Rick Ross Says He Changed His Diet To Get "A Little More Sleek"

posted Tuesday March 11 ,2014 at 05:00PM CDT | 192 comments

Rick Ross Says He Changed His Diet To Get

Rick Ross says Maybach Films will direct their first motion picture before the year is up.

Now that Rick Ross’ sixth studio album, Mastermind, has officially hit shelves, the Miami rapper is now focused on his health and wellness. While speaking with DJ Big Bink from Columbus, Ohio radio station Power 107.5, the Maybach Music Group founder stated that he’s on his way to becoming more sleek and is focused on getting more rest and working out.

“I had to change a few things, man,” Ross said. “I had to try to get me a little more sleek. Get me a little rest. You know what I’m saying? I had to change my diet. To all the ladies listening, go to my Instagram ladies…Y’all let me know if y’all see my workout kicking in yet. You heard me?”

Over two years ago, Ross suffered a seizure while on a plane traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee. As a result of the rapper’s seizure, the plane he was traveling on was forced to make an emergency landing.

Following the incident, Ross revealed that he was attempting to change his lifestyle and had “great intentions” when it concerned his health.

In addition to speaking on his health, Ross addressed his newly-released Mastermind album and updated listeners on the status of Maybach Films.

“On this album, man, I just really wanted to eclipse everything that I did since ’06,” he said. “I wanted to just bring it all together music-wise. I wanted everybody that went and got this album to feel like it was something for everybody on there. And it was the very best of the best. You know? So, it’s all about pulling those ideas together. And making it happen…At the end of the year we directing our first motion picture. So, we finalizing the scripts right now, so it’s gon’ be big man. It’s something I’m really looking forward to doing.”

Released on March 3, Rick Ross’ Mastermind album is executive produced by Diddy and includes guest appearances from Jeezy, Jay Z, French Montana, Lil Wayne, and a handful of other artists.

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  • A Trillionaire
    Rick you are still fat as fuck my dude. Don't even embarrass yourself by saying your trying to lose weight. Even if you dropped 100 lbs it would hardly be noticeable. Play up the fat boy image that has been working for ya so far.
  • Anonymous
    a million people already bought Pharrell's single so it's no surprise that they didn't rush out to buy the album before he has another song on the charts.
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    Mr Rozay has had prior relationships with Trina, Foxxy Brown, Elise Neal, TipDrill, Shateria EL Chelsea Clinton and Khloe Katdashian. Oh you think you get girls now cuz of your looks? Negro Please
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  • bigmeech
    u ross stans make me sick. u can tell from the comments who the real are from the fake, who understands record sales and who doesn't. who understands why ross has a number 1 album and who doesn't. take a look at this, ross fans are rejoicing today putting handcuffs on each other because their favorite cop turned studio gangster has the number 1 album at 185k. 185k? someone lyin here or def jam and diddy and khaled and birdman do for every artist they're constantly fucking in the ass: buy back records. it doesn't take a whole lot of money to purchase 100k records to fool the public into thinking an album is more than what it is. i mean if the numbers came out and ross only did 85k what would be the perception of ross? niggas would have a field day saying he fell off and was wack and now what? ross's image of being this bigger than life artist goes down the drain and so does def jam's investment. out of 185k album sales how much do any of u stans think goes into ross's pocket? not much after paying def jam, diddy, his producers, other artists etc. so dont think that 185k was a victory for ross, it jus shows how the record industry got u fans fooled into thinkin his album is hot. it was mediocre at best just like everyone of his other albums, he was a strong core fan base that will buy his album everytime but it is by far some great accomplishment. and look at this. when ross drops an album who is he going up against? pharrell this time but when his other albums dropped who else released an album at the same time and day? it's easy to open up a lemonade stand on the street when no one else does and say you sold 10 cups of lemonade and are the hottest lemonade stand in the streets. point is ross puts out albums when nobody else does, he doesnt compete with others on release day so sayin he has a number 1 album against no competition means absolutely nothing. his album had almost 1 year of promotion and still only pushed 185k, thats a big time flop for all the marketing dollars spent on this project. bottom line, ross is not as hot as what people make him to be, he is only consistent dropping mediocre albums with some great production that makes people nod their heads in the car without really paying attention to his lyrics. "when i was 17 i was the youngest nigga in the medellian..." no ross when you were 17 you were getting a football scholarship to college and thinking about becoming a police officer. those are 2 different lifestyles you confused when you decided that it was cooler to be a thug than to be a joke of a cop by your friends. sad that the industry got you fans fooled, but ross is a mediocre con artist at best hoping to make a few dollars by living his fantasy movie through rhymes, and the sheep continue to follow.
    • Anonymous
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    • A Trillionaire
      tl;dr. This a comment section, not a blog my dude.
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  • Sean Combs
    Bisd = 160k 1st week Mastermind = 185k 1st week Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn homie!
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      BISD first week sales was actually 114K
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    Def jams copies about 100k of mastermind
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      as if they would do that, back-buying stopped about 10yrs ago