Soulja Boy Details Aspirations To Be "The Best Rapper" & Plans "We Made It" Video Featuring Drake

posted Tuesday March 18 ,2014 at 09:50AM CDT | 59 comments

Soulja Boy Details Aspirations To Be

Soulja Boy: "I want another platinum album. I want another diamond album. I want a Grammy. I want a collab with Jay Z. I want a collab with Rihanna."

Soula Boy, 23, has been rapping professionally for at least six years and he says he's learned to deal with detractors during that time. 

"I’ve been dealing with them my whole career," Soulja Boy says in an interview with XXL. "They been hating on me ever since I came out when I was 17. I’ve been dealing with it. They not relevant. Who are they? You know what I’m saying? I just feel like I’ve been dealing with that since I was a young Soulja. I’m used to it, man. Fuck ‘em. I’m just gonna do me. Do me, bruh. That’s it."

Soulja Boy says he has used this strategy for years, but adds that it's not the only reason he's found success.

"What’s my secret is just, I really like what I do," Soulja Boy says. "I like making music. I like swagging. I like shooting videos. I want to be the best rapper. Really. Deep down. As much as niggas hate on me and talk shit, I still come out with the hits. I still make the hardest beats. I drop a video all the time. I always have people talking about me. I always rock. My secret is, I really want this shit. You know what I am saying? A lot of rappers , they be in this position, they don’t really want this shit. I really want that shit. I want [the] top spot. I had the No. 1 song hella times. I want to be the best.

"I want another platinum album," Soulja Boy adds. "I want another diamond album. I want a Grammy. I want a collab with Jay Z. I want a collab with Rihanna. Me and Wayne turnt up. Me and Drake turnt up. Me and 50 turnt up. I turned up with a lot of niggas man. Migos is my bros, we got a lot of new shit that’ll kill they ass. What I’m working for right now man is the next spot. I want to be in this shit—how many more years do I got left? 20? 30? Good 20-30 in the game? I’m 23, I ain’t gonna be rapping when I am 40. I’ma stop at, like, 30-something. Retire at 29 or some shit. I feel like once I’m 30—'OK, I’m going to own a corporation or some shit.'”

Soulja Boy says he is working on a music video for "We Made It" featuring Drake

"We gonna make a video for sure," Soulja says. "Video is coming. The treatment is crazy. It’s coming for sure. I think people are going to like it, man. I’m just turning up. I am just doing me. Drake, that’s the homie. People really like that record. Everywhere I go, they play it. Everywhere, it is getting bigger than I thought it was going to be. You gotta catch up to it."

In January, Soulja Boy spoke about how "We Made It" came together.

“I just been in the studio working,” Soulja Boy said when asked about the record. “That was really like a intro record. Drake hit me and he was like, ‘Yo this is crazy.’ And we just put it out. The streets just been loving it. It’s crazy.”

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  • Ken Junior (EA)
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  • JayDubb
    All THIS FOOL gonna have is a cellmate named BUBBA who reams him nightly & finishes on his Grammys, no Rhianna collabs & certainly NO ONE will EVER think of this DUMBASS as 'the greatest rapper'! WHO even gives this nitwit the space to 'talk' about his dillusions?!@!
  • Anonymous
    soulja got that sack though
  • Hoop Dreams
    Soula Boy keep dreaming.
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  • smh
    does this guy not know its 2014..the word swag died last decade lmao.. on that note you aint shit and will never pop again.
  • titog0d
    Yoooo soulja boy is one of the dopest lyricists of all time how many cats had a new dance and went triple platinum. When they open the hip hop hall of fame he gonna get his own wing, him and makeralmore along with riffraff...that's my word b they be bustin all the dope moves!!
    • riff raff
      Thanks mane I always beliebed in my self and ain't your average middle of the mall cat. I'm more like food court. I eat rappers asses for breakfast!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      Don't drag Macklemore in with wack ass riff raff and soulja boy.
    • trey
      Only gay white people think macklemore is dope. He's trash getup
    • Anonymous
      Macklemore isn't anything special but he definitely doesn't deserve to be grouped in with Soulja Boy.
  • Anonymous
    ninja please
  • fuck soulja boy
    does this faggot know what a diamond album is? his last pathetic excuse of an album moved less than 15K units in its first week, his twitter followers weren't even dumb enough to waste $ on that garbage. the sound of vomitting a bulemic bitch's mouth is superior to anything this faggot can ever accomplish. this fuckin homo is an insult to the concept of sound.
  • Anonymous
    This guy may be able to change his lyrical ability(though I don't see that happening myself), but he can't change his god awful voice. This guys career is just swimming in a cess pool.
  • Anonymous
    he can inspire all he wants but the reality is he still has that little man mentality that stops him from growing you can't "swag out & party" until 30 and then run a corporation, it's doomed to fail. when you're 30, you'll still want to "swag out & party", 30 isn't the new 50, so don't fool yourself otherwise this alone is a strong indication that he's headed for that downfall we've seen many, many others go thru he has no direction
  • Anonymous
    To be the best rapper, you have to have some skills. So far, Soulja Boy is a poor excuse of a rapper and a poor excuse of a producer, so he has no qualifications to be the best.
  • The Fuccery
    To be the best rapper? A billion rappers around the world would suddenly have to die for that happen & even then, there's aspiring unborn babies better than this nigga. And another "platinum" & "diamond" album? Nigga never had a diamond album to begin with, and he went platinum with the audio equivalent of eating from a truck stop toilet bowl. Besides, didn't sales for his 2nd album drop like a muhfucka & everything else after that has done double balsa wood numbers? This nigga would need a new dance that would have the clubs, the streets, the kids & everyone getting it in & remixing & making their own like it was 2007 all over again... and it gonna happen again.
  • Anonymous
    Why hate on Soulja boy? He went no.1 all by himself without any guests. That's impressive.
    • Anonymous
      He's a terrible rapper making terrible music and got famous off a stupid dance.
  • V-Nasty is God
    "I want another diamond album".... "another"? Nigga never had a diamond album and the only reason he went platinum is off that one gimmick dance song in 2007, doubt he can recreate that. It's cute he has aspirations to be the best but it's never gonna happen. Ever. This nigga is the Adam Morrison of rap. btw 'Nigga we made it' was a dope song, but he didn't even have a verse in it. What he gonna do in the video, stand behind Drake and ad lib?
    • Anonymous
      That's what I said. He never had a diamond album and only went platinum the 1st time because, unlike officer ricky, crank that was playing everywhere. His next albums all bombed.
    • Kill white Nasty
      You talking about Soulja but you listen to V-nasty??? Really?? Soulja is better than 90% of the rappers in the game.. y'all just never listen to his mixtapes.. Soulja got classics... so hush ya mouth CLOWN.
  • who's the wackest rapper ever?
  • Anonymus
    Told ya'll dumb muthafuckas you weren't going to admit being a Soulja boi fan once he fell off. What happen to the "stop hatin he makes more than you" niggas at? Huh? Where's the "you hating cuz you broke" niggas at? All you grown crack babies used to defend the shit out of him, now you act like it didn't happen. YMCMB MMG fans are next.
    • Anonymous
      Try harder
    • Anonymous
      Who's trying?
    • Ya Grandpa
      @first anon So true, i think the dumb ass youngsters have grown up and realized "DAYUM THIS NIGGA IS GARBAGE" and don't want to take up for his ass no more
  • Anonymous
    i really wanna meet the fags dat actually listens to his dis is the shit that gets played on the radio and they ignore rappers that can actually rap...souja cant even rap to save his life..bitch pls!!...talking about being d best...u r among d worst rappers of all time fag!
    • Anonymous
      You still wish you was him,who knows you bitch ass lazy life
    • Anonymous
      Who wants to be a washed-up has-been like Soulja Boy? I'd rather be Jay Z or Diddy.
    • Anonymous
      u r just too stupid! why will i want to be like him???
  • COCA
  • Anonymous
    "I want another platinum album. I want another diamond album. " Since when did he have a diamond album?
    • Anonymous
      in his dreams.
    • Anonymous
      He sold 12 million unaccounted copies of his debut album.
    • Anonymous
      ^ Only in his wet dreams.
    • Wikipedia
      Sales: debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart with 117,000 copies sold in the first week. The album has since sold 949,000 copies in the US according to Nielsen Soundscan.[15] Track listing[edit]
    • Anonymous
      ^I hate soulja boy but unlike officer ricky, he did go platinum.