Wale Details Altercation At WWE "Raw" Event

posted Tuesday April 01 ,2014 at 08:00PM CDT | 71 comments

Wale Details Altercation At WWE

The rapper says, "Honestly, if there wasn't kids right there, it would have went a little bit differently."

In an interview with MTV, Wale explained his recent altercation at a WWE “Raw” event in Washington D.C. last night (March 31).

While initial reports speculated that the rapper punched a man that was taunting him on Twitter throughout the event, Wale maintained that he just “mushed him a little bit.” "It was just a dude that was like, 'I'mma kick your ass. I better not see you here,'" Wale said. MTV reports that the rapper eventually confronted the man once he found out where he was in the audience.

According to HotNewHipHop, the man Tweeted “Did wale just walk by?! Nahhh b he better come collect this fade” as well as “You at Monday night raw fuckboy?”

Describing the confrontation itself, Wale said he was mindful of children in the audience. "I was like, 'Yo, is this you?'” Wale said. “And one thing lead to another, and I just kind of mushed him a little bit. Honestly, if there wasn't kids right there, it would have went a little bit differently, but I just wanted to be conscious of them. It's not to say it was the right decision. But in the moment, you know."

"People get it misconstrued," he added. "Like, 'Oh, you're so butt-hurt.' It's not even that. I come from a place where when we was at the lunch table and niggas was jonesing on each other, I'll respond. I'm gonna have something better, too. And now we've come to a place where, if you respond, you're a bitch. Somebody could say 'Fuck you' 100 times, if I say 'fuck you' back, then I'm a bitch. And people be like, 'You're famous, you shouldn't care...I care what people say because I try to be a man of the people.”

"I just don't understand, [in] society, why we champion people like that in this day and age," he said. "I remember when people used to admire real people that stand behind their words or are stand-up men. I come from that. I had to address him as such. It wasn't nothing really serious."

A short video of the incident is available below. 

Last night, Wale released a remix of his “Sunshine” single featuring Rick Ross and Common.

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  • He's a rapper, so he must be a gangsta
    Wale didn't even do anything. It looked like a slap fight at first, then it turned into his boys keeping him away. I think wale would've got his dome smacked if he fought that dude. The dude was like 3 times the size of him. And don't be saying its like David and Goliath, because even Goliath can't feel tiny punches when your that fat.
  • Anonymous
    the funny thing is wale tried to beat up the only person in the building who knew who he was or that he's a "famous rapper".
  • MMG is gayy
    Wale is a fucboy
  • Rozay O'Donnell
    Here at M.M.G, we don't like to play games with people. Whenever others foolishly decide to confront us or even so much as look at us the wrong way, they receive a lesson in the school of hard knocks. So to all of you internet nerds who like to talk shit on Twitter or HipHopDx, I suggest you think before you type any disparaging comments about me, my boss, or my label mates, or feel the fury that is Maybach Music Group.
    • Anonymous
      Gunplay caught dat fury a few times.
  • Rozay O'Donnell
    Wale certainly taught that poor fool a lesson. If either Rick Ross or myself had intervened, I guarantee he would've gotten his ass kicked or even worse.
    • Anonymous
      "or even worse" Drugged and taken home to be enjoyed and he ain't even know?
  • Oliver
    should've punched him in the face, kids like a good fight. I'm being serious
  • Anonymous
    "come see me in the ring and catch this stunner @wale" lmfao
    • Anonymous
      Wale tried to fight a geek who threatened him with a wrestlign movie lmao
  • Vince McMahon
    You niggas is restless. Hilarious comments by all.
  • Anonymous
    Still nigga, you was at a fuckin WWE event. I cannot ever respect you for attending some bullshit ass show like this. Just take the L and keep it moving.
  • scared to walk the street dolo
    wale is such a lame fuck-boy who listens to this faggots music
  • Hector
    and whenever there's stories about this guy it always has to be because of foolish things that he says or does. nigga could've just ignored it cause it doesnt impact his life or bring any significant changes or whatever. its pointless shit.
  • Anonymous
    I wonder if he writes poems about his fav wrestlers.
  • Hector
    Wale is a terrible rapper. His older mixtapes dope tho. This nigga says he cares what people think but obviously he doesnt care enough to stop making terrible music smh. thats just my opinion tho.
  • Anonymous
    Just a matter of time before WHOOPI get her ass WHOOPED...this girl needs couseling...
    • Anonymous
      Yung Whoopi! LOLOL
  • Anonymous
    Wale can't be letting. These fools get to him, they looking for a check and that's it. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there
  • Rozay O'Donnell
    I noticed a lot of the comments on here and I have to say, you people remind me of the man that Wale confronted: cowardly bullies that talk a bunch of shit online, but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. That white guy is lucky that all Wale did was mush him back, otherwise it would've been an entirely different story. My fellow artists/friends at M.M.G are heavily trained in various forms of martial arts, so it's not a good idea to pick a fight with us, as this poor sap learned.
    • Anonymous
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Good joke.
    • POPE
      Wale is lucky a bunch of drunk white dudes didnt roll on him. even better. he's lucky it wasn't some brolic black dude that likes to smack up dudes smaller than him.
  • Anonymous
    These MMG artists can't stop embarrassing Ross and his brand. Wale threatening niggas over twitter and screaming at magazines for not liking his album. Meek Mill out here getting bodied by a washed up Cassidy. Gunplay getting knocked out at his own show in Tampa, after getting a G-Unit beatdown and his MMG chain snatched and put in a 50 music video with Jeezy and Snoop.
    • Anonymous
      GUnit artists embarrassed themselves worse than any crew in history back when GUnit existed before they disappeared down the sewar after their brand became wiggerized and fugazi. 50 uploading gay looking pics to his Instagram and screaming at Stout for not liking his work ethic. Yayo out here begging for a job on social media after Sheek bodies him on wax and he dissing 50 at the same damn time. Young Buck getting his chain snatched, crashing a motorcycle and going bankrupt and to prison while dissing 50 in his raps GUnit Blood members like Mazaradi Fox getting murdered while GUnit crips Like 40 Glocc get beat up on camera and thrown in bushes. G Unit had to sign the white DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore just so their fanbase would have something ro brag about.
    • Anonymous
      feelings were caught
  • Anonymous
    Wale = More girls Drake = More girls Lil Wayne = More girls Justin Bieber = More girls Miley Cyrus = More girls Nas = Less girls Wu Tang Clan = Less girls Kendrick = Less girls 50 Cent = Less girls Eminem = Less girls
    • Simp Nikkas Make Me Laugh
      You = No girls at all
    • Anonymous
      OP, you just went full retard.
  • Dewayne
    What the hell wrong with yall? The man can't go to a wrestling event? SMH
    • Anonymous
      not without being called a geeky loser
    • Anonymous
      A 30 year old black man at a wrestling event in 2014? Cmon son. Somethings not right.
    • Anonymous
      So what if he likes wrestling? Get off his dick and get a life.
    • ^
      You should do the same thing.
  • willy esco
    what rapper you know goes to see wrestling match seriously Wale how old are you? and you still watching wrestling and you have no kids i hope you was taking you nephew or little brother or something like WTF
  • Wale
  • Triple H
    Dat nigga lucky i wasnt there. I wouldve beat his wack rappin ass.
  • John Cena
    Bitch nigga, you betta not show up again faggot.
  • Hogan
    wale I will drop kick you nigga
  • Anonymous
    Wale is bragging about this? He basicly threw a tear at him... youre not hard Wale dont act it.
  • Anonymous
    This nigga Wale's a sensitive diva.
    • Ano ni mouth
      LMFAOOO!!!!!...Wale is a bitch just like Kanye
  • Anonymous
    If this was 50 Cent confronting Steve Stout over Steve saying he hadn't made a hit song in a while then all the Gaunit nerds would be cheering like Yayo smacked a child.
    • Anonymous
      u mad?
  • Anonymous
    Man, Kanye and Wale let these hater white boys bait them into confrontations just so they can sue us and make us look like aggressive animals. ....that's what ya boys is for, have ya boys break bones in theses fags faces Ike you ain't had shit to do with it.
    • Anonymous
      wale aint got shit to sue for