Lord Jamar Lists What White Rappers Should Not Rap About

posted Friday February 07 ,2014 at 02:00PM CST | 472 comments

Lord Jamar Lists What White Rappers Should Not Rap About

Exclusive: Lord Jamar also says he considers Macklemore Pop, not Hip Hop.

Lord Jamar, who in September said that White rappers are guests in Hip Hop, has a list of parameters of what White rappers should be able to rap about. 

"Pretty much anything they want, besides a few things, like say the word ‘nigga,’” Lord Jamar says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "Fuckin' promoting racism against Black people. I don't think they should be able to do that. And I don't think they should be able to promote, you know, homosexuality, to name a few things. But at the same time I don't want Black people doing that, either.”  

Lord Jamar has long been vocal about the value of informed dialog among Black people, in particular. On the first verse of Brand Nubian’s 1990 song “Drop The Bomb,” for instance, Lord Jamar rapped, “Lord Jamar makes a difference / I have no tolerance for Black ignorance."

“See what I’m saying?” Lord Jamar says in his exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "I don't want Black people doing that, either. So, it's not just confined just to White people. I don't want Black people coming in promoting gay shit. See what I'm sayin'? I don't want nobody doing it. But the fact that you're White, to me, and knowing that you're a guest and you're just doing that because you know the climate that we're in right now and you'll get a nice pat on your back for doing some shit like that right now in this atmosphere that society is in. You know, it's a real calculated move. It's a real opportunist move. You know what I mean? And I'm just saying don't use our genre for that opportunity. You know, we've already kind of forfeited Rock And Roll. So go make a Rock song. You don't see nobody in Rock promoting that shit, but you're gonna use Hip Hop. You don’t see nobody in Country doing it. No other genre of music, but in Hip Hop, you got niggas wearing skirts and you know, we got songs like 'Same Love,' even though I don't even consider Macklemore Hip Hop. He's like Pop. He's Pop. Like, you don't go to no hoods and hear Macklemore. Let's keep it real."

In November, Lord Jamar also discussed Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.” "I don’t think he cares about gays one way or the other, but he knew that would be a great way to get attention and a great way to blow up,” Lord Jamar said at the time.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” single enjoyed a sales boost of 350% the week following the Grammys compared to the week before the broadcast of the annual award show, according to Nielsen SoundScan data. The Grammys were broadcast January 26. 

“Same Love” sold 51,000 units the week ending February 2, which is the sales week following the Grammy broadcast. During the Grammys, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were joined by Madonna and Queen Latifah in a performance of "Same Love,” which has sold more than 2.4 million digital songs, according to Nielsen SoundScan data.

Brand Nubian's "Drop The Bomb" is as follows:

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  • AaronCaine
    Seems to me tables on this fuckin site turned. Why to the fuck dam near all non-whites comments on here get turn to racism? Ya'll think its alright to openly put out there fuck whites basiclly. Fuck whites in the game, fuck whites on promotion, fuck whites that buy the albums? How about this: FUCK ALL YA'LL RACISTS. Regardless of what color you are. Fucking back peddling with ya'll's struggle. Was'nt it a black thing 20 years ago, to kill stereotypes, and racism? Now here we are Black President and all. And you dumb ass's still fueling the hate. On real, What's wrong with whites in rap? Don't get insecure, we aint no better than anyone else. We all aint White Power Skinheads that's gonna kill your Genere. Were are all a product of our environments, and enjoy whatever music we choose, like anyone else. Unfortunately everyone struggles and not only blacks have hardships. So NOW more than ever, we can all relate to what Hip Hop is. And feel the truth in the message, because were there too, were in the ghetto too, were in these prisons too, were getting stereotyped, all that shit. But if your getting insecure, up your game! Don't play the race card. It's fuckin 2014 that shit's irrelevant. BTW,, I am White i do rap. How many times you think ive been stereotyped, by whites and blacks ALIKE? (Bigger Picture- If i die will God accept my white or black soul?) yeah bullshit right. So is Racism.. Kill this white black shit. AaronCaine - AKA A white Rapper.
  • John
    Lord Jamar is not perfect but he is right. Too many agendas are being pushed through today's hip-hop and rap scene. Lord Jamar got older and wiser, because he himself made mistakes and did the same things he today speaks out against.This makes him the better man. I think rap should be re-defined to what it truly was meant to be. I do believe that certain words should not be spoken by certain rapper regardless of their 'street cred' or entourage because we still and forever will live in a racially divided community regardless of that 'politically correct' nonsense. He is definitely one of the wise-men of hip-hop and rap.
  • stabler420
    I personally don't think sexuality should be expressed through hip-hop at all. I don't want to hear songs about dudes fucking chicks, dudes fucking dudes, chicks fucking dudes, or chicks fucking chicks or anything in between. There are plenty of other outlets for expressing sexuality. For instance r&b.
    • Anonymous
      u gay
  • he
    WHO CARES WHAT LORD JAMAR THINKS? honestyly, why am I even reading this bullshit. I need to go find some music listen to.
  • Anonymous
    how crazy is it that the first gay basketball and football players are all black guys
  • Anonymous
    lord jamar cant even get an album out
  • riQ
    "clap your hands for what he's doin" Takes GUTZ but hes brutally honest&the whole shower scene thing really?? Hows that gay? Thought it was art when Will Smith and Latifah was doin it! Is it NOT? The message is real!!!We all have to be like "o no i love gays n shit now" lmao VIRGO HONESTY IS THE SALT OF THE EARTH
    • Anonymous
      you cant do fully nude dicks out shower scenes with d00ds then be taken seriously when you talk against homosexuality
  • Anonymous
    Difference today not too many good concept albums not many new talented streetdudes. the new generation is all popcrap weak lyrics and funny is thats supposed to be the new face of hiphop
  • tn
    People are trying to make these comments divisive. I think the overall message is that hip hop has not been the same since the 90s. I look at what young rappers talk about now compared to Nas or AZ at 18 and the comparison could not be more polarised. TBH when community groups had more of a stake in Hip Hop we had a better artform. Rappers seem to think that selling a lot of records will change their situation however, they need time to develop their craft to stay on top. This does not happen anymore as artists are almost bypassing the development stage and becoming starts overnight via youtube. The art of rocking a crowd or grinding has been lost. The last true New York hip hop artist was 50 cent. I am not talking lyrically but he embodies New York. Besides the lyrical skills, 50 had everything that hip hop was about. It is ironic and a shame that the the last two remaining authentic Hip Hop New York artists Fat Joe and 50 were the ones who went at each other tho.
  • Anonymous
    can yall stop giving this has been attention now
  • Anonymous
    I wonder how he would feel about a white rapper making a Lord Jamar diss rap about he how showers with naked men with the cocks out for rent money
  • Anonymous
    You tell a white person the truth you're a racist...talk some more jamar
  • Anonymous
    I bet most people that are offended by dudes comments are gay themselves.
    • Anonymous
      im offended that a guy who gets naked with other guys in a shower with their penises out for some rent money thinks he can talk about homosexuality at all
  • Anonymous
    Macklemore is pop not hip hop face it.
    • Anonymous
      hes a rapper who made songs that got popular with people who dont listen to rap why you think xxl put him in the freshmen class?
  • Anonymous
    sumbody kill this clown
  • Anonymous
    fuck jamal he aint even relavent inn hip hop now more, you need to put out music to stay relavent, so opinion dose not mater in hip hop no more, plus he was was the weakest link i brand nubian he was and is a posser
  • Anonymous
    Hey HHDX Staff. Can we get more interviews with legends in the game and get artists to talk about how classic albums were created and shit like that instead of the weekly "lord jamar's racist thoughts on life".
  • Anonymous
    Hip hop is fucked. The days of dope beats and rhymes are dead
    • Anonymous
      lol. turn the radio off.
    Lord jamar is a real nigga. He supports big gucci he wants to free the emperor. How dare you fuck niggas talk shit about gucci while supporting soft rappers like kendrick and j cole. Those niggas are the same as white boy rappers they arent about that life they dont put fear into white people like big gucci does. If you dont support gucci you should be ashamed to be a nigga because your a fake a phony. Free my real niggas fuck all them fake niggas nerds and white boys
    • Anonymous
      fuck you you rasict ignorant nigga, gucci is whats rong with rap music he sounds like a fucking retaed and only retared would understand his wack ass clown face raps you dumb ass nigga
  • Lord Jamar Exposes Racism
    The guy who writes these articles, "Soren Baker" is a white dude. If he's not offended, why are you? lol
    • Anonymous
      one person "may" agree with jamar so everyone else's opinion is invalid. lol.
  • Captain Obvious Again
    I forgot one important piece of info about my new articles... Let's ALL start calling him GAY LORD JAMAR. Then he can have some more things to say! ALL HAIL GAY LORD JAMAR!!!
    • Augustus Hill
  • Captain Obvious
    Lord Jamar just needs to be part of HipHopDX staff. Every time he says something apparently it's news. Here's a news flash BREAKING NEWS: LORD JAMAR HASN'T BEEN SHIT SINCE 1868. I got respect for the OG's in hip hop but this cats only RELEVANCE is clinging on to a GROUP (not him himself) that had some dope shit back in the 90s. This cat is entitled to his opinion but that doesn't make it worth reporting on. New article: Captain Obvious Lists What Lord Jamar Should SHUT THE FUCK UP About.
    • Anonymous
      obviously it does, look at the amount of comments
  • Anonymous
    white people are evil do you know that .0001% of rap is produced by the white man?? they sit there in their big white chairs making a mockery of black music jeeze i cant believe that rap sucks so much because of white people they sit there at the top of the table directing black folks to make such horrible autotune classics... god strike these people of the pale disability down and leave a world of darkness
    • BruthaDee
      hit me on twitter if you wanna stretch out my black crack with your mandingo donger AT BruthaDee, my keyboard wont let me type an at sign
  • anon
    what a faggot.
  • Anon. Europe
    As bad as Macklemore's music is, it's nowhere near as bad as Lord Jamar's disgusting, antiquated views.
  • Anonymous
    haha that's funny, i imagine him saying this like he thinks hes a revolutionary, when really its just a bunch shit from a 45 year old guy that could never get his mind out of the hood. "I dont think he cares about gays one way or the other, but he knew that would be a great way to get attention and a great way to blow up, Does it really matter? It has had nothing but positive effects, except from homophobics having adverse side effects such as verbal diarrhea. Lets get out of this middle aged mentality and come to grips with the reality that everything evolves, nothing stays the same( would be fucking boring if it did), so lets embrace change people and have a good time while were at it.
  • SDK
    • Anonymous
      SOREN BAKER is the one who keeps writing the articles
  • SDK
  • Anonymous
    Lord Jamar makes no difference/ hes has no tolerance and is full of ignorance. Go to Russia.
  • Anonymous
    Fuck Macklemore. A straight white man writing a hip-hop song about gay relationships is the definition of exploitation.
    • Anonymous
      his uncle is gay you idiot. it was about gay rights and treating them as equals.
  • Anonymous
    All of hip hop is pop now. Hip hop died 10 years ago. With the corporate world taking over and the establishment telling people what to listen to and what's popular. The rise of down south dominance, eminem getting over praised by people outside of hip hop, interscopes dominance with g unit the only camp making hits or constantly being on hip hop magazine covers (XXL), the dumbing down of lyrics, being very clear and the lack of slang, the dance influence on hip hop, hip hop pop records, tight jeans, the death of boom bap beats, the rise of lil Wayne, nicki minaj and drake. Rappers rapping about materialistic things, corporate rappers like jay z. They a some of the reasons hip hip is dead. Listen to lorde - royals. That is pretty much a diss to all this wack hip hop music and culture at the moment. Hip hop was always the peoples music. Hip hop is like punk music. Anti establishment. We sold out they didn't.