Daylyt Explains Exposing Genitals During 40 B.A.R.R.S. Battle

posted Sunday March 09 ,2014 at 09:45AM CDT | 28 comments

Daylyt Explains Exposing Genitals During 40 B.A.R.R.S. Battle

Daylyt: "I learned a valuable lesson, I will never not do an antic ever again."

In a Queen Of The Ring match-up that took place yesterday (March 8) in New York City, battle rappers Daylyt and 40 B.A.R.R.S. faced off in an intergender battle. Daylyt, long known for his performance antics, allegedly exposed his genitals to the crowd during the battle’s third round.

Calling into the AngryFans blog radio show, Daylyt explained his decision to strip down and why he says he’ll never perform straight bars in a battle again.

“My nigga, I got butt-ass naked in a room full of niggas, what the fuck you expect me to do in a room full of bitches?” Daylyt said, referencing his previous strip-down performance in a Don’t Flop battle against Dialect.

Daylyt added that exposing himself to the crowd was a product of 40 B.A.R.R.S.’ third round performance. “I had a completely different idea for my third round,” he said. “Three bars in her third round said, ‘We condone you gettin’ naked, we like gay shit.’ I said, ‘Oh, okay,’ then, she had the nerve to give me a sexy ass hug, she gave me a hug, I swear for God, I got rock hard. So first she said it’s okay to get naked, and you just got me hard, I am whipping out.”

Still, the rapper explained to AngryFans that he planned another act had the venue not shut down after his exposure. “In the black bag, I had what you call a sex toy,” he said. “And all it is is a half an ass, and a pussy bentover. I was gonna fuck the dogshit out of it for the whole round until I actually nutted in the ring. That was the goal, I was gonna show these bitches how I go to work. I didn’t get to use it, because the venue people—after I did what I did—niggas was so discombobulated—not niggas, but the entire venue—didn’t know what to do.”

When asked if he realized his stunt would be widely considered illegal, Daylyt rejected the idea. “I’m not in jail, I’m right here on the street in Harlem,” he said.

Daylyt Says “I Want To Be A Gimmick Rapper”

Answering questions about his decision to continually use antics in his battles, Daylyt attributed his current success to their popularity. “I don’t wanna be nice, I don’t wanna have bars, I want to be a gimmick rapper,” he said. “That’s what I want to be. The gimmicks is getting me around the world, I don’t care for rapping no more. All these  niggas spitting their regular bars, they stay they ass in New York and Chicago, and sometimes Canada. Nigga, I’m around the world doing this dumb shit, I’m from Watts, Watts niggas don’t even leave L.A. I’ve made it around the world, I am a one of a kind, gimmicks has got me there, I will never stop, I’m a circus act, I will remain that way...I been to Australia, I seen a kangaroo with my own eyes, in real life my nigga. I’m sitting there looking at a kangaroo, five feet away from me, and I’m telling myself, rapping did not get me here.”

When asked how he would respond to fans that want to see him battle with just bars, Daylyt described plans to use gimmicks in all of his upcoming battles. “I hate all of ya’ll and you will never in your life see that ever again,” he said. “My nigga, after tonight I learned a valuable lesson, I will never not do an antic ever again. I’m saying, I would never do a battle with bars only ever. Don’t ask me to just rap, that’s gone.”

The emcee, who AngryFans claims was up 2-0 in the first two rounds against 40 B.A.R.R.S., explained not even wanting to win battles anymore. “That’s the fucked up part,” he said, “I can’t be up 2-0, I don’t wanna beat the bitch, I don’t wanna win it no more. I hate winning. Because winning gets you nowhere. Look at Swave Sevah, he can’t even buy a battle, nobody wanna battle that nigga ‘cause he winning too much. Nobody wanna battle Swave, ‘cause he win too much. Nobody wants to battle winners, people only want the losers. Losing is the key...Everybody who lose gets a bigger match, it’s proven. Nobody wants to battle winners, people only want the losers. Losing is the key...Everybody who lose gets a bigger match, it’s proven...Winning is not the key. Whoever listening to me right now, if you an up-and-coming battle rapper, take my advice, if you want to get to the main stage, you better start losing. I got to the top by losing, not by winning.”

Near the end of the interview, Daylyt explained not having a limit on his use of antics. “I got a face tattoo on my face, the word ‘too far’ does not exist...Without me, without Daylyt and his mad antics, without a lot of this shit, a lot of people wouldn’t even be nobody. I created haters, so haters could have jobs. Now the haters have jobs.”

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  • Anonymous
    "I created haters, so haters could have jobs". That statement makes not one fucking bit of sense.
  • Jason Kidd's spilled drink
    "Daylyt Says I Want To Be A Gimmick Rapper Well, mission accomplished. Cause that's what he is now.
  • KuntaKente
    lol this dude was talking all homophobic on a lat interview, and now this shit comes out. Come on man don't be a hypocrite, fronting like u aint gay and shit
  • Anonymous
    he got it twistid its BARS!!!! over everything . he was winning 2-0 a self destructed he cant out bar nobody thats good, he do got bars tho
  • Andre
    Anywhere this nigga battles, no matter what league all you can say is: There goes the neighborhood.
  • Anonymous
    He got it twisted. A rapper rapping straight bars is much more rare than a gimmick rapper nowadays. 90% of this shit we hear is one big gimmick.
  • Anonymous
    Biggie. Pac. MJ. All dead. This clown. Still breathing.
    • Anonymous
      he even got on face art like a clown.
  • wads
    Haha you niggas thought you could slip up the depravity gradually and we wouldn't notice. But now you've gone too far.
  • wads
    I'm 22 and I'm too old for rap.
  • wads
    I'm taking anti depressants now because of niggas like this.
  • wads
    Today is the day I officially give up on rap and every lesson I have learned about life from this art form. This man just destroyed the legacy of every GOAT artist in my collection. I don't care anymore. I'm just going to listen to motown and live in a fantasy world where aint nothing fucked up and we all have our sane minds. omg
  • Anonymous
    Take another L you ni66ers
    • Anonymous
      wee wee wee all the way home fuck boi
    wow....just wow..."i want to be a gimmick rapper" i hope this man is just trolling
  • Anonymous
    nigga u gay
  • smh
  • Anonymous
    Daylyt is the Fifty Cent of battle rap, he is using gimmicks, props and comedy to draw attention to himself.
    • Anonymous
      50 cent destroyed gangster rap wit antics so i guess he s gonna fuk up battle rap . thanks smh.
  • Anonymous
  • yo
    Man, if he is doing all this shit to expose the industry for the clownery that it is, then he is a fucking artistic genius. He's talking about how gimmicks are making him successful, how "fake" is getting him around the world, and how losing gets more battles. If he's making a statement, it's loud and clear regardless of whether he is joking or not. But if he really believes this shit, he's a cunt.
    • Anonymous
      I wonder if he tattooed his face to make a statement about gimmicks in rap.
    • Anonymous
      think of all your favorite current rappers... all them niggas are gimmicks
    • Anonymous
      believe me if you have to ask then he isnt self aware.
    • Anonymous
      he said he tatted his face so he had to other options in life but to make it as a rapper
  • ajak
    And all it is is a half an ass, and a pussy bentover. I was gonna fuck the dogshit out of it for the whole round until I actually nutted in the ring. That was the goal, I was gonna show these bitches how I go to work. I didnt get to use it, because the venue peopleafter I did what I didniggas was so discombobulatednot niggas, but the entire venuedidnt know what to do. ROFL
  • Anonymous
    The nigga Daylyt is making a huge mistake. All of his effective antics that get him around the world work because a.) he's a young nigga, and b.) niggas are more forgiving towards young niggas dping crazy shit. When this muthafuka is 30 the antics are not gonna work.
  • Anonymous
    black people lost