said, "pink is for honies."
  • Anonymous
    Jordan is an uncle tom. Refused to take a picture with chamillionaire. Funny too that he called Kwame Brown a flaming faggot yet he's taking pictures with this dude.
  • Anonymous
    "Getting shoe deals is selling out?" For an indie rapper? Yes.
  • Anonymous
    Cool! :D
  • Anonymous
    they mad now, lol still don't understand "the heist"
  • Anonymous
    Considering that he made "Thrift Shop" and "Wings", this leaves him open to accusations of selling out/hypocrisy... That being said, as far as I'm concerned he should just get his money! He's paid his dues.
  • PatrickDMcClelland
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  • i piss on fags
    Fucking Faggots
  • Anonymous
    Mackelmore is selling out, but hey, you only rap once, so get that paper.
    • Anonymous
      Getting shoe deals is selling out? Then EVERY rapper now is selling out.
    • Anonymous
      every rapper didnt make songs about shopping at thrift stores
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Nice girl shoes.
    Dope kicks. Macklemore is the Jordan of hip-hop, this collabo had to happen.
    • Anonymous
      More like the Chris Bosh of hip hop.
  • come on
    Those shoes are horrible.
  • ofay watcher
    This guy is a homo
    • change
      this guy blows pipes.
  • Anonymous
    waal them shoes are ugly as hell to be expected from macklemore trying to make hip hop pop thats not gna happen hiphop is black
  • wasd
    here's the thing. all rappers are retarded. all rappers looks ridiculous. macklemore is the dumbest. and the ugliest. oif all
    • Anonymous
      I dont know, 2 chainz certainly gives him some competition
  • Anonymous
    Yo, those shoes Re ugly as fuck.
  • ky
    this dude's a mad hypocrite...
    • come on
      Yep. He makes "Thrift Shop," which bashes high-priced clothing, and now he does this with Jordan Brand. But I mean, is anyone surprised?
  • Anonymous
    this nigga aint hip hop!!!
  • Anonymous
    MJ looks happier to be in that picture than Macklemore
    • wads
      it's cool to be depressed
    • Anonymous
      says your moms when she feeds you from her wrinkled tits
  • Elvis
    Macklemore has very nice hair
  • Some Dude
    By far one of the ugliest shoes I've seen. Let's see how many people line up for these just because they are Jordan shoes.
  • V-Nasty is God
    If the nigga is gonna sell out and go against the message of his music, he should at least put his name on some shoes that don't look like inside out vaginas.
  • Anthony
    THOSE kicks are wack. Macklemore is Wack. If people weren't calling the white boy a fag after hearing same love the pink shoes will def signal he's a mo. That color don't work with light skin tones and it don't work with a athletic shoe and its not masculine at all. Soft ass macklemore with some salmon pink shoes.
    • Anonymous
      stfu bitch nigga if that was a new yeezy you would already be in line for that shit faggot
    • Anthony
      I can tell by your response that you like those pink faggot boots you self hating closeted homo. So you bring up the yeezy,, another shoe for the new weak generation of swag fags, like you. and you try to use the gay slurs to deflect from your own frustrations at your sexuality. and all this just to defend the gay pink macklemore shoe you like so much.
    • AnthonyIsABitchNigga
      Anthony, you do realize that that is the salmon color, representing his hometown? I don't like the shoes, but at least I'm not an ignorant faggot ass bitch who spends his time hating on someone. For all we know, you can be gay, spending your time arguing about Macklemore. Shut the fuck up and do something with your life, at least Macklemore could get some puss from the Thrift Shop.
    • Anthony
      wait a second, Your telling me to do something with my life, when you are on here defending a gay pink shoe you supposedly don't like. Seems like you feel the need to stickup for macklemore and his wack pussy colored sneaker you won't admit to liking but will defend so vigorously. I insist that you are indeed the "bitch nigga' and you have just lost sight of this fact. however your actions clearly call to attention your homosexuality and you need to just come to terms with it, the sooner you do you will realize the real reasons you come rushing to defend macklemore's "king salmon sneaker" on message boards. Your gay.