50 Cent: "Eminem Is More Important To Hip Hop Than People Actually Credit Him For"

posted Thursday February 20 ,2014 at 02:15PM CST | 38 comments

50 Cent:

50 Cent says Eminem and Macklemore are important to the growth of Hip Hop culture.

50 Cent says that former label boss Eminem is the most important Rap figure of the last decade or so.

“I think Eminem is more important to Hip Hop than people actually credit him for,” 50 Cent says during an interview with VIBE. “Just Black music in general… when it loses its color, artists and people that have been so invested in it, come into it, put their passion in it, and they actually become that good at it? That opens up doors, windows, everything.”

One artist 50 Cent says Emimem’s success benefited is Macklemore

“It opens the door for a [Macklemore],” 50 says. “Those artists are really important to the growth of our actual culture. And if you see what Hip Hop has done for me, it’s allowed me to travel the world and to meet people from different walks and ethnicities, and allow[s] me to broaden my perspective on life, period. There’s nothing as beautiful as what can happen with Hip Hop music and culture." 

50 Cent announced today (February 20) that he and G-Unit Records have signed an exclusive worldwide distribution and services agreement with Caroline/Capitol/UMG. 

Eminem released a statement regarding 50 Cent's departure from Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records. In his statement, Eminem addressed his friendship with 50 Cent and his role in the Queens, New York rapper's career. 

"Both myself and Shady Records are grateful to have had the chance to play a part in 50's career," Eminem says in a statement, according to Associated Press. "Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent.” 

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Comments 38 Posts

  • bigbooshousni
    ilove you
  • Anonymous
    Great job Em, get rid of that sinking black hole of misery.
  • imho
    Eminem is our Jackie robinson of hiphop.. if it wernt for him we wouldn't be able to do the things in rap we can in 2014 THANK YOU EMINEM.. now if you cant just release an album that's not fuckin weird. more like Eminem show.. I swear Eminem just needs 2 hang out with a few black people thatll tell emienem listen guy its not ok for you to be 40 plus talking about the shit u do.. he needs to bring obie back. when obie was on his side and stat quo and dmx he rapped hard as fuck.
    • Anonymous
      Shut the fuck up dumbass.
    • Anonymous
      when was he rapping with dmx
    • Sonny Gillespie
      The song he's referring to is called Go 2 Sleep from the Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack.... damn youngins.
  • Anonymous
    The god
  • Anonymous
    50 cent the god
  • Anonymous
    The kid is back
  • Anonymous
    I'm like god to y'all nigga
  • 2bitches1keyz
    check out my brothers mixtape that I @santorokeyz produced http://www.datpiff.com/Flip-Rothstein-The-Flip-Side-Of-The-Coin-mixtape.579393.html thanks #Classic
  • Peter Pan The GMF
    if it was for slim rap would have died along time ago!!!!
  • peter pan The GMF
    man i was having this convo last night people seem to think his not as good as 2pac what people fail to understand is 2pac new he was going to die therefore done something no rapper or artiest has or ever will do agin . in saying that emenim is lyrically just as intense when his not dope out just being honest !!!
  • Anonymous
    This is what haPens when you attempt to break up Dipset.
    • Anonymous
      Dipset broke themselves up, lol
  • ilexx
    Somebody needs to tell ETK that Shady Records is under Aftermath Entertainment and has been since its inception. Em don't make money without splitting it with Dre (when it comes to music that is). Took him under is wing? Lol u think niggaz doing shit for charity or something, this is about bread.
    • Anonymous
      it's why at this moment 50 is busy sucking off the machine!!!
    • l
      wrong again bro there are albums that come out under shady but not aftermath for instance D12,slaughterhouse,yelawolf,obie trice etc which dre has nothing to do with shady is under interscope ...ahdy/aftermath is a joint partnership between that operate sparately
  • Anonymous
    He meant to say it benefited him and his carear. What has emiem done for the culture but come with this brand of commercialism since 2000. How many em fans are into hip hop? Just payingd homage to real rap Gods!
    • Anonymous
      "How many em fans are into hip hop?" don't be stupid, every decent rapper in hiphop is an em fan and would place him in their top 5 or 10 dead or alive
    • Anonymous
      Wow biggest dumbass comment ive seen in a long time. I won't even bother responding to OP.
  • Anonymous
    Em is a boss, he got rich off this racist black prick.
  • DNW
    Em is the greatest ever just from a casual standpoint.. dude conquered both underground and mainstream started from nothing. 100+ million records sold and countin one of the best lyricists we will ever see period ppl let the race card place a role in everything nowadays no matter what
  • Anonymous
    That indie money that's what I'm talking about
  • Anonymous
    This is perfect timing with the XXL cover, much respect to Jimmy, Dre, and Em for remaining loyal to each other and making history!
  • pope
    in honestly dont think eminem wants to be under aftermath.
  • Terror Squad
    50 laughed at Fat Joe for being on an Indie but now its okay for him to be on one.
    • Anonymous
      its very different situations. back then you needed a major label 360 deal if you wanted to get out there but things changed in 10 years. 50 has a better indie deal than most rappers signed to the majors, i guarantee that. he gonna be on his tech n9ne shit.
  • Anonymous
    Smart man, he knows white people are responsible for the success in his career so he makes it a point to rech out to us. Now I might actually buy his CD.
  • Anonymous
    Give the guy a break, he had Eminem on a lead single and it flopped horribly so his days were numbered.
    • Anonymous
      it didn't flop it charted higher than most rap singles that year look it up then comeback ill wait.............
    • Anonymous
      It charted so high and made him so HOT that his label decided to give him a release date.
  • Anonymous
    How many white cocks you gonna gurgle 50? you bit the white hand that fed you so take the L and quit eating ass.
    • Anonymous
      what L em the label slave 50 just bossed his own career em took the L letting jimmy control shady records you don't hear new artist shouting out shady trying to get a deal ahahah
  • Anonymous
    • rahrahrah
      You think Eminem is a boss? Dude, he's under Dre, who is under Jimmy.
    • ETK
      Eminem isn't under Dre, Dre just took him under his wing, there's a difference. Now they're equally big names and Em/Dre are each doing their own thing, under Jimmy
    • Anonymous
      you do know Eminem is a aftermath artist? he works for dre nuff said he not indie like 50 with a distribution deal or did you forget?