Missy Elliott Details Eminem Collaboration "Busa Rhyme" Off "Da Real World"

posted Friday March 21 ,2014 at 10:30AM CDT | 28 comments

Missy Elliott Details Eminem Collaboration

Missy Elliott says "Da Real World" was her toughest album to create.

When Missy Elliott was working on Da Real World in the late 1990s, she felt she needed Eminem on the album.

"He hadn't even came out with 'My Name Is' yet," Missy says of her 1999 Eminem collaboration "Busa Rhyme" in an interview with Billboard. "I heard something of his and instantly told Tim[baland], 'I need this guy on my album.' Immediately when I heard him rap, I thought, 'He's special.' I had the label reach out to [Dr.] Dre. He did (his verse). I heard it and thought, 'Oh, he's going to blow up!'"

Missy Elliott Calls Da Real World The "Toughest Album To Make" 

The Eminem collaboration's placement on Da Real World, a project Missy calls her "toughest album to make. 

"It was my hardest album because by that time the expectations were a lot higher. Once you get over that sophomore album, you feel like you're staying. It was the toughest album to make. I thought, 'What do people expect of me next?' There weren't any expectations for the first album. The second album was like, 'This first album has got all these great reviews so where I do go from here?' I was over-thinking everything. I didn't think twice about videos, but yes for music. 'Ah, I don't like that.' I drove Tim crazy.'"

Missy says she has not given herself a deadline for her new album. "I don't work well under pressure," she says. "I decided this time I'm going to work at my own pace. When I drop whatever I drop, it's going to be worth every year people have waited."

In February, Missy discussed her hiatus from music.

"When I create something, it’s gotta be special and it can’t just be to throw something out there because I feel like I’m Missy," she said at the time. "I gotta feel like what I’m giving the fans is 100 percent and that it’s game-changing. I don’t just throw out microwave records...When you are creating to the magnitude that I try to create, your brain is like a computer sometimes," Missy added. "It needs to refresh...Your brain needs time to refresh."

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  • Anonymous
    Omg a classic, fuck macklemore
  • @dstry
    Buddy I'm no conspiracy theorist, I'm realist, I believe in what I see with my own eyes shit that u are too blinded to notice. They don't only have control over the music industry, they have control over the world economy, over presidents, over politicians.. U can choose to believe non of it is real but there is far more to what u see n what u believe. And what u consider "real problems" many are caused or created by them as part of their agenda.
  • HR
    Em fucking killed it!!! "I'm bringing you rap singers two middle fingers. I flip you off in French then translate into English. Then Imma vanish off the face of the planet and come back speaking so much Spanish, Pun can't even understand it" DAMN
  • Anonymous
    missy and em classic
  • Anonymous
    love the old slim
  • Anonymous
    shady and misdeameaner vs the world
  • Anonymous
    classic slim
  • Anonymous
    nice track
  • Anonymous
    em stay winning
  • Anonymous
    em murked her
    • Anonymous
      It ain't like it's hard to "murk" Missy Elliott, but I fell what u saying
  • Anonymous
    it seemed like eminem feat missy elliot
    • Anonymous
      how? he only had a verse on it lol
    • frijoanejo
      u srs ^ he rapped for like 80% of the song and then missy had a tiny part at the end, first anon is right
  • Andres Tardio the worst hiphop journalist ever
    Really a story about an album which is 15 years old???????
  • Missy Elliott Is A Dyke
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    • Anonymous
      lol wtf did you say?
  • A Trillionaire
    That's an awesome story. Missy is truly a genius.
  • Anonymous
    Her first album was better though, nothing better than the classic Timbo sound
  • west west yall
    Classic crazy shady bars..........RIP Snoops uncle june bugg remember that OG on cribs and touring with him funny dude
  • Anonymous
    • dstry
      dstroy nu wrld orda ye man ye man ye man lol ur so smart and ur such a revolutionary all hail anonymous i love ur work ...how you focus on bullshit rather than the REAL problems in the world, SMH
    • @ dstry
      @ dstry many of the "real problem" are caused my the new world order.. Start opening your eyes and stop being a sheep
    • dstry
      fuckin conspiracy theorists' you are the sheep, following whatever some crazy rapper or stupid YouTube video says. You do know all these stupid Illuminati conspiracys were popularized in america by right wing fascists who felt threatened by more open minded people so they decided to start talking about the "new world order" and the "Illuminati" just to scare people into voting for them. All you conspiricy theorists think you are fuckin activists or some shit when in reality you are just sitting on your computer and typing bullshit. This whole new world order bullshit has been so over hyped in hip hop that no one even knows what it is they just feel obliged to say "fck the new world order". Go and protest a real world issue, there are people being slaughtered and people starving out there so stop focusing on some stupid conspiracy theory SMH
  • lel
    more lyk missy smelliot and feminem LOL am i rite ppl? AM I RITE? lol im on a roll today loll ahahha
    • John the Maniac
      R.I.P. English
  • Anonymous
    im not a huge fan of women rappers, but missy Ive always liked, good thing shes taking time to release quality music instead of throwing things out there like everyone else does nowadays..
    • Anonymous
      Shut up you silly honkie.