Young Thug's Next Project To Be Titled "Carter VI"

posted Tuesday March 25 ,2014 at 12:00PM CDT | 31 comments

Young Thug's Next Project To Be Titled

Young Thug speaks on the lack of competition in today's music, his experience at South By Southwest.

In countless interviews, Atlanta rapper Young Thug has expressed his admiration for Young Money emcee Lil Wayne, an artist he says is his idol. And with the announcement that Tha Carter V will serve as the final album in Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter series, Young Thug has revealed that his new project will be titled Carter VI.

“Nah, I just feel like I’m that big,” Young Thug said after he announced the name of his next project. “Cause he feel like after Tha Carter V he ain’t gonna make no more music. Cause he feel like can’t nobody make music like that.”

During an interview with MTV earlier this month, Wayne declared that Tha Carter V would serve as the final album in Tha Carter series and would also be his last solo album.

“I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes, and it's definitely the final Carter album," Weezy said while speaking with MTV. "It's the final Carter album. It's stopping at five. I didn't smile when I said it."

Both Lil Wayne and Young Thug were one of a number of artists present at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas earlier this month. While speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, Thug revealed that he was leery of attending the festival at first, but after attending, he says he doesn’t plan on missing the next one.

“Fuck yeah, I enjoyed it. I didn’t even wanna go at first, man. When I [stayed] there for like three, four days. Oh yeah, I ain’t never missing the next one,” Young Thug said before speaking on his competition. “I feel like if I did step into the world I wouldn’t feel like it’s no competition.”

In addition to referring to Lil Wayne as his idol during an interview with Fader magazine in February, Young Thug also doted on the New Orleans spitter while speaking with Complex at the top of the year about his dream collaborations.

“Yeah. Because he has 10-15 years in the game on top and the fact that he knows he can lean back and retire and he still doesn’t,” he said. “I hope Wayne is listening, I want to get in the studio with Wayne more than anybody in the world. I’ll get in the studio with Wayne before Michael Jackson right now so I hope he listening.”

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  • Anonymous
    Lil Wayne-his idol. Wow, he would fit in perfectly in any ol' plantation, picking cotton. Sad, what happened to the Talented Tenth?
  • V-Nasty is God
    Lyrically he's ass He picked the most generic name in rap history He calls himself a "stoner" even though he stay twitching like a junkie He paints his nails, calls his homeboys "lovers", and rocks clothes made for little girls yet claims he's straight He dickrides Lil Wayne's sorry ass so hard that he called him "the next Tupac" and now he's jacking his album series ...all that should be enough to ignore the weird ass nigga but I still fuck with his music though. That Danny Glover track bump harder than a orgy of fat bitches. EVERY TIME I FUCK I GOTTA HIT ME LEAST LIKE TWO BITCHES! THUGGER! It's so catchy.
  • Anonymous
    he wears dresses. he admitted in a recent interview with complex that he wears a leopard print dress designed for young girls over his skinny jeans but he wont tell you where he gets it at so you can jack his swag...
  • POPE
    Such a damn Fairy lol
  • Anonymous
    They all faggs
  • imho
    what would that make me if I supported a junkie homo crackhead..I wont ever buy this itchy fucks music.
    • Anonymous
      a gay rights activist?
  • Verbal Tim
    Young Thug is one of the best rappers of the 2010s
    • Anonymous
      Please die now. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Nigga sounds like he in LOVE..
  • Anonymous
    lol yo who the fuck is this young thug nicca??? u ain't god nicca
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    Does this weak ass nigga actually have fans? I think all you gotta do is blow or know the right nigga in the rap industry and you in the club. Look at french montana. Its BEEN obvious this rap shit aint about flow or lyrics anymore.
    • Anonymous
      frenchie had mixtapes on the ground for years in the bx, but you claiming detroit, you wouldn't know that which brings me to another thought, the 20 + cats from the D I know don't talk that language you speaking, you looking funny in the light
  • Anonymous
    Well yes Thug, chances are you will get in the studio with Weezy before Michael Jackson on account of Michael being deceased and all!
    • Anonymous
      He was talking about a local wack rapper named michael jackson.
  • Anonymous
    One Question: Who this? Stupid DX done collect promo $$$ to report this.
    • DX
  • Anonymous
    he has to find a way to keep waynes dick in his mouth this fag
  • OUCH!
  • TruthMachine
    Who the fuck cares if Wayne stops making albums called "The Carter"? What does that even mean? It's as arbitrary a title as Jay's Blueprint series. And he's implying he's crying-sad over not being to call his albums Carter 6, Carter 7, Carter 8? Who. Cares. And what kind of lazy piece of shit steals another rappers album title, and adds a number to it, like it's a sequel? Piggybacking and straight up biting is cool now? Check it out guys, it's Cuban Linx 4! Here's my new album, Illmatic 9! Rappers are so stupid it hurts my head.
  • Anonymous
    if this is true, then this is dick riding at its worst
  • Anonymous
    Fuck this fool! and fucl lil !!!!GAY!!!ne
  • Anonymous
    What's next, a collobration album with wayne?
  • Anonymous
    might be stupid if its talk and hype, but its brilliant if they do it right.
  • Anonymous
    i give this guy a year tops till he goes away and something new takes his place
    • Anonymous
      cosign this is 2014's Chief Keef
  • wack
    I hope Wayne is listening, I want to get in the studio with Wayne more than anybody in the world. Ill get in the studio with Wayne before Michael Jackson right now so I hope he listening. Does he realise MJ is as dead as Wayne's career?
  • Anonymous
    quick, someone get this boy a book
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Nice job on reporting the news, you fucking, stupid cunt.