Memphis Bleek Says He Started Jay Z's Beef With Nas

posted Sunday March 09 ,2014 at 05:30PM CDT | 96 comments

Memphis Bleek Says He Started Jay Z's Beef With Nas

Roc-A-Fella member Memphis Bleek details how he believes he started the infamous New York beef between Jay Z and Nas.

The famed "King of New York" beef between Jay Z and Nas created many tales, some told, others not.

It's been rumored that Roc-A-Fella artist Memphis Bleek had a hand in starting the infamous rap bout as recently Vlad TV talked to him about his part in the whole ordeal.

"I started that drama so what you mean how I feel about it?" Memphis Bleek said when asked about how he felt about the beginning of the Jay Z/Nas beef. "I felt like I got my big homie in some shit. It's going down out here in these New York streets."

He continued by explaining that he and Nas actually never had any beef with each other previous to the back-and-fourth.

"Me and Nas actually never got into nothing," Memphis Bleek said when asked about the beef's origin. "It was all that he say, she say shit so Nas did a freestyle on a [DJ Clue] tape I think that was and they called me, I think I was in the Bahamas, and they hit me and was like, 'Nas getting at you on this joint and he played it for me over the phone. So niggas like, 'Damn, Nas shitting on you?" So then I wrote 'Mind Right' and was like, 'Cool, you getting at me, I'm a get at you. So then when 'Mind Right' dropped, it popped, it did what it did, Nas did another freestyle where he went at Jay, [Beanie Sigel], Freeway, everybody, so he basically opened the floodgate for himself. So once he did that Hov was like, 'Don't worry about it lil bro, I got you,' and then [he dropped] 'Takeover' and here we go... [Nas] didn't say shit, somebody lied, he didn't say nothing about me. That was just me going off that gas, I led it and I let it fly baby."

When asked about which beef song was he believed was better, Bleek said Jay's was better because it was based in "facts."

"Anybody that listens to facts would," he said. "I'm not going to say 'Ether' was a bad record, it was dope, but all that shit was just fake shit. Anybody that know, know Hov was that nigga man... 'Takeover' was factual. Niggas had pictures that implemented the lines they were saying."

Memphis Bleek's "My Mind Right" was released in 2000 and was the first single off of his second studio album, The Understanding.

Watch the full interview segment below: 

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    Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thank you!
  • Kay
    Bleek washed up lol. Thirsty for relevancy
  • Nas
    This guy cleaned my car the other day. Gave him a nice tip. Thanks Memphis Bleek .
  • Anonymous
    "Nas was evil for that record,ha,a total slaughter diss,hands down,he won" That's foolishness. Jay spoke facts. Nas went for the cheap disses, and only uneducated street goons felt he won. ^ lol Nas got Harvard studying his lyrics, Quote-Man still here trying to get us to believe the fuckboy that flows thru his veins no one believes that upper crust bullshit you do here pussy-boy
  • Jay fell off lyrically
    Even Cormega who don't like Nas at all said Ether was the better diss Argue with a jay stan bout this and guaranteed at sum point they gon bring up jays money n business deals like that has anything to do with the battle dumb fucks be blinded by shiny chains
  • tigerking79
    Nas, won the shit plain and simple. Takeover sounded good, but once ether came out, it was a very weak dis record in comparision. No one outside of the people involved knows the real facts. But one thing for sure takeover was not all facts. Jay-Z dickriders fail to acknowledge before the beef Jay-Z was always shouting out Nas and always wanting to take photo's with Nas. Jay-Z was always talking good about the Firm in his songs. Jay-Z wanted to be in the Firm so bad, before his career finally took off in 1998 with hard knock life. More proof that Nas won is that ether took Jay-Z so much off his game he had a decades worth of weak albums until The Blueprint 3. Here is a fact Jay-Z is old as Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, and he didn't establish himself as an artist until 12 years after they did. Jay-Z was living off of Jaz-O from the mid 80's to mid 90's. Jay-z copied the style of a younger rapper, Biggie Smalls, on his first solo release. Jay-Z was all over Nas dick until 2001.
    This is a lifetime debate, niggas will never let it go. ESCO won plain and simple.
  • Anonymous
    go back and youtube jay z first interview after the battle with angie martinez. I aint never heard Hov sound like he bout to cry more than that day.
  • Anonymous
    Rip the FREEWAY, run thru MEMPHIS with MONEY BAGS, stop in Philly order cheesesteaks and EAT BEANS FAST!! I dont know if there verse in hip hop history that rips an entire crew in 1 sentence... Before you used to rap like the Fu Snickens, NaS designed ya blueprint who ya kidden?? lmao nas won hands down
  • Anonymous
    Who's Memphis Weak?
  • Factz only
    Jay-Z was the first person to ever be labelled a Stan. Ether was legendary and started a lot of trends in rap. from using ether to refer to a rapper being bombarded to calling people Stans.
  • Anonymous
    now u wanna hang with niggas i hung with, fuck bitches i hit. jay z a big homo. ain't it facts that he wanted Nas on his records and jerked off to has pictures at night. lol
  • Anonymous
    ether better diss track.
  • blackula
    Bleek's reaction to Ether in 2001 in an interview with allhiphop: "It was a gloomy day, for real. When Flex played it, I aint going to lie, I admitted to MYSELF and had to tell the Big Homey he got us, he got one up on us." Looks like he switched up his tune quite a
    • Chris
      then superugly dropped, the condom on your baby seat line just destroyed anything Nas could come up with later.
  • Anonymous
    Tell us something Jay hasn't told us himself a decade ago.
  • B
    Damn this is old news. Everybody knows Bleek dropped a "your life was written" line directed at Nas and Jay had to step in because Bleek wasn't in Nas' league. Only about a decade late on this story. As far as which record was better, Takeover had more "facts" in it, but the main "fact" was that Nas' albums after Illmatic were garbage which they weren't. However, at the time Nas' career was not where everybody thought it would be after a debut like Illmatic. In context, Takeover was a hell of an opening shot. Ether, in my opinion was a better song but more emotional than Jay's. It was a crazy track that let everybody know Nas was still nasty. They both belong in the Hall of Fame of battle tracks. The reason everybody thinks Nas won the battle is that his great track came out second and Jay's response (Super Ugly) was legitimate trash. He won because he didn't have to come out of his corner for the second round to get the decision.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Why would you ask Memphis Bleek who song was better... Ask if he was gonna say "Nas was better than Jay." Stupid ass question!
    • Anonymous
      Thats like asking Rick Ross what the best chicken wings are
    • Anonymous
      More like asking 50 what his best victim to snitch on.
    • Anonymous
      who did he snitch on though? who got sent to prison from 50 cent? i never heard 1 nigga come out an say "50 cent snitched on me and i went to prison"/
  • Anonymous
    "Nas was evil for that record,ha,a total slaughter diss,hands down,he won" That's foolishness. Jay spoke facts. Nas went for the cheap disses, and only uneducated street goons felt he won.
    • Anonymous
      so nas didn't speak facts? LOL stop it quoteman we know you hate nas and shit on illmatic all the time while biggin up rick ross and meek mill! you gotta be like 15
  • Da Bridge 2001
    Yo blow faces, fo-fo blazes, no one's safe This music mogul rollin wit a hundred soldiers Gangstas we postal Oh you didn't, wanna know whose life Was Written The life I'm livin The ice the women The kites that sendin to lifeless biddin The streets to prison I touch you then buck you Heats be spittin La-ser, AR fifteen doors come down Jaws is broke, your whole crew is coffin bound Your ho, your man, lieutenant, your boss get found This dough I got, I spend it and toss around New York it's time we flip it, where you from? Ladies, it's time we flip it, where you from? Now tell me who was the true thugs in videos first? Who had the projects behind us, who bit it the worst? We from the largest project, yo the biggest on earth Queensbridge know they history, left y'all cursed cuz
  • mac DIESEL
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      I second that. ether ripped a hole in jay-z, still til this day.
  • thekid
  • Kali
    must admit when i first heard takeover i thought Nas was pretty much finished. I thought that was his Ja Rhule moment. But then he came back hard with Ether... a classic diss track
    • Anonymous
      "I thought that was his Ja Rhule moment" I'm guessing you heard Takeover and Ether years later as Ja Rule hadn't had "his moment" yet when Ether and Takeover came out.
    • Anonymous
      HAHA the Ja Rule beef didnt happen til 02-03 when 50 came out you need to check your dates before you make an ass of yourself you probably were just a little munchkin when takeover and either came out and just heard it for the first time a few years back.
  • Zac
    No hate to Jay,am a fan of good music and both rappers,but when i fisrt heard Ether,i was like,damn,this is the best diss song i ever heard.not even pac and big were able to make such a knockout diss track like that
  • Champagne Papi Life
    Drake and Nas might be the only real niggas left in hip-hop.
    • Anonymous
      Are you ok?
    • Anonymous
    • Rawfro
      I wanna thank Jay of giving Nas a little life. He was kinda on the downer.
  • Anonymous
    Hope ya' got urself a gun...
  • Anonymous
    Jay Z/Nas beef helped both of their careers. But Nas won this shit. Now, I know JayZ stans are gonna say that Jay won because he's more successful. Yea we all know Jay z knows how to put out hit songs and make money, but what the fuck does that have to do with their beef? If Nas truly lost then rappers these days wouldn't respect him. But that's not the case. Look at all the rappers that praise and respect him. J.Cole and Kanye West are on Jay's camp but they literally dickride Nas on some of their songs. How do you think that makes Jay feel? Even Timbaland, someone who is close to Jay, said when he worked with Nas he was on a different level than any of the rappers.
    • Nasir Jones
      Hov shot first...but Nas hit the bullseye.