Scott Storch Recalls Disappointing Fat Joe With Subpar Records

posted Monday February 10 ,2014 at 12:30PM CST | 43 comments

Scott Storch Recalls Disappointing Fat Joe With Subpar Records

Scott Storch says he has "that serious flame fire" prepared for Fat Joe, reveals that the two have already created two or three solid records together.

During an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star last month, producer Scott Storch expressed excitement at the possibility of working with Bronx rapper Fat Joe again. Nearly one month after Storch revealed that he was “really looking forward to” working with Joe, the New York beatsmith was videotaped in the studio with the rapper.

While in the studio with Joe, Storch took time to speak on the duo’s work both past and present. He recalled hitting it off immediately with the New York City emcee shortly after meeting him and also recalled disappointing the rapper later on in his career.

“We just hit it off,” Storch said during an interview with Mikey T. “It was a funny, little moment. And played some records. And we eventually reconnected after that at my crib back here in Florida…We just recently spoke about the fact I hadn’t seen him—or not seen him, but spoke to him rather over the holidays. And he was excited to listen to what he had heard I’d been doing. Because I let a lot of people down a lot of times. So, he and I we had come together a few times a couple years back and he was kinda I guess disappointed in the fact that I didn’t have that fire. Cause I wasn’t cooking it up.”

According to Storch, both he and Joe have already created a handful of “really solid records” for the Bronx wordsmith’s next project.

“And now to fuckin come and reunite together after he was back home and he’s inspired, doing his thing again,” he said. “It’s such good timing that I finally got that real, real, real…that serious flame fire. And like the fact that he acknowledged it, it felt amazing…So far we got two or three really solid records in no time. Real new shit.”

In addition to Fat Joe, Scott Storch has been at work in the studio with a handful of artists over the past few months. Among the artists Storch has worked with recently is the Clipse’s own Pusha T, an artist the producer says he’s hoping to make “sophisticated” music with on the rapper’s next solo album, King Push.

“So, I think he [Pusha T] was intrigued by probably the record that I did with Vado,” Storch said during an interview in January. “And the fact that it’s more organic and more real Hip Hop. When he came in he was like ‘No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. Trapped out.’ For me, being able to make these more musical records and a little bit more sophisticated in the instruments and the actual melodies and all that stuff. It’s great. That’s what I do.”

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  • jmanion
    I don't believe that Storch knows what a hot track is anymore. He makes outdated music and thinks he's onto something. The loser is finished.
    • Anonymous
      he got a song on that new Rozay album
  • Anonymous
    REALLY SOLID RECORDS?????? Thats not enough SOLID! Classic thats what im talking about!
  • Crackkkkkkkkk
    Fat joe got a lot of great tracks them last 3 darkside albums were dope as fuck too and he had Cuban link face cut up n left broke in the projects we should applaud him for that cause Cuban links is the biggest asshole to ever pic up a mic
    • NancyEVinson
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  • Anonymous
    That shirt is something special.
    • Anonymous
      he luvs them shirts. he got one on in the pic hhdx used and a different one on in the video
  • Anonymous
    So a less than subpar raper was disappointed with subpar records? Haha okay.
  • Anonymus
    TATS CRU, DITC, Terror Squad, D&D studio sessions with Premier face it Fat Joe earned stripes but he gave them away moving to Miami to dickride the Southern sound.
    • Anonymous
      true that. he still has his moments though. the premier track from darkside was my shit
    • pope
  • Anonymous
    I remember the lean back fat joe, then his darkside album and mixtapes have been really street solid cuz hes indie, buuut I wonder if fat joe will be on top of the charts again..anything can happen, look at 2chainz
    • Anonymous
      Fat Joe's problem is he keeps trying to make the perfect album instead of just focusing on why people liked him in the first place. Make it Rain... Lean Back... What's Luv.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ thats not why i liked him.....
  • Anonymous
    dogshit producer gets dogshit raps, sounds perfect!
    • 9mm
      scott storch one of best producers this guy made hit song after hit song do ur research u dumb pussy
    • De
      LOL anonymous what you listen to Migos and Chief Keef? GTFOH Storch brings the heat and im looking forward to this new sound
    • fuck scott storch
      Jew boy
  • Anonymous
    fat joe cant even get an album out but rozay can
  • Anonymous
    washed up cornball fuck was NEVER that hot to begin fuck his regretful whining snort snort snort dumbass
  • Anonymous
    this is article of the year hands down,made my day.mindbending news
  • Anonymous
    Dude blew 70 million in a three year span, 30 mil of it on cocaine alone. Fuck your second chance macaulay culkin lookin ass fiend.
  • mitcholos
    He Was Disappointed 'cause It Didn't Come With CheeseBurgers
  • Hell yeah
    Hope that's a comeback.. we need Storch back now!
  • JDeezle
    Dude looks like a cross between Howard the Duck and Bernie, dude off of Weekend at Bernie's.
  • Premis
    Does Fat Joe recall disappointing Scott Storch with the verses he put on those tracks?
  • Anonymous
    sophisticated? your instrumentals are pure loops.
    • Thumbell
    • scott storch
      Shut the fuck up,my instrumentals are works of art. And yes,i am the real storch and i'm tired of you fuckers disrespecting my craft. I got sidetracked but now i'm back with that heat!
  • Anonymous
    That Scott dude looks very shady..
    • Anonymous
      cocaine eyes
  • Anonymous
    crazy how the piano man used to snort them keys
    • Anonymous
      aha....i like what you did there friend....
  • Anonymous
    yee already know pusha t and scott storch done a lot of blow together
  • Anonymous
    Theres only 2 kinds of people wear sunglasses indoors. Blind people and fucking assholes. p.s. does anyone know where I can get one of those leather sleeved t-shirts he always got on?
    • Anonymous
      You diss his fashion sense and then ask where he gets his wardrobe from...yeah that's not ass backwards at all...smh
    • Anonymous
      the whole comment was actually a diss on his fashion sense
    • Anonymous
      i think he was being sarcastic, like who doesn't know where to find those ugly ass shirts...
  • Anonymous
    FJ has disappointed for years with subpar lyricism
    • Anonymous
      At least his music doesn't put people to sleep like Kendrick's does.
  • Anonymous
    That picture yall keep using is hilarious.
  • insanemacbeth
    sikk producer; supersikk classically-trained keyboardist.
  • crackhead scott
    look like scott been hittin that crack pipe again i remember when every time after takin a hit from the glass pipe he would say "beam me up scotty"