Big Sean Confirms Working With Jennifer Lopez, Taking Singing Lessons

posted Saturday February 15 ,2014 at 07:00PM CST | 23 comments

Big Sean Confirms Working With Jennifer Lopez, Taking Singing Lessons

Big Sean says it was an "honor" working with Jennifer Lopez and calls her an "O.G."

It's a big deal for any artist to work with singer/actor Jennifer Lopez and apparently, the latest Hip Hop star to accomplish such a task is Big Sean.

According to an interview with Rap-Up, the Detroit native confirmed rumors that he has in fact collaborated with J-Lo and says it was an "honor" working with her. 

"It's legendary, J-Lo, 'Jenny from the Block,' she's like [an] O.G.," Sean said when asked about working with Lopez. "You can't help but pay respect to an O.G. so she was there looking like she was my age, cool. She's cool, man. She beautiful, talented. It's an honor."

When asked about reports that he was taking singing lessons, Big Sean confirmed it and said there's more singing to come in future work.

"For sure you're going to hear more singing from me," he said. "I don't know about the next album or whatever but I've been taking singing lessons and I've been getting good too, man."

Sean also claims there are more music releases to come and that his latest video was just the start of things.

"Yeah, it's definitely more coming from '1st Quarter,'" Big Sean said when asked about what he's currently working on. "That was just a little warm up. We mean business for real. There's more coming from '1st Quarter.' I just dropped that to set the tone, let people know we ain't playing with these bitch-ass niggas no more.

"[The album is] well on the way," Big Sean continued. "We've been in a great groove so you can expect some announcements sooner or later. We've been killing these features, too. Ya'll going to hear some crazy shit."

Watch the full interview segment with Rap-Up below:

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Comments 23 Posts

  • ugh
    singing lessons?? you wanna be drake now??? man sean is falling off steadily.
  • Marc
    You got to be kidding me... This dude is bringing embarrassment to Detroit rappers. I'm starting to believe he only claim Detroit just to get notoriety knowing he probably from Southfield or way out in Auburn Hills with them soft ass niggas...
  • Beimere
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  • A Trillionaire
    This dude should be taking lyrical substance lessons not singing lessons.
  • Anonymous
    nigga you gay
  • Anonymous
    Big Sean is trying to mimic ymcmb.
  • Anonymous
  • SMH
    Singing lessons? J.Lo an O.G? Big Sean you feminine ass nigga, this is why you will never become a legend or be considered at least skilled.
  • Anonymous
    Hopefully he ain't taking lessons from J-Hoe. Bitch can't carry a note to save her life.
  • Anonymous
    anything to help those future album sales i guess
  • Anonymous
    Big Sean ready to be great, his 1st Quarter Freestyle is cold.
  • Puerto Ricans > The Rest
    The Real Roxanne paved the way for this bitch
    • Anonymous
      lol. no
    • Anonymous
      How? She ain't Puerto Rican
  • Anonymous
    All of these backpack ass rappers want to be like Drake. Singing lessons really. Do your thing homie but that's a Drake move. Jcole and Big Sean getting their Drake on.
    • Anonymous
      Medium Sean ain't a backpack rapper. He's just some extra corny rapper who believes he's a ladies man.
  • Anonymous
    her love dont cost a thing
    • Sarcastic Nigga
      Goddamn nigga u so funny, can I walk with you during lunch break???
  • Beyfan
    Jlo is the blueprint for a lot of these young female artists and even beyonce ! I'm a huge bey fan but jlo brought the glam to the hood! Bey and others artist have always copied her!
    • Anonymous
      u wish she respresented the latin community believe it or not thats why she was on the 2013 american music awards singing a latin song in spanish?
  • Jamie foxx
    legendary O.G Jlo? ya a legend at sucking pipe.
    • Ben Affleck
      I gave her to the block. I fucked one time.
  • Anonymous
    jennifer the one needs singing lessons hope thats what he meant lol