Will Smith, Eminem & Ice Cube Named "The Best Rappers-Turned-Actors"

posted Wednesday March 26 ,2014 at 03:20PM CDT | 49 comments

Will Smith, Eminem & Ice Cube Named

Mark Wahlberg, LL Cool J and Mos Def are named as some of Green Label's "Best Rappers-Turned-Actors."

Will Smith, Ice Cube and Mark Wahlberg are among the artists named on Green Label’s list of “Hip Hop Goes Hollywood: The Best Rappers-Turned-Actors.” 

"There’s something about emceeing that channels some of the same qualities required of acting,” the Green Label article says. "You have to captivate your audience, be able to tell a story, and definitely be able to display emotion if you want to be any good at it. That’s why a few rappers have made it big in the acting game."

Unlike many of the rappers on the list, Method Man has primarily played in smaller roles.

"No one’s ever going to mistake Method Man for a Will Smith or a Mark Wahlberg, but man, does that guy have on-screen presence,” the article says. "Early on in his acting career, Meth preferred to either play a version of himself or a criminal of some sort, specifically in his roles on The Wire, in Cop Land, and the like. However, in recent years, Meth’s film choices have notably diversified with him snagging roles in Garden State, Red Tails, and The Mortician.”

To read the full list of “Hip Hop Goes Hollywood: The Best Rappers-Turned-Actors,” visit Green Label.

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Comments 49 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Hands down Will Smith is a legend first. Second, P. Diddy in Greek.. Classic
  • Anonymous
    another list from another bunch of unqualified goofballs Eminem gets a nod for one movie but Puffy, Snoop, Sticky Fingaz, TI are left off and they've done many other roles and gotten much more film work
  • Anonymous
    People still on Pac's nuts...even as an actor. WOW! Pac took his acting career to the Hip Hop world and never stopped acting....Pac was continuing his role as BISHOP in Hip Hop. PAHTNAH!
  • Syrus
    how about Tupac & Ice Cube? they were the 1st major rap stars to make into the big screen! much luv & respect to the Fresh Prince, but uhm... Shady? NO!
  • Anonymous
    Ice Cube and Will Smith are the only people who should be discussed. Too many classics between the two! My boy Yasiin Bey gets honorable mention..the rest are some tv niggas
  • Anonymous
    Another POINTLESS article by the DX STAFF
  • doggfather
    Eminem actor with one film where he played himself??? Marky Mark rapper?? LOL And where is Ice-T who is a main character on a tv show over a decade?
    • Sam Lifstein
      ^Clearly never saw The Wash
    • Anonymous
      he was barely in the wash n he sucked balls the Eminem stans took day off school to suck shadys acting cock
  • COCA
    • MECCA1000
      Mighty Mos is actually an actor turned rapper ......
  • Tony
    Ludacris????...They just dickriding eminem..this list is bull!
  • Anonymous
    That list is bullshit
  • Da24oud
    2pac 10th? FOH... If he never died he would've been second to Will Smith
    • Nate2g3
      But he didnt live, he died........ so he's 10th!!!!! Move on.
  • T
    ice t, tyrese, ll cool j, t.i.
  • Anonymous
    Queen Latifah > These ninjas
  • MystikalRayjah
    2Pac is the best rapper turned actor without a doubt. R.I.P.
  • Anonymous
    I heard Lord Jamar, Nick Cannon, and Benzino are forming a group ? Album will be called "we run this loser shit"
    • Anonymous
      you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • COCA
  • Anonymous
    Em doesn't strive for .. or want to be an actor .. and he still made the list. It's because Benzino is a fag
  • Benzino Goon Squad
    The only reason why Eminem made this list was because he's White. He gets on here for a mediocre movie he claims was about his life? Fuck him and his popstar bullshit! Real hood niggas are waiting on that new Benzino record. It's going to be a hood classic. #BGS2014 #Eminemisthewhitedevil
    • Anonymous
      Fuckup cunt you're allshit.
  • Anonymous
    Eminem makes one movie and he's named the best actor? Wtf happened to "Have gun will travel? Or "Shady Tales? I'd say Marky Mark is the best rapper turned actor. I'm not saying he was any good at rapping, but he deserves that spot if a white guy has to be on the list...
    • Anonymous
      Marky Mark is a faggot who thinks he's the best rapper.
    • Anonymous
      I don't think he's ever said that dawg...
  • Honorable mention?
    Lord Jamar, Treach, Chino XL, Diddy, MC Eiht, Camron, Beanie Siegel, Saigon, Gravy, Snoop, Big Boi, Wiz khalifa, Redman.
    • Anonymous
      I heard Lord Jamar, Macklemore, and Nick Cannon were all hanging out again .. that's great news for the "I'm a fuckin loser" club
  • Anonymous
    What about Rick Ross?
    • ^
      He stays in character longer than Sasha Von Cohen
    • Anonymous
      Good One ^.
  • Method man as cheese funniest rapper role
    I checked the list they really put Eminem on there over common rza ice t and dmx lmao
  • jurgen
    the "slashie" award...
  • sam snead
    Will Smith and Wahlberg are on a way higher level than the rest but Mos Def and Common are good, T.I has potential to be a good actor
    • Funky Bunch Nigga
      always forget bout Wahlberg being a rapper he has more street cred than most rappers as well lol (he got done for attempted murder when he was 16 or sumthing) and yea mos def n common dope
  • Anonymous
    wire wasn't really a version of himself. yeah he was a criminal, but it wasn't really like him.
  • mac DIESEL
    • Anonymous
      I'm a little confused? was your opinion "fuck outta here" or "that was acting" .. lol It's easier to hate on the dumb person typing then an opinion anyway ..
    • Anonymous
      Eminem is the best bitch
  • Anonymous
    If Eminem took a shit people would say oh thats the best shit ive ever seen
    • Anonymous
      Whole ak?
  • Anonymus
    No DMX? Ludacris? Ice T? Scott Caan? Ja Rule?
    • Anonymous
      dmx and ja suck at acting.
    • Anonymus
      So does Eminem but they got him on there so why not? At least DMX was in some dope movies.
  • Dough Boy
    Eminem? 8 Mile he just played himself without smiling and lookin depressed as fuck n the wash he played a weirdo angry white guy wit a gun FOH. DMX and 2pac the best I can think of
    • Anonymous
      for real lol eminem?
    • Anonymous
      did you just say DMX was a good actor?
    • Anonymous
      You're a gay cunt, of course you're gonna be depressed if you're poor as fuck and nobody accepts you for rapping in a black community, fuck up bitch.