Juicy J Wants To Twerk With Adele

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Juicy J Wants To Twerk With Adele

Juicy J reveals plans to start the Juicy J Scholarship Foundation, says "The Hustle Continues" will focus on struggle and hustle.

Months after the release of Stay Trippy and North Memphis, Tennessee rapper Juicy J is already at work crafting his next studio album. Currently titled The Hustle Continues, Juicy J’s fourth studio album will reportedly boast a less trippy sound and will instead focus on the Three 6 Mafia member’s life story.

Juicy J spoke briefly on his next major project during a recent interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, informing listeners that The Hustle Continues will showcase the struggle he’s faced and the hustle that helped get him to where he is today.

“[Stay] Trippy I was just kicking it and doing my party thing,” Juicy J said. “Cause at the time that was what I was doing, but I still got a little bit of that on there. But I’m talking more about the industry. I was raised like six people in a two-bedroom apartment. You know, the struggle. The hustle I went through to get where I am today. So, it’s a lot of things that I want people to hear about. What really went on in my life. Besides just turning up and all that.”

The Southern wordsmith also addressed his $50,000 Twerk Scholarship, which was recently awarded to a 19-year-old student at State College of Florida. According to Juicy J, the scholarship “wasn’t really about twerking” and those critical of the giveaway didn’t read the fine print. He later revealed his plans to launch the Juicy J Scholarship Foundation.

“Actually, at the end of the day it wasn’t really about twerking,” he said. “A lot of people didn’t read the fine print. It said submit a video in telling why you deserve a scholarship. And a young lady out of Florida. This 19-year-old mom and she read the fine print and she won. But I am starting a Juicy J Scholarship Foundation…Just try to help people in school. Maybe help some homeless person out [or] something like that.”

Towards the end of his interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, Juicy J named pop star Miley Cyrus as his favorite twerker before naming the artist he’d most like to twerk with.

“I like Adele’s music, man. I think that’d be great,” the rapper said when asked who he’d like to twerk with.

During an interview with Power 105.1s’s The Breakfast Club earlier this month, Juicy J revealed that The Hustle Continues will not include many guest features.

“Nah, because I got a lot to say on this album, man,” he said when asked about The Hustle Continues features. “You know what I’m saying? I been doing this for so long, so I got a story to tell. It’s like I gotta tell ‘em where it all began and where it is now. But I been doing this for so long, man. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m just taking advantage of everything, man."

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  • Anonymous
    Adele twerking will give me nightmares for years.
  • Anonymous
    Adele wants to twerk on 50 cent
  • Anonymous
    Nigga please. Ur run is over
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      Katy Perry struggled with unconditionally so she needed him to make things right again.
  • IROC
    Ignorance sales use a dumb title and degrade poor female college students and this puppet will be able to make money and keep his face on the scene for a few more minutes
  • Pat
    This title sounds wrong
  • The South > Y'all
    This nija winnin right now
  • Anonymous
    Juicy J can't afford Adele. Maybe Demi Lovato.
    • COCA
    • Anonymous
      She needed him after that unconditionally flop.
  • Anonymous
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  • drake runs rap
    juicy j better keep on dreaming cause drake already tapped that ass and made her twerk adele is simply to expensive for juicy j maybe he should settle down for someone more realistic considering his income only someone as respected and succesful as drake can make the international superstars drop theyr panties for him
    • Anonymous
      Never go full retard.