Eminem Reacts To 50 Cent's Departure From Shady Records

posted Thursday February 20 ,2014 at 10:30AM CST | 110 comments

Eminem Reacts To 50 Cent's Departure From Shady Records

Eminem says he is grateful for his work with 50 Cent and that his friendship with 50 will not change.

Eminem has released a statement regarding 50 Cent's departure from Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records, a transition for 50 which was reported on today (February 20). In his statement, Eminem addressed his friendship with 50 Cent and his role in the Jamaica Queens rapper's career. 

"Both myself and Shady Records are grateful to have had the chance to play a part in 50's career," Eminem says in a statement, according to Associated Press. "Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent." 

Eminem's statement also addresses the bond he's built with 50 Cent over the years. 

"I've developed a great friendship with 50 over the years, and that's not going to change," Eminem says. "We know 50 will have success in his new situation, and we remain supporters of both him and G-Unit."

50 Cent also spoke highly of Eminem in his statement regarding the transition, as reported in HipHopDX's initial story about 50's departure from Shady/Aftermath/Interscope

"I have had great success to date with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope and I'd like to thank Eminem and Dr. Dre for giving me an incredible opportunity," 50 Cent said. "I've learned so much from them through the years. I am excited to enter this new era where I can carry out my creative vision."

In November, 50 Cent spoke about Eminem's role in his life and career. "My career wouldn't even exist, I wouldn't even be talking to you if it wasn't for Em," 50 Cent said at the time. "It's amazing that later in your life you could find someone that means so much to the comfort in your actual life. My grandparents were that for me before Em." 

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  • Anonymous
    He fell off, his music is trash
    • Anonymous
      go play that brand new song he put out today and say that
  • Anonymous
    When you breathe neagativity into the game you get that negativity back. All the beef gimmicks and sucka shit this nigga did had his fans drop from 8 million to 450k in the span of 4 albums.
    • Anonymous
      meanwhile most niggas cant sell 1 million so it aint so bad
  • Anonymous
    i thought 50 had a 5 album contract??????????????????????? grodt tm curtis bisd
  • DosBucks
    50 Cent could hum on all the tracks on his next album, there aint shit he gotta prove to anyone. The man is a winner.
    • Curtis187
      Real talk!
    • Anonymous
      curtis??????? bisd??????????? lol lol only two decent albums lol
  • The Blueprint
    50 got the character of a winner, I'm sure he knows what his next move is with his musical career. Animal Ambition is definitely a reference for his hunger to win and will definitely deliver a good project.
  • Charlie
    Jimmy finally had enough fun fuckin' with Fif' and let him go. They've been sitting on his music for years over at Interscope, not releasing anything and waiting for his fan base to dry up. Didn't he have a big hit with Eminem recently? That would have been the perfect time to release an album (which I'm sure he had ready to go), but... nothing. It's harsh but Fif' has been openly criticizing Interscope. And remember when he threatened to leak a new track by Dre just out of spite? I do like Fif' in some ways, but he can be a liability. Plus his ego is off the charts, and has been ever since he rode Eminem's coattails to world-wide success. I wish him the best with his new venture, but the landscape has changed in recent few years, and I'm not sure his fan base has stuck around. I guess he could generate some buzz by collaborating with some of the people he's been dissing for the past 8-10 years. Wait a minute, he already thought of that!
    • RealSpit
      You might be right about some of the stuff -- I don't know, but I can guarantee you 50 Cent's fan base is stronger than you or anyone realizes .. There is SO much trash out there today, the Real artists who can deliver Art are going to Thrive and I am 100% sure 50 Cent is the Truth .. Animal Ambition will be the test, but I'm ready to stamp it .. 50 Cent is HUNGRY .. Also there's no doubt Shady Records is very much involved and a part of this transition -- that's Family .. Shady is Genius and understands that domination comes by spreading a wider and Higher Quality reach
    • Charlie
      Good points RealSpit. I hope he delivers with the new project - it would be good to hear hungry 50 again.
    • Anonymous
      props to these guys for writing articulate comments that arent full of pure hate
  • aaron
    knew something was wrong after schoolboy q did nt put him on his album. interscope and jimmy iovine must have strikes him out the final cut. i suspect this also has to do with that gay ass xxl cover that came out 2 days ago. wish u the best 50. u a legend
    • Anonymous
      You think 50 could have arranged just a new deal like this in 2 days after that XXL cover? Nah this had to have been in the works for a long time now...
  • Anonymous
    The normal people that dislike things simply ignore those things but weird people have to bitch and moan like whores about every little thing they dislike. The mentally disturbed people spend all day long hating on artists they don't like and having endless arguments with their fans about who's better. If you look thru these comments you will see a lot of sad and lonely people. Most of them Rick Ross and Game fans.
  • bawse
    translation? appreciate all the money you made me, but we got tired of your over inflated head egotistical bitchmade ass. now its time you go.
    • Anonymous
      He left, his choice not theirs.
  • Anonymous
    One of the reasons I like him is because he did it his own way and not on the backs of other people.. He doesnt feel he has to be friends with people that he doesnt really like and i admire that about him .. So many people in rap fake like they're friends for the sake of makin money i hate that shit ..Everybody rides each other's jockstrap so much its sickening .. He was like Fuck that even if it wont benefit me much financially or career wise imma do my own thing and keep it 100.
  • Anonymous
    Eminem wanted to say a bunch of nice things about 50, but couldn't think of one thing that people would believe.
    • nuff said
      "Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent."
  • Anonymous
    Fuck with Black Wall Street and you pay the price.
    • Roger
      That shit doesn't even exist anymore.
    • Anonymous
      a non existent label that never got 1 release out, followed by 3 more non existent labels that never got 1 release out. man game is the best ceo in the biz.
  • Anonymous
    Nigga got dropped like a bad habit,
    • Anonymous
      He didn't get dropped, he left.
  • Anonymous
    That indie money that's what I'm talking about
    • Anonymous
      50 will never go indie.
  • Anonymous
    This is a power move, not a loss.... Young Money/Cash money is Independent too... Signed To The Same Label Same Deal
    • Enlightened
      No sir. Cash Money is far from independent.
    • Anonymous
      "Signed to one nigga that's signed to another nigga that's signed to three niggas, now that's bad luck" On some 360 deal shit, too. Good luck getting your royalties and residuals homie
  • Google
    Fittys music sounds exactly like his fans look. (Google is your friend).
    • Anonymous
      check out this ross fan boy though LOL he calls himself the white rick ross http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VERlK6vTRdM
  • Anonymous
    Clown has been a cancer to HipHop and the biggest Hater in HipHop, good to see carrer being in the shitter where it belongs.