Nicki Minaj Confirms Her Next Album Will Be Titled "The Pink Print"

posted Wednesday February 12 ,2014 at 08:30PM CST | 42 comments

Nicki Minaj Confirms Her Next Album Will Be Titled

Nicki Minaj's next album has a title.

Nicki Minaj's next album will purportedly be titled The Pink Print.

Though the title had previously been mentioned as a possibility, it appears to have now been confirmed.

Minaj's latest music video for the track "Lookin' Ass Nigga," released today (February 12), is captioned with the text, "Nicki Minaj releases a new track off the upcoming Young Money album 'Rise Of An Empire' & Upcoming Album Solo 'The Pink Print.'"

The Pink Print will be the follow-up to 2012's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which spawned hit singles "Beez in the Trap," "Starships," and more.In November, she spoke about the sound of the upcoming album. "I already started, and I'm going home, actually tomorrow to really start," she said. "Like, I'm taking two months to just lock in. So I'm really excited, and the people that have been working with now have been people that I haven't worked with before, so it's like they're bringing a new sound to the album that I've never experimented with."

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Comments 42 Posts

    Idc what nobody says im buyin her new album! so she need to come on with that good music. shes the hardest working female rapper out there thats y shes the QUEEN
  • Bo$$Bitch!!!
    Anonymous & and other hatn as NiGgA go suck a BiG 12inch!!!! pure bitch!!!!!
  • Bo$$Bitch!!!
    U weak lame hatn ass niggas!!! #NickidaBo$$
  • Ethan
    I really don't appreciate the mean comments about Nicki I love Nicki Minaj and love the new track can't wait to buy the album she is truly a great person and she makes great music and doesn't deserve the mean and hateful comments :) You Nicki
  • Ethan
    *Love you Nicki
  • Chi-Ill
    Why must she invade use with another shitty album?
  • Anonymous
    shoulda just called it "THE CAMEL-TOE-PRINT ALBUM" or put some pussy reference in there
  • Anonymous
    Say what you want but nicki looks really good in this video. The song was actually funny and sorta catchy. But damn nicki can get it plastic surgery or not.
  • youpplcrazy
    i love you people saying this bitch is hot, this bitch looks like a fucking ape.
  • Anonymous
    the queen of rap
    • Anonymous
      drag queen
    • Anonymous
      She doesn't even do rap.
  • room2roam
    say what u want dat bytch a beast. best female rapper in the game hands down & she rap better than 85% of the n1ggaz in the game..
    • wads
      yea i wanna hear a female rapping like a fuckin man no thanks.
  • Anonymous
    Nikki has no solid female compition in the game. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there
    • Anonymous
      Remy coming home in July
    • Lurien
  • ymcmb Worst group ever
    only thing id check from her would be a sex tape just to see if she pulls them retard faces while getting dicked
    • Anonymous
    • >_
      fuck a sex tape, i want to see this retard in a snuff video.
    • wqasd
      ive jacked off to many porn lookalikes of nikki
    • clapp
      haaaaaaaa snuff movie
  • Anonymous
    I wonder how many comments there would be if people had to login with their facebook and show who they were
    • Anonymous
      the only people who say shit like that are creepers looking to check out guys online
  • Anonymous
    fake ass & titty ass niggah!
  • Anonymous
    Nicki, a non ass rapping bitch ass nigga, lol
  • Anonymous
    fuck this old bitch
  • Anonymous
    LOL, can she come up with a title not including the word PINK?! he last album never sold platinum! why more nonsense from this losing ass pop bitch?
    • Tri Brec
      she isn't naming it pink print, on power 106 interview yesterday she said she wont be naming it pink print
  • Anonymous
    this hoe needs to just stop.
  • Mr. Tibbs
    Who is buying this bitch shit? Jesus she is horrible. YMCB Die already.
    • Anonymous
      1 person already confirmed LOOK BELOW HINT "NM"
  • Artist are not good business people
    Somebody tell this clown that she doesn't need to put the word pink on another album. People got confused with the second album and thought it was just a re-release with 4 new songs. Her executives are leading her down the wrong path again lol.
    • wasd
      who gives a fuck
    • Lord Gt
      Lol dont sweat it, she confirmed on radio yesterday she won't be naming her album pink... tbh it is getting corny now im glad she changing it up
  • NM
    Cant wait...she always bringa the heat #YMCMB
    • NM
  • Anonymous
    Rip off Jay Z much?
  • fuck nicki minaj
    it's gonna be garbage. don't expect anything decent from ymcmb.
  • Anonymous
    whens that porno comin out
    • Anonymous
      soon as she goes diamond
    • Anonymous
      Which means never.