Kendrick Lamar Details Nas' "Illmatic" Impact

posted Thursday April 10 ,2014 at 04:35PM CDT | 61 comments

Kendrick Lamar Details Nas'

Kendrick Lamar also explains how comparisons to Nas help him have confidence in his career.

Kendrick Lamar says some have compared his work with Nas'. 

"We share somewhat of a similar story just being from a community and not being sucked in by what's going on around you," he says in an interview with Google Play. "He's from the projects. I'm from Compton. I'm sure he's seen a lot and done a lot. You hear in my music what's surrounded me and just to be able to elevate your mind alittle bit further passed that through writing is bigger than one song. In order to do that and craft that, it's on another plane and I wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for that album, truthfully.

"Just to know some type of comparison is there, I'm not saying I'm like Nas or like Jay, I want to be Kendrick Lamar, but to just know that I'm on the right plane as far as my subject matter and what he's talking about and what he's done with his career, it makes me a little more confident in what I'm doing," Kendrick Lamar adds. 

In January 2013, Nas celebrated Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city. "No disrespect to nobody else in rap music, but Kendrick Lamar," he said at the time. "I’m really happy about his record. I needed that. His record reaches you. It gives you hope."

When Kendrick Lamar heard about Nas' praise, he discussed his admiration for the Queens, New York emcee.

"That's crazy, I didn't hear that," Lamar said. "That's amazing, just off the fact that it's Nas. You can hear the influence [of him] on my storytelling. For somebody who's been a lead player in this game for so many years, a veteran as far as longevity and skill, that's an accomplishment just on words alone." 


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  • D
    Illmatic is the best rap album to me period. It was written was sick too. "I gave you power" on it was written, that song gives me chills still.
  • Anonymous
    Kendrick on Illmatic: "That's crazy" Kendrick on Nas calling GKMC a classic: "That's crazy" Kendrick on Chris Brown being on GP at a Virginia jail: "That's crazy" Kendrick on Outkast co-headlining Coachella 2014: "That's crazy" Kendrick on the new Yeezys: "That's crazy" Kendrick on the new Boondox season: "That's crazy" Kendrick on people dying in Africa: "That's crazy" Kendrick on a nigga raping his mother in front of him: "That's crazy"
    • Anonymous
      That's lame.
    • Anonymous
      No, that's crazy.
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    Funny...IllMATIC never touched me like that as a whole only because I didn't like the music on that album but his lyrics were top notch. I credit IT WAS WRITTEN as his best work from start to finish. That album changed the game!!!
    • Anonymous
      With liking both albums up & down, I agree IWW was the better work. He was killing them Trackmasters beats.
  • Anonymous
    I'm tired of this bisexual little weirdo rapper.
    • Anonymous
      Who, Drake?
    • Barrio18, E'z up!
      All rappers nowadays are "bisexual weirdo rappers"
  • Anonymous
    Let's keep it 100; GKMC is a classic. If you wanna wait longer to call it that be my guest. But in 5-10 yrs it will be called a classic. Plus, if his sophomore can be just as good, he will solidify his position as a hip hop great!!! Hope he can do it
    • GRiiP
      It definitely wasn't a classic and he'll be just like Young MC, Tone Loc, Warren G and Game in 10 years. All of aforementioned rappers are from the west coast and sold over 5 million copies.
    • ^
      You're kidding, right? This shit is a classic and he won't be like those other artists.
  • Anonymous
    Ok drop that 2nd album Kendrick. I hope the sophomore jinx don't happen to u
    • Anonymous
      He already dropped a second album, it's called Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.
  • Nasw
    Kendrick never let me down.
  • Stoned Hitler Bunny
    Hey, everybody! Did you know that this 4/20 is Easter Sunday, 420, and also Hitler's birthday? Here's how I'm going to celebrate. I'm finna go to church in the morning, get stoned at 4:20 in the afternoon, then go back to the church that evening and destroy everything since Jesus was Jewish. Who's with me?
  • DosBucks
    Illmatic was Nas' best work. It's one of the few albums that can make an African man like myself feel as though I lived a block up from Nasir in the projects.
  • respect is due
    kendrick has paid homage to those who came before him dmx, cube, nas, jay & em etc
  • wads
    why am i still alive
  • Anonymous
    Nas overrated and Kendrick is extremely overrated.
    • keegs
    • D
      What planet you live on?
  • For the goons in Europe
    If you in the UK type 'Illmatic xx special' on youtube n the google play one has a video of this that works for my niggas in uk Ireland france Germany wherever
  • Anonymous
    just you. classic songs back to front. not many albums are as consistent as illmatic.
  • FU
    Too much cock-stroking in the rap game nowadays.
  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!
    Illmatic is a solid east coast album, there's no doubt about that, but am I the only one that thinks it's a touch overrated?? Hell, I think Nas is overrated, just being honest. "It Was Written" is Nas's best album by far.
    • Skool 4 Klownz
      Yeah It Was Written was tight too. But no rap album since 94 has surpassed Illmatic. I thought it was overrated too until I really listen to it. Nas style, flow, lyrics etc. was the best on Illmatic. AZ brought that legendary feature. It had the best NYC producers to bring that classic New York sound. Illmatic might sound outdated to this new generation of skinny jean hipsters but true hop heads know that Illmatic is the ghetto gospel its fuckin incredible.
    • Anonymous
      You also have to look at Illmatic this way, the shit NaS did with Illmatic has never been done in hip hop before. Illmatic was the first album to have a multitude of different producers. NaS fathered a whole style for niggas to run with, nobody was rapping how NaS was before him. Maybe can tip your hat to Rakim, but nobody. Also this nigga was 19-20 when he did Illmatic..The shit he's saying the lyrical prowess on that album is amazing.
    • Anonymous
      the sound of illmatic defines the sound of hip hop to me. it is a perfect record.
  • Anonymous
    He's probably the only new rapper right now downplaying the comments about how his album is a classic. I remember him saying give it a decade before calling it a classic.
    • S. Knowles > Kelis' Ex Husband
      fuck nas
    • Jac
      Yer, Kendrick stays humble about GKMC and pays homage to those that came before him, it works in his favour when you've got just about every other rapper shouting that their album is a classic even before the albums drops. Also though, nobody wants the noose around their neck of the first major album being immediately labeled a classic as thats got to be crazy pressure to live up to while working on the 2nd, Nas, Jay Z, Snoop ect. People are quick to hate on the follow up
  • Niggas Catchphrases
    Kendrick - That's crazy Rick Ross - Most definitely YG - Ya feel me? Jeezy - Real talk 50 Cent - Actual/actually, generate interest, general public/audience, financially stable place Charlamagne - For all intents and purposes Star - I fucks with (insert rapper's name here) heavy
    • Anonymous
      thank you for this comment. we need more comments like this so i hope you will continue to show work
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      if anybody would like to learn more about why niggas employ this catchphrase behavior, read the book The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker.
    • Anonymous
      "Actual/actually, generate interest, general public/audience, financially stable place" LMAO
  • Anonymous
    "I think Illmatic." said everyone in this interview. #redundantdiscription
    • Anonymous
      Well, duh! They're talking about Illmatic.
  • Anonymous
    "He's from the projects. I'm from Compton. I'm sure he's seen a lot and done a lot" Jay walking and stealing cable.
    • Anonymous
    • Lyonel
    • Anonymous
      Is that what you do, Quote-girl?
  • Anonymous
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